STORY PREVIEW: Big Book of Wrestling Babes - Hikaru Shida

Please enjoy this free teaser of my latest piece of erotic fan fiction. The latest chapter in my Big Book of Wrestling Babes series, starring AEW starlet Hikaru Shida. If you enjoyed this preview, the full story is available to read now for my $10 supporters! Otherwise, the fic will be posted publicly next month. Thanks for reading!

WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, promotions, wrestlers, events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own AEW or any other wrestling promotion, or any current or former wrestlers/characters. 
 Starring: Hikaru Shida (AEW)
 The Big Book of Wrestling Babes – Chapter 21
 An erotic pro wrestling fan-fiction story. 

A Commissioned story by [Anonymous].

Written by DaxG2001 ([email protected]

Codes: Cons, MF, inter, anal.

* * *

A nice sunny day out on a private beach in Florida. Sounds pretty expensive, right? Well when you’re making some hefty bucks on an All Elite Wrestling contract, not to mention the sort of connections you’ll have being high on the liked listed with management, I’d assume you’d score some important connections to get some strings pulled. Myself? I know some friends rather lower places, and a simple bribe here and there got me to pull a swap of a shift, and job, with a resort worker to take their spot for an hour or two. 

I headed down onto the sand, clad in the resort uniform of some pants, shirt and waistcoat along with a cheesy little bow-tie. I was also able to get away with clipping a camera onto my shirt, pretending it was just a mere body cam for security purposes and not my true lewd intentions. Carrying a tray of complimentary bubbly and a glass, along with some tanner as I approached he woman working on her tan, laying on a towel with a simple umbrella stuck nearby and belongings like a phone and that on a smaller towel beside her.

Hearing the footsteps approaching, the Asian beauty in question turned her head to side to look at me. “I did not order this?” Hikaru Shida, the former long reigning AEW World Women’s Champion said as she saw me. She was clad in a nicely fitting red bikini, resting against her modest bust and showing off her thick hips and backside. 
“Compliments of the resort, Miss Shida.” I lied as I approached, placing the tray down on the sand next to her. “A Mister ‘K. Omega’ paid for it.” 
“Not again...” Shida rolled her eyes, not looking interested. “But very well… Leave it there...”
“Of course, Miss. Anything else you require? Snacks? Massage? A top up of the old tanning oil?” I offered as I stood up with a smile.
“Massage?” Hikaru looked back to me, raising an eyebrow. “Out here? I don’t recall that being offered.”
“Well, we want to give our clients the best, most hands on experience possible here at the resort.” I continued to spin a story as I picked up the bottle. “And well, since it’s already being paid for? Why not enjoy the perks of what we have to offer?”
“Things are quite different here in America...” Shida mused, pondering it over like she suspected there was something up with me. “Very well then… Let’s see what you can do.” She agreed as she lay back on her towel.

I nodded, squirting out a little bit of the tanner onto my hands before I knelt down beside her, seeing that Shida was watching me as she looked to see if I was up to something, which of course I really was. But I started off acting like this was a simple low level massage as I worked the oil over her smooth, nicely curved frame. Working over those long, usually lethal legs of her as I worked over one. Running my palms slowly up and down to leave her skin, already with a nice shine from the sweat from the heat of the midday sun, then glistening from the tanner.

“Mmmmm… I was worried you were up to something...” Hikaru softly groaned as I leaned over, doing the same to her other leg as she now raised it a bit, falling for my plan.
“Me? Guess you get a lot of attention, Miss? Thinking I was some fan or follower trying to fool you?” I gave a friendly smile, masking my true intentions as I rubbed the leg. Acting like I didn’t know who the Japanese wrestler really was to add into my resort worker act.
“You could say that...” Shida commented slyly, watching as after the other limb I moved up and gave her arms the same sort of treatment.
“We do tend to have some quite famous faces around here. Not that with some certain agreements and NDAs in place I can really comment on them of course.” I said with a chuckle. “Allow me...” I said, brushing my hands over her toned stomach to apply the tanner over her. Noting another low groan escaping her from the motion as her eyes were half closed with approval. “Miss? If you wouldn’t mind just rolling over a bit, please?”

“Sure...” She agreed, as I got to see that thick backside of hers in her bikini as she rolled onto her front. Allowing me to start working over the shoulders before I moved to roam down onto the exposed back provided by her bikini. “Mmmmm… You are quite good at this...” She remarked, sighing again as she rested her head on her chin to gave ahead back at the resort a distance away from the beach.
“Thank you, Miss. I’m more used to having to massage more older clients, let alone ones who don’t have a gym membership to say the least.” I made up on the spot as I worked across her back. Sliding downward, and reaching the small of her back just above that thick rump. “I’ll just continue for a while now...”
“Mmmmm… Of course...” She sighed, buying my lies as my hands easily disarmed the Japanese beauty.

With her calmed, I moved back down to those thighs as I explored up and down. More than working a generous amount into her gorgeous Asian skin as she continued to let out soft little groans of approval. Testing my luck as my fingers moved up close to the bottom of her bikini to see her response before I moved back down. Repeating the action before I moved around her. “Sorry, missed a spot. Don’t mind me...” I smiled as I gently spread her legs apart. Caring little about sand on my trousers as I moved between her legs. Making her moan as I moved up and down the inner thigh, despite having well oiled her limbs up even before this point.

“Mmmmm… So good...” She didn’t object to the more close in touch. Distracted enough by my palms that when I sneakily lifted up and loosened her bottoms she didn’t react. “You really were as hands on as you said… Wait, what are… MMMMM!!”