New? Confused?  Here's what you need to know about how my rewards work!

So you've decided to donate to my page - but now what?  If you're confused, just never thought about it, or have been dying to know "HOW DO I GET THE GOOD STUFF?!", then I'm here to save the day!

First and foremost, you'll want to grab a copy of my PDF catalogs, here.   This gives you a listing (which is constantly being updated when new items are released).

Also, I have a Gumroad Store for all of my XXX Audio files, where you can purchase individual audio files quickly and easily, if you want to buy something directly (not using your rewards). 
Go to

Tiers Explained:
$1 Cover Charge - these subscribers don't earn any rewards, just the right to read all of my posts which fall behind the paywall, because they're for mature audiences only.  This includes listening to all the of the introductory audio teasers and any freebies that I happen to release.

$3 Pick & Mix - For each $3 that you pledge, you are entitled to choose to receive the FULL LENGTH audio of your choice, every month that you've paid.  So if you've been paying me $3 a month for the past 4 months, that means you've got 4 credits!  But I can't read your mind, you have to actually reach out to me and tell me what you'd like to exchange your credits on.  To do this, please email me at [email protected] and tell me you're a subscribestar member, and your member name.

$15 Monthly Candy Buffet - these members will get a dropbox folder assigned to them, and every month that you've paid, your dropbox will be loaded with all of the new releases that I post during the month.  No picking and choosing required.

The other higher tiers are all explained in detail, but I'm happy to help you if you have any questions.  Just email me anytime at [email protected]