STORY PREVIEW: Nailing The Tracks Part 23 - JoJo

Please enjoy a free teaser of my latest piece of erotic fan fiction. A new chapter of my ongoing Nailing The Tracks series using celebrities from the world of music. This part features American singer JoJo Levesque enjoying some interracial fun backstage. I hope you'll enjoy this, and if you liked it the full fic is available now to read for my $10 supporters and above! Thanks for reading!

WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the singers, record labels, musicians, places, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own any of the record labels, trademarks, musicians etc referenced in this story. All characters are 18 years or older in this story.
 Starring: JoJo Levesque
 Nailing The Tracks – Part 23
 An erotic celebrity fan-fiction story.
 by DaxG2001 ([email protected]
 Codes: Cons, MF, oral, anal, inter.
 * * * 

“Shit, man...” Dylan Jay sighed as he sat back on his couch in his apartment. Suffering through another ‘motivational’ phone call with his sneaky manager Jason Baker. “Bad enough I got to deal with all these damn stories leakin’ about me near every fuckin’ week… But then you go and hire a damn stalkin’ paparazzi to hang out at my place?” He says with a voice far from happy about the situation from the other day. “Bad enough I’m gonna have to get some tech genius down at a store to unlock my old phone after his creepy ass failed like a hundred times to get into an old phone of mine!”

“Ah, relax! The guy lied on his CV...” Baker claimed, and his tone didn’t sound too convincing either. “Internet hire sites, you know how it goes. I’ll knock a deposit payment off his pay or something.” 
“I’m fixin’ to knock his block off the next time I see him...” Jay grumbled.
“Now now, last thing you need a violent brawl story getting out along with you scratchin’ up more scores on your bedpost.” Jason chuckled, not helping things. “You just enjoy a little down time, and your main man here will hook you up with some producing gigs. I’ve got some real big names lined up now your stock is soaring! I’m talking pop global names! Rap and hip hop mega stars. Hard rock and rollers!”
“Wait, say what? Rock, man?” Dylan questioned. “You know damn well that, no disrespect, but guitars and shit ain’t exactly my bag.”
“Yeah, and neither was classic music but if you believe the stories you didn’t mind that back over in the UK!” Baker stated. “Besides! Expanding your horizons and genres just makes you even more appealing to more artists! And more gigs means more money in my… In our pockets!”

“Yeah, and you’re already scrapin’ out plenty of coin out of me already.” Jay noted.
“And I do it very well, just like how I’m making sure the PR department stays busy with each next girlfriend you seem to have each month.” Jason mocked back. “Now chill out, DJ. Just kick back, do what you gotta do and I’ll get the guys to get in touch with you when those Ts get crossed and the Is dotted.”
“Yeah, well, it’ll be good to at least be back in the studio. If your damn gossip website friend ain’t rigged my shit up with spy cams.” Jay said as he hung the call up. “Fuckin’ asshole...”

Dylan then brought up his phone, glancing at the clock on the wall. “Shit… Chill out? Nah… Maybe there’s somethin’ goin’ on I can check out.” He thought out loud, logging into his social media. ‘Yo! Who got a hook-up for your boy for the hottest show in town tonight!’ He posted out. Briefly considering that, with what he’d been teased about, maybe hitting a club wouldn’t exactly help his image of being a skirt chaser. The messages that soon came through into his DMs after posting however soon showed the perks of a relative amount of celebrity status.

* * *

The LockDown Nightclub, later that day...

“How you doing tonight, people??” JoJo Levesque called out to the crowd as they hollered back. The gorgeous singer clad in a revealing, low neckline black top that showed off her big, rounded tits, an open sleeved jacket and a set of nicely fitting dark pants. The blonde with dark roots haired singer smiling with her red lipstick lips as she looked out from the nightclub stage. “I heard there were some real crazy people in this place tonight! But keep that energy up, people! Because we gonna be going alllllll night with this one!” She said, playing to the people as her comment got plenty of wolf whistles as well as cheers.

“Shiiiiit… I bet she can fuckin’ go all night...” Dylan Jay remarked. Watching from the side of the stage with a couple of other VIPs as he took a swig from his glass. The dark skinned hunk dressed in jeans with a high priced designer top and a chain. He was then distracted when he heard his phone going off as he fished it out. “Dang it? Her again?” He frowned as he brought up a messenger App, seeing one from an on-off fuck buddy of his.
‘Oh? So you want to hit up some club? But not hit me from the back??’ Even just from the text, it was obvious that the message from Kesha wasn’t of an approving tone. But the multiple angry, red faced emojis that followed confirmed that.
‘Figured you and me were still on that break, right?’ Dylan replied, noting that the two of them had been on the ice with one another after he’d been caught fucking another woman at Kesha’s album launch party.
‘This ain’t an episode of Friends! Maybe check your ego at the door and say sorry for once!’ Kesha sent back, and with emojis with steam blowing out of the nose.

Dylan was about to reply with ‘For what?’ but before he could punch a word in, the phone was snatched out of his hand as his thoughts were snapped back to reality. Looking up and seeing a mischievous smirk on the face of JoJo. “Eyes on the prize, babe.” She gave a wink as the crowd cheered as JoJo, having seen him being distracted, decided to have some fun for the audience. She’d even dropped her jacket to the floor like she was getting fired up to teach someone a lesson but merely just getting the fans all hyped up. Let’s see… Oooooooh! Looks like our guy here’s ex ain’t too happy...” She said, making the crowd laugh and yell like it was a Maury episode playing out. “Well let’s make her more pissed off, shall we?” JoJo said, before she turned so the people were behind her as she took a selfie with plenty of the people grinning and throwing up hand signs or just waving behind her. “Sorry… He’s a bit busy right now...” JoJo typed a message before sending the picture, and she didn’t even care or bother to check who she was potentially making mad.

“Hey, babe… Want the phone back?” JoJo teased, motioning towards Jay on the sideline. 
Dylan did a double take, checking as a crew guy nodded for him to walk on.
“Oh, now it looks like he’s watching the show now, right guys?” She played to the crowd as Jay reached out his hand. “Oops! Butter fingers...” JoJo lied, deliberately dropping the phone onto her jacket so not to break it. Like she’s done this all plenty of times before. Giving another sly wink before she turned and bent over forwards, intentionally sticking out her rounded ass towards him as the crowd yelled out and hollered more.
“Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn...” Jay just grinned, letting her have her fun as she stood back up, turning and putting the phone back into his hand. 
“Now keep watching the show, babe.” JoJo smirked, scooping up her jacket to slide it back on as Dylan back up and nodded. “Now let’s get a beat, DJ! These people are ready for another track!”

Jay just returned the side of the stage, although he had to chuckle as a couple of other VIPs gave him playful shoves over the sexy act he’d just gotten. Unsurprisingly, the message got an angry message back from Kesha as he briefly checked his phone. But his attention was only on what he saw at the bottom in the input box. JoJo had sneaked in a little message to him.

‘10 mins after show, my room.’

* * *