April's Subscribe Star art Requests are open to everyone! # H1 Welcome everyone to a very special month of requests! What's so special well...the theme is... alt text

Fanservice! We decided as a thank you to all our supporters both financially and through videos and the like I bring you the first open art request contest! So what is an art request contest? It's a contest we do every month (look we will eventually find a better name) where you guys request the girls and guys of Chaotic Stories/ Purity Sin Gaming shown down there in any outfit,pose,scene you want! The more explanation and creative you are the better! So let's get started! First the people you can choose from!

alt text

Now for the rules!


1) Everyone welcome to request

2) Everyone get up to two requests while $15 and up can request up to 3

3) Please be as descriptive as possible you can request outfit, posing and everything. If you have a link with an image of the outfit or pose please include it in the request it helps a ton.

4) You can request the girls and guys from the list above in anything you want male or female outfits doesn't matter we get silly up in this joint!

5)You can rerequest an old request if it didn't get chosen.

6) While we love our themes you can request outside the themeing if you want.

7) Have fun with it and please only put your requests in this comment section below.

8) You have until the 10th of the next month to get your requests in so no need to rush. You can also change your request if you wish.

----Rules end-----

Now if you want the HI-Res version of the image at the start of this post then just pledge a dollar or up and you get that sweet sweet Lily in her Genie jacket and one with her well..more exposed. Don't forget to check out our Shop for lots of awesome new merch.

If you are a high level patron please PM me on here with what you want as your reward. Can't wait to see everyones requests!