Welcome to the Sauce Pit SubscribeStar! for those curious the Patreon has gotten the same fit so if you'd rather support me there, you can click right here to do so. so what do you get by supporting me? well other than keeping the lights on over here to produce more free content for you, you also get access to a community Discord! Where you can find me and other like minded people to chat and share stuff you like or create! Any tier you choose will get you as much access as the others so dont feel pressured to go higher on the tier list for special treatment in the server. you do however get a special name tag in the server for what tier you join so its purely just to flex if you so desire. you can even opt out of the nametag if you'd rather not share. And if we get enough supporters we can open up polls where you get to vote on who gets drawn each month! Support me and my future endeavors into lewdness so I may keep providing you with free content.~