The Repurposing Center (public) 0.4.20(a)

Note 1: The next game build (that is the current Patreon build) covers a wide range of topics, most specifically adding two new impregnation options for players (Alice and Jasmine) along with related sex scenes, finishing up some of the diaper content started in the last build, and adding in a new cum system where the amount of cum in the player's balls is tracked and can be sold. If any of that sounds interesting to you, then maybe check it out ^_^
Note 2: This build contains a few relatively impactful known bugs. These bugs are focused specifically on the new diaper content, and the new upper ear piercings content. None of the known bugs stop players from interacting with this content, however, diaper players might find their Diaper Training skill mysteriously lowering, or going past the maximum score. Meanwhile, there are some visual bugs with the upper ear piercings store entry. These are fixed in the next build, but the bugs were only brought to my attention after this build was compiled. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Hey everyone, and welcome to a new public build. This current build is currently at 1,583,224 words, and 2240 passages, so over 25k new words (with large amounts of code that aren't included in that number and removed previous content where I've streamlined it). This build is almost entirely focused on diaper content, making some serious changes to the diaper system, some of which are smaller, and some which change how the player interacts with it significantly. It also adds in upper ear (non-bar) piercings. So, lets get to the big changes ^_^
Recently I've been working on a wiki for the game, which will cover all  sorts of interesting behind-the-scenes information on how the various  gameplay elements work, along with providing quest guides. There is  certainly still work to do on it, but if you need a helping hand, or  just want to check it out, then you can find it on the official website  -> here
The main content is; Potty Training System, Potty Training Skill, Potty Training Lessons, Diaper Overhaul, More Diapers, Night Time Diaper Accidents, Self Diaper Change, Diaper Un-Training, Forced Diaper Accidents Chip, Upper Ear Piercings.
1/ Potty Training System - The main diaper system has seen a major overhaul. Part of this overhaul is the ability to finally un-do their diaper accidents issue through regular potty usage. Within the new system the player can use a potty (or the dorm toilet at a significant cost per usage) slowly lowering their wetting/messing level as long as they do so properly. Conversely, every time the player wets/messes themself their diaper issues will slowly (or not so slowly depending on their diaper training level) get worse. Players can fully potty-train themself out of accidents, but it is difficult, and the potty training skill is expensive to learn.
2/ Potty Training Skill - The potty training skill is expensive to learn, but will increase the amount of benefit each potty usage gives the player in decreasing their wetting/messing level (more on that in the Diaper Overhaul explanation). Each level of the skill also allows the player to detect oncoming accidents sooner, with a sidebar icon appearing when relevant (Trained = 1 time segment away from accident/Expert = 2 time segments away from accident/Mastery = 3 time segments away from accident). The potty training lessons will also contribute some points towards lowering the players current diaper accidents situation, meaning they are still worthwhile after mastering the skill.
3/ Potty Training Lessons - Players can undergo 3 different training lessons for the potty training skill, oversaw by Aunt Mildred once again. After completing the full set of training players will be able to instead access (randomly) 3 alternate versions of the previous training scenes.
4/ Diaper Overhaul - There are lots of updates to the diaper system, too many to cover coherently. The major ones are the general changes to how accidents work, and the recognition of pull-ups/mega-diapers as separate to diapers. Pull-ups now have a max capacity of 3 accidents, whilst mega-diapers have a capacity of 7, these new capacities also interacting with the Diaper Racing mini-game to allow players to make it easier or more difficult for themselves.
As for the diaper accident system itself, the way that works now is that every time the player has an accident their 'messing/wetting level' gets worse. In turn this means they'll have more frequent accidents, and it'll be harder to potty train out of the accidents. Diaper wetting and messing are now handled separately (so the player can potentially only have issues with one). Further, players can now begin having diaper accidents more naturally as a result, with various narrative diaper accident triggers adding to the players 'messing/wetting levels'. Most specifically, the orange goop bottles purchase-able from Aurora, the flower encounter in the jungle ABDL adventure, and the ABDL trainer night accident encounter all can potentially trigger ongoing accidents for players.
5/ More Diapers - 10 new diapers have been added to the game as underwear options, all available from Alice Princess Closet's ABDL section. Most of the new diapers are coloured versions of existing diapers/pull-ups/mega-diapers, though a couple of new patterned diapers also have been added.
6/ Night Time Diaper Accidents - Players who have ended up with diaper accidents will now find that they can trigger at night whilst the player is asleep in bed. There are 3 new scenes for this (wetting, messing, and wetting + messing), though Aunt Mildred isn't able to turn up to witness the player like normal diaper accident scenes. Players without a diaper will have to pay a small fee for the clean-up of their bed. Further, as part of this update the diaper accidents count down continues over-night.
7/ Self Diaper Change - A problem that has come up a few times has been players who have found ways to have diaper accidents without undergoing diaper training, the problem with which is that they get stuck in used diapers. To counter this players can now change their own diaper from the dormitory bathroom, though going to Aunt Mildred for help will still make her happier.
