I'm Alive!

Hi guys, I wanted to give you an update as well as an apology for the lack of content over the last month.

Truth is, last month was very tough on me. I struggle with some very serious mental illness, namely very extreme depression and anxiety. Unlucky for me, I ran out of my meds and all of my refills at the start of last month. I attempted to contact my doctor multiple times and got the run around each time, until finally on my fifth call, they told me that he no longer worked there. Being off of my meds made everything extremely difficult. I barely had the energy to get up, shower, and go to my "normal" job every day. I wanted to get to work on content, but I just couldn't, and I feel really bad about that :/

I have since gotten everything sorted. Set up a new doctor, got my meds represcribed to me and have been back on them for a few days now and I'm finally starting to feel like a person again! I have a few things that I will be posting in the next few days, look forward to it!