Hello, and Welcome on my page. My name is Frenzy Fish :) few years i learn differrent stuff. Such as programming, 3d modeling, work with textures, materials and etc. this is my hobbie. I like games, but adult games like much more. And i decided to make my own game for our fun and for growing up my skills.

What Is "puppet master" (tmp name) This is 3d sex simulator, on this moment it will be sandbox. I`m focused on interactive and castomization. If my work gets your approval, I will work on expand the game possibilities.

Create your own collection of favorites waifu. You can find new characters under teg "ReadyForAction" and download them.
 Select environment and have fun

Download Pre-Alpha
* available when reaches first goal

- Clothes System
- Character Emotions
- Soft Body System

- Body Correctives. Standard rigged character in game engine has distortion and does not imitate muscle work. Need fix this.

Follow my progress and support me if you can. 
You can find art on the page. I create when I rest. I hope you will like it. 

                                                        -Thank you for your support-


P.S. Sorry for my english, i working on improving.