Sideloader modpack Update Rollup 21/09

As normal, update is available in the KKManager application or the launcher update function. If you can't connect to the server, you may have a outdated version of KKManager, you can get the newest HERE.

If you're pledging at the $5 level or above, you also have access to download these using the supporter only download locations, read more about that HERE.

If you're looking for the Koikatsu Modpack, you can find that HERE

Sideloader Modpack:

[aquan] bdo_master [aquan] bdo_master_acc [B17] AI_Hair_02 [B17] AI_HairF_01 [Boy2239] Accessories [Boy2239] Hairs18 [Boy2239] Hairs19 [Boy2239] Hairs20 [Boy2239] Hairsf03 [Boy2239] Hairsf04 [Boy2239] Hairsf05 [chw] Acc_glasses01 [chw] Overlay01 [chw] OW makeup [chw] RE2_Ada_dress [Conquestus] Accessories 1 [d3mod] hestia_nrsk [d3mod] hestia_sb [DMC] Separated_Coveralls [Hanmen] Advanced Eye [Hanmen] iri_td [Hooh] deep_dive_eye_shader [Hooh] hs_maidshort [Joe] eyelashes [Joe] eyeshadows [Kenny] Heels-transLace [KimS] wolfordpanst [Kinshin007] k031 P5R-Kasumi [Liangpi] Nekko [Liangpi] Soraka [McM82] StarDustDOA [paidax] cloth011 [paidax] cloth013 [paidax] hair100 [paidax] shoes001 [Salty] Durandal others [Salty] Huixing others [Salty] Xiaotu [sjjpl] bot_001 [sjjpl] hair_Female06 [sjjpl] hair_Female10 [sjjpl] top_037_剑灵人族内衣 [sjjpl] top_041哥特 [sjjpl] top_047 [sjjpl] top_048 [tAOb] Nami_Dressrosa [tAOb] Nami_NewWorld [tAOb] Nami_Onami [tAOb] Nami_PreTimeSkip [tAOb] Nami_StrongWorld [tAOb] Nami_SunShangXiang [tAOb] Nami_Swimsuit Sideloader Modpack - Exclusive HS2

[Darkruler][HS2] Lightning [McM82] Aloy Sideloader Modpack - Maps

[alaja] @dentist [alaja] @drugsware [alaja] @livinglx Sideloader Modpack - Maps (HS2 Game)

[Hooh] japanese_street [Hooh] private_club [KKY] VikingVillagemap Sideloader Modpack - MaterialEditor Shaders

[AI_MaterialEditor]FX Hologram v1.1 [AI_MaterialEditor]Glitch Shader [Lucas1122] slime Sideloader Modpack - Studio

[b8] CHmap1 [Conquestus] Animals Set 1 [Conquestus] Effects Pack 1 [Conquestus] Robots Set 1 [Conquestus] SciFi Interior Set 1 [Conquestus] Survival Set 1A [Conquestus] Survival Set 1B [Conquestus] Treasure Set 1 [Hooh] autumn_stuff [Hooh] japanese_street_prefabs [Hooh] private_club_studio [MakotoYuki90] AI_tentacle_pack_1 [Osland] Maple Tree [Rose] Small_Stuff [Rose] Vinyl+DJ_Stuff [sjjpl] battle arena 战斗竞技场 [tAOb] One_Piece_Item [XY] Digimon Skull Greymon [XY] LOL Rammus [XY] Naruto ZMZG [XY] Other hanshujian [XY] Other wangshujian [XY] PKMN Rayquaza [XY] PKMN Xerneas