Weekly Update! (2020/10/12)

Hey peeps!
Things are moving along well!  It seems the office is expanding. o3o;
Still working on the Patreon / SubscribeStar stuff!  Going to finish Haylee this week and I've got another vote up for my supporters, so check that out if you can! n.n  Everything else is pretty much on the board aside from a couple things I have to go over with people.

Various Happenings has updated, and with that we're finished with Chapter 4!  I hope you all have enjoyed this long and winding road; I've got some fun stuff coming up in the future that I'm working on,so stay tuned for that!
Everything else is just as it is!  Workin' workin'. o3o
It got hot again, so I hope fall decides to actually kick in for real, soon. n.n;
Take care of yourselves, and I'll see you all next week~!