About this page

As some of you may know, Patreon has recently been running around waving their morals quite randomly at creators of content based on koikatsu in particular, but also aiming at other games, though in a much lower scale. As such I will refocus and place more importance on this page.

For starters this means that releases will start getting announced at this page in the same manner as on the Patreon, at around the same time, as well as a changing of branding in the launcher and on my release posts on all platforms but Patreon. All support links will, going forward, point to this page rather than my Patreon.

SubscribeStar has a much more workable enforcement policy, so I will in addition assist other creators to the best of my ability to make the migration.

If a creator currently at Patreon wishes to migrate to SubscribeStar, I offer free hosting of a simple homepage, as well as answering any questions about the migration to the best of my knowledge.

To give a picture as to how this will look, I recently assisted the Koikatsu Creator MogelatteRiO to migrate his operation from Patreon to SubscribeStar, and set up a simple home page for him: https://rio.betterrepack.com/