Weekly Update! (2020/10/05) 

Hey everyone!
Got an image update for you! n.n!   
Business is going well here at FSS! n.n
Getting back to the Patreon/SubscribeStar stuff! I think I have most everything organized with it right now, but if I have any new developments or anything comes up, I'll let y'all know.
Hoping to have the next VH update out this week! Just a brief, pretty thing, but it's been a lot of work, nonetheless.
I'm going to be keeping y'all updated here as best I can (a lot of you requested that I bring back the update images because you thought they were cute) so I'll be adding more to these as time goes on! I might transition from a separate schedule page to images if I like it enough. We'll see!
Anywho! Not much to talk about! Got a special stream this Wednesday around 2PM EDT for a certain bumper bot. :3 Seems like y'all really wanted to see Haylee again! The rest is just working on project updates and personal art, getting these milestones down and such!
I'm recovering pretty quickly from this last extraction, so in early November I'll be getting my imprints for my partial dentures. n.n I'm really happy about that!
That's all that's going on with me, that I can remember anyway. I'll let you all know if anything comes up! In the meantime, let's enjoy the cooler weather coming in (those of us in the northern hemisphere anyway) and I'll see you all next week! ^_^!