8/ Diaper Un-Training - By visiting Alice's Experimentation Lab players can pay a large amount of GGP to lower their diaper training skill. However, whilst the skill can be lowered, this just makes it easier to overcome accidents slowly through potty usage rather than stopping them immediately. Players who un-train their diaper training skill can still regain the skill by doing additional diaper training lessons.
9/ Forced Diaper Accidents Chip - A new experiment is available at Alice's Experimentation Lab (and a corresponding counter-measure). Players signing up to the experiment will find their diaper accident levels increasing every day (while they sleep), making their accidents more frequent. Further, if the player isn't currently having accidents it will start them. There is a corresponding countermeasure to remove this new disadvantage, though it is expensive.
10/ Upper Ear Piercings - Players can now get their upper ear pierced (in addition to having an upper ear structural bar piercings), with a selection of new upper ear piercings added to the game. There are 7 upper ear piercings for the player to chose between, all of which can be purchased from The Inkspot.
Other additions include; Mostly bug fixes, especially one to fix the final impregnation scene when your partner gives birth, and a bug fix to stop the day change error. There have also been a few changes to how the dorm toilet works.
Change Log:
- Upper Ear Piercings - 7 new upper ear piercings have been added to the game, along with the relavent code to allow for upper ear piercings.
- Upper Ear Piercing Operation - Isadora at The Inkspot can now pierce the upper ears of the player.
- (Com) Potty Training Framework - Players who have diaper accident content within their game will now find that their diaper accidents slowly get worse over time (at a quicker rate with the diaper training skill). However, by avoiding accidents by using a toilet or potty players will be able to potty train themselves slowly out of these accidents. Any diaper related accident will add to the player's diaper accident score, allowing the player to trigger them without having undergone diaper training.
- (Com) Potty Training Start - A start scene to the potty training scenes has been added.
- (Com) Potty Training Intermediate - In the first potty training encounter players will be diapered and have to undergo some embarrassing training.
- (Com) Potty Training Expert - In this second potty training encounter players will be diapered and have to sit on top of a potty.
- (Com) Potty Training Master - In this third potty training encounter players will practice using the potty.
- (Com) Potty Training Extra - After fully gaining the potty training skill, players will still be able to do the lessons again, seeing a modified scene and getting a decent deduction of diaper accident points.
- (Com) Potty Skill - Players can now expensively train a potty skill, which will make potty training easier (undoing the effects of diaper accidents), and gives the player an indication when they're close to having an accident, so they can instead use a potty.
- ABDL Diaper content night-time accident scenes have been added to the game.
- ABDL Diaper self-changes can now be done by players from the Dorm Bathroom (as long as their diaper isn't locked onto them).
- Diaper descriptions updated to have separate descriptions for pull-ups and mega diapers.
- The Diaper Racing mini-game has been updated to allow for pull-ups and mega diapers.
- An ABDL Potty indicator has been added to the sidebar for players with the potty training skill, letting the player know when they are close to having an accident.
- (Polled) 10 new ABDL diapers added to the game.
- (Polled) 10 new ABDL diapers added to the Alice Princess Closet secret shop stock for players to buy.
- Upper ear piercings descriptions have been added to the examine window.
- Upper ear piercings have been added to the player's wardrobe.
- Upper ear piercings have been added to the stock of The Inkspot.
- Forced diaper accidents trait now available for players through Alice's Experimentation Lab.
- Forced diaper accidents trait countermeasure now available for players through Alice's Experimentation Lab.
- Diaper Training countermeasure to lower the skill now available for players through Alice's Experimentation Lab.
- Add day transition Tilly pregnancy fix (Thank you rusal703)
- Clear heart nipple piercings fix (Thank you rusal703)
- Janus Beans stock page fix (Thank you CboC95)
- Impregnation bug fix (Thank you rusal703)
- Diaper Racing double-up typos fixed (Thank you TriniTDM)
- Underwear bug fix (Thank you Good Gentleman)
- Mari typo edits (Thank you Crizice)
- 10 new diaper images by LilyBlax.
- 7 new upper ear piercings by Silverjile.
- Diaper state macros updated.
- Diaper swap list code updated.
- Aunt Mildred's diaper checks have been updated for the new code.
- Messing/wetting scenes have been updated for the new code.
- New diaper accident macro to centralize the diaper usage code.
- Potty usage macro added to centralize the code when using potties and toilets.
- Diaper accidents trait has been added to the game to flag when the player is having them, and what sort of accidents they'll suffer from.
- Changed the window in which you're allowed to use a toilet for diaper and watersports code to 3 time segments.
- Diaper accident count-downs now also occur when the player sleeps.
- Toilet usage scenes have been updated so diaper players can also use it.
- Aunt Mildred's player recognition code has been updated.
- The diaper training post mastery payout has been increased.
- Orange goop has been updated to potentially start diaper accidents, and will make existing diaper accident scores/levels worse.
- Upper ear piercings code added.
- Forced diaper usage code added.
- Potty image icon added.
- New variables added.
- A few minor bug fixes.
Hope you have fun :)