🗳️ Monthly Character Poll - Information 

The character poll opens once a month for Subscribestar members of all levels. You'll get to vote for your favorite girl to be drawn by me! The girls are submitted by $17 subscribers, and after two rounds of voting, three winners are chosen. The 3rd place "raffle winner" is drawn randomly from the entire voting pool.

🏋️‍♂️Weighted Voting

The higher your tier, the more "weight" your vote will have, equivalent to the dollar amount of your tier.

📅 Deadlines (PST time):

1. Submissions: Open 4pm PST on the last day of each month. Close at 20 Characters.
2. First Round: When 20 characters are submitted, the first round will begin. Usually this is on the 1st of the month.
3. Finals: After a day of the first round, the finals will begin, and run for one day.
(sometimes deadlines will change, depending on my availability that month)
4. Raffle: When the final round ends, I will stream a live raffle to determine the "raffle winner". Watch the stream >here< (usually on the 2nd of the month, at 4pm PST)


Drawings of the three winners will be exclusive to Subscribers for 1 month, then released publicly.