STORY PREVIEW: Fired Idol, Better Queen (with Maki Itoh)

Please enjoy this free teaser of my latest piece of erotic fan fiction. Starring pro wrestler and Japanese Idol Maki Itoh getting into some interracial fun! If you enjoyed this preview, the full story is available to read now for my $10 tier and above supporters. Thanks for reading!

WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the singers, wrestlers, musicians, promotions, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own any of the wrestlers, musicians, promotions etc referenced in this story. All characters are 18 years or older in this story.
 Starring: Maki Itoh (TJPW)
Fired Idol, Better Queen
 An erotic celebrity fan-fiction story.
 by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

A Commissioned Story for [Anonymous]
 Codes: Cons, MF, oral, inter.
 * * *

Author’s note: This story is set in the same ‘universe’ as the World Domination to Maid Dominated (Parts one and two) fics. However, prior reading of those stories is not required.

* * *

In a record company’s Japanese branch office, Tokyo, Japan, 2021.

It had been a few years since Malcolm Laurence, a mature African American man, had taken the bold step to pitch himself as being a new head of international operations and record deals and setting up an official office over in Japan. Some thought him crazy, while others thought he was making himself take a demotion. Regardless, the pitch was successful and he was now more than settled in with an impressive grasp of the language of the Land of the Rising Sun as well. 

Truth be told, he also had other reasons for wanting this position. An encounter a few years back with the maid-themed Japanese rock group Band-Maid, and some sinful private meetings with a couple of the group’s members, giving him a taste for sampling some fine, tight Japanese pussy. And he had the stamina along with the big black cock to make sure those he scored with got a liking for interracial action as well. He was pleasantly surprised that rumours hadn’t spread around the local area at least about his ‘business meetings’ with Japanese beauties.

But sampling the local culture, and not just the women, had opened his eyes to elements he wasn’t previously aware of. That included the Idol industry naturally, tied into his music distribution deals and work. But he had also taken an interest in the pro wrestling world. Female wrestlers known as Joshis, and promotions such as Stardom and Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling especially. To be blunt, he took more of a sexist view of enjoying such events – caring more of the looks of the women rather than actual talent and ability which for the most part many Joshis had in overflowing amounts.

Naturally, his interest was peaked when he’d seen on social media that an American promotion All Elite Wrestling was putting on a women’s tournament that would feature Japanese competitors. Even better, than one of the women – who even scored some actual TV time too rather than just being stuck on an online video show – had also Idol experience as well. There was a ton of potential there to take advantage of her sudden viral fame. 

“Malcolm-San! Your appointment with Miss Itoh is here.” The receptionist buzzed in to his office.
“Thank you.” Malcolm replied in the local dialect as he smiled. “Please invite her to come right up.” He said. Allowing him a minute or two to double check over his professional attire of suit, shirt and pants with tie and shoes.

It wasn’t too long before the silence was shattered in colourful fashion as the popular Japanese pro wrestler and famously fired Idol known as Maki Itoh burst into the room. “HELLO EVERYONE!!” She yelled, acting like it was her entrance to the ring. Especially considering she was clad in her bright red with black Idol-themed wrestling attire of a sleeveless top with black bow at the front, and short bottoms with thigh-high boots. With black wrist gauntlets and her bright red hair styled in two pigtails with black bows holding them in place. “THE CUTEST IN THE WORLD, MAKI ITOH-CHAN IS HERE!!” She proclaimed with a wide, gorgeous smile.

Before Malcolm could even get a word in, Itoh went right into a singing performance even without a backing track. Dancing side to side as she belted out ‘Brooklyn The Hole’, the song that was not only her own song, but her own entrance theme for her matches. Leaving him to just sit back and smile and take in the sight of a stunning young Japanese woman giving him a private performance. Although his mind was already thinking of having her ‘perform’ in a whole different way as he scanned over her body as she danced and finished her song.

“Bravo, Itoh-Chan! Bravo.” He smiled, giving a polite round of claps as she finished the song and caught her breath. “Your reputation precedes you, and then some.”
“So you know all about The Cutest in the World!” Maki said, smiling confidently as she stepped forward towards his desk. “I’m surprised. An older man like you from America aware of me, the cutest pro wrestler and fired Idol.”
“Well when you’re in my position, you keep track of a few things.” He remarked, seeing her approach. “Like the fact that you’re not as sweet and innocent as your smile and lovely attire make you out to be. I have seen plenty of your social media posts after all.” He added with a chuckle.

“Oh...” Itoh started smirking as she boldly moved around his desk. Taking a seat right up onto it and facing him, crossing a leg over the other. “So you’re a fucking simp, huh?” She said, showing off her infamous foul-mouthed, rebellious side. “I spent all the time rehearsing my fucking song and dance, and I could have just come in yelling ‘Hello Motherfucker!’ instead!” She added, showing a feisty nature as she looked over him.
“Guess you could have… But if it’s any consolation, you performed very well...” He admitted as he wasn’t fazed by her sat on the edge of his office desk looking down at him. “And after all, if this meeting goes well then I’d love to have a performer like you on the books as we say.”
“I’m not so easy to sway, even for a fan from the other side of the world.” Maki said, brushing her pigtails back. “And I don’t want to give up wrestling just yet either. I’ve dealt with being fired as an Idol already, I don’t want another fired job on my fucking resume!” 

“Well then, let’s get down to business then...” Laurence said, pushing his chair back so he could stand up. Showing not just the clear age difference between him and the young woman, but the height as well to go with the different skin colour. “Itoh-Chan. You post a lot about learning new Western words and terms right? Tell me… Have you ever heard of the term ‘Casting Couch’ before?”
“Cast… Casting couch?” She tilted her head slightly. “No, that’s a new one for me.”
“Well basically, it’s a rather adult term for when a young woman or starlet is trying out for a job, a movie role or perhaps in your case trying to get a record deal. But instead of being properly interviewed and judged on their skills… They cast ‘cast’ on the couch.” He explained, watching her reaction as she processed his words. “As in she’s on a black couch in a back room and the guy, well, he’s soon without his clothes on. If you catch my meaning.”

Itoh’s eyes went wide as she figured out exactly what that mean. “You motherfucker!” She laughed as she stayed seated. “Like some dirty fucking movie or porno!”
“Exactly. A casting where he decides if she’s good enough for his production or studio by fucking her. Or basically, sex for the job or role. And no, we don’t actually need a real couch to do some casting action either.”
“That’s dirty… Nasty… You’re one of those pervert simps, huh?” Maki smirked, glancing over him as even while seated and him standing, he towered over her. “You want me to fucking spit in your mouth next or something, huh? Something dirty like that?”
“I wouldn’t go as far as that...” He smiled, seeing her attitude staying the same. “But it’s real simple, Itoh-Chan… If you’re serious about wanting the sort of deal I pitched to you? I’m gonna have to see how dedicated you are to wanting this.” He said, taking a long look over her.

Itoh narrowed her eyes a bit, but still had that sly smile on. “You? You’re just an old fucking simp… You can’t fucking handle The Cutest in the World...” She confidently said, putting hands on her hips. “Bring it on! I’ll send you back home crying to your family harder than I leave my opponents sobbing when I kick their asses!”
“Had a feeling you’d say that...” He let out a snigger as he reached down. Letting her watch as he slowly undid his belt and let his pants drop before shoving down his boxers as well.