Hello, welcome to our SubscribeStar!

  • We are currently  working on Tentacle Locker 2!

This will be our first venture through a monthly payment platform as we work on making lewd game dev a reality for us.

Our current long term goal is to become a game dev team and be able to pay cool people for their hard work while making cool lewd games. So thats what we’re attempting here by starting simple, with a sequel to the extremely popular Tentacle Locker 1, which was created by myself and our programmer.

  • Whats new in TL2?

TL2 will have everything TL1 has, and a lot more!
Upgraded look, more girls, new females types, accessories, progression/unlockables, new areas, more sex scenes, and more! Well actually, thats about all we have planned for now lmao but you get the jist. Theres gonna be more game in this game!

  • So who tf are we?

Well currently we are;
  • Annue (Artist, Director)
  • Hotpink (Cute Programmer)
  • Solene (Cool Animator)
  • Lewmie (Artist, does the work that Annue doesnt want to do)

Starting slow, we’re going to see where this first game/sequel takes us. If it shows promise, and people are interested in what we’re doing, then fantastic. We’ll be able to hire more folks and put more talent into what we make.

But first, we have to pay our animator. The more we raise monthly, the more we can put towards new animations to have more content for Tentacle Locker 2, so thats the main goal at the moment.

I suggest checking out our twitter links if youre interested in what each of us does individually, and if you like what you see and think our combined efforts look promising, toss us a dollar if youre able, or share this page to help spread the word ^^

Download Links:

Thank you very much everyone! ~Annue and Friends