Weekly Update! (2020/09/28)

Hey peeps!
Just a quick update since I'm going in for an extraction in a couple of hours (thankfully it's just a single tooth this time, so it shouldn't be too arduous.)
I'm organizing my past Patreon benefits and get everything into a handy chart so that I can keep track of it all visually.  Once I've done that I'll have a graphic for you all (next week), but I'll continue to chip away at that with my streams in the meantime!  There's a lot to get through, but hopefully it won't be as much of a pain as it was to get through the commission mountain. XD
For Various Happenings, I'm about 30% through the current update, I believe. I usually make these particular kind of updates really detailed and I've been having kind of a hard time focusing on it but I'll try to have it done this week regardless.
Once that's done, me and Dicy are going to sit down and script/plan out the Intermission and Chapter 5 (we've got it more or less outlined, but we need to add/edit the dialogue and make sure things are consistent) but once that's done, I can begin working on them and I want to see if we can manage some heavy volume updates in the future.
While we're doing the writing on that, I've got a few other things that I'm going to be chipping away at, too, so we'll see how that goes!
I hope you’re all doing well! ^_^ The weather's still fighting itself, getting hotter and cooler.  I can't wait for fall to finally arrive but we live so far south, who knows when that's going to be?  XD
I hope you're all doing well, and I’ll see you next week! ^v^