So the journey begins! For the first time in a good long while now Snow Daze is getting an update! This is part of our overall refurbishment of the game. Over the coming months we'll be updating the art of the game leading up to our international release.

Anyone who owns a copy of Snow Daze on will get this update for free, just download Snow Daze version 1.6!

This update has upgraded art for days zero and one! All of the CG's on those days have some touch ups, and some have been completely redrawn, like Noelle's shower scene on day one! You'll have to check it out to see all the details! This update doesn't cost anything extra if you already own the game. Steam owners will not get this update yet, but don't worry - this update will go on steam when the refurbishment is entirely done. Until then, subscribers and owners will get to follow the updates as they're completed!

Future updates will include more art, new in-game character images, new backgrounds, and more! Buy or download the new version of the game here! If you're a subscriber, follow the subscriber link to get Snow Daze in the pinned posts!

If you don't own Snow Daze yet we have a black friday sale on! ALL Outbreak Games materials are 43% off for the next two days! You can even buy everything we've ever made as a bundle for $50, including artbooks, the Snow Daze soundtrack and more!

Check out the sale here!

Small notes:
A slight update has been added to the game later today that adds a "poggers" option to the bonus menu in response to a recent meme and requests from fans. 

Second, the apk version is now ready.