1st Progress Report!

So, until my account gets approved (edit: It has been now), I thought I could post my first progress report. Since we're still early in development, there are a lot of things going on, like finetuning and changing how some actions play out.

On the demo:

It's almost ready! I actually have a copy ready to post, I'm just waiting for my profile to get approved and for my two bug testers to weed out any remaining bugs.

The demo is in fact the tutorial of the game, also containing the starting story, and as so it's very linear. I hate to confine the player into a specific route, but this is only done so that the tutorial's story makes sense. After the demo, in the first "canon" version of the game, the player will be free to do whatever they wish. There will also be a "skip intro" choice for returning players.

The demo also contains some things that will not happen as fast in the "canon" version. I included those to give you a better taste of what's planned, which is why there is so much dialogue. What I wanted, for certain, in the demo version, was to include the card game, which will be the minigame that will be fleshed out the most.

On the first "canon" version:

I have already started working on the first version outside the demo. 
The progress report is now posted and available for FREE subscribers too!