Sketch Request stream happening Sept. 18, 2020 at 10PM EST!!!
We did it, guys. The Patreon goal of black and white request streams has been met which means it's time to start doing monthly black and white sketch request streams. 
Obviously it's staying black and white sketches to both be fair to everybody as well as keep the stream length at a reasonable length. 
These do not count as your monthly requests you're entitled to by supporting me. Consider these an extra on top of your rewards.
I will lay down ground rules for these sketches, so please abide by them.
1. Single [1] character only 
2. Lolicon/shotacon are forbidden
3. One [1] sketch per person
These are the rules for the stream.
This month's [September 2020] stream will take place this Friday, September 18th at 10:00PM EST

Thank you for your support and may y'all continue your support. The more support, the more freebies I'll throw around for everybody.