Weekly Update

Heya guys! So I have another update for you guys this week! The third book if Intern-kun is almost done, we have one final pic to go and I'll be ready to release it! So definitely no worries for that! 
Also as mentioned last week, I'll also be pausing this Subscribe Star for a month, maybe a bit more, mostly just so I can get my bearings on the new doujins that will be coming out! Most of you probably already seen the Kimetsu no Yaiba doujin, and I already have TRW working on it, hopefully we'll see results soon! 
I've also been working on some concepts for another doujin, have a few ideas in mind but I'll get a poll up so you guys can decide what you would like to see! Thinking of doing something original instead of another Parody, but definitely let me know what you guys think yeah! 
So yeap! That's about it for this week's update! Let me know if you have any questions or what not yeah!