Defending Lydia Collier v.09 Release Date!
Thank you for bearing with me, this update is very large and has taken a ton of work with some of the new features I'm adding.
This update will be released on the 24th of January!
As this month I've been doing my January Exams, I've been (and will be continuing to) rendering constantly in the background and by this date the exams will have finished so I'll have the  23rd/24th weekend to put all of those new renders into the game and then bug test it before uploading.
This will mean I can make a few extra renders, but as you can hopefully appreciate from my position it is far better to do it at that weekend once the exams are finished, than try and code in and bug test everything on the Monday or the Tuesday when I have exams the next day.
Defending Lydia Collier v.09 Information:
When is it being released?
January the 24th to anybody at the 'Early Access' tier or above!
It is the largest update yet! 
Hundreds more images than previous updates making this the longest day so far.
Including a brand new social media system! 
The pre-rendered 'Instagram' images are gone and a newly created in-game social media app has replaced them from Day 1 onwards, with new images on many of the girl's profiles!
Newer and more interactive websites! 
Using the skills I've picked up from creating the Social Media site, a more interactive approach will be taken to the websites where they feel more like the real thing than just a serious of pre-rendered images.
Improved adult scenes!
I've purchased some newer female adult assets than the same old ones I've been using since the launch of The Manifest in 2018, meaning the girls look a bit less plastic.
Thank you for all the continued support and patience!