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-We're working on various projects (and art) from Bioasshard, Punished Mai, Omnia In unum, etc.

-BTW 'projects' means 'projects' not games. Some projects can be games and others can not.

-This SubStar Campaign it's for adults only. So, if you keep reading it's because you're 18 years old or above (depending on the legal age in your country) and because you're a hentai like us. :3

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Project List is HERE

The Fantasy Card System and how it works!

And here is a new version of the FAQ => The Mega-FAQ

-------------------------------------------------------- ROADMAP --------------------------------------------------------

Here is a small roadmap of the near future in terms of releases and revisions:

  1. The Case of C

  2. Bioasshard Arena Version 0.5 - will include at least the first ever Boss.

-------------------------------------------------------- BIOASSHARD FANTASY CARDS LINKS --------------------------------------------------------

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  • Note 1: Art is not added on the Roadmap.

  • Note 2 "Oh, let me inform you that we already linked this account to our Discord, so now it should give you access to the Discord server, but since the process to add was a bit problematic, we're not fully sure it'll work correctly, so, if you notice you're not granted access automatically to discord, please contact us."

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