Some Big News

Hello all! So... I made a really big and scary decision and put in my official notice at my "real" job. I have been thinking about this for a long time and I have wanted to do it for a long time but I finally got up the courage to do it. I don't want to bore you with all the reasoning behind it but the short version is, I love doing this. Nothing makes me happier and I have never felt more fulfilled at any "job" or with any "work" I have ever done than I do making these animations. Also, there is absolutely no way I could ever dream of doing this without your support. I owe everything to everyone here supporting me. I wish I could do more for everyone than just say thank you... but for now at least I want to ensure you know that I am grateful, thankful, and I know I am lucky to have you here.

Well, long story short, my last day at my "real job" is April 19th. I wanted to leave sooner but my director asked me to stay an extra week to help finish up a project.

So what does this mean to you exactly? Well, I have been dividing my time between my real job and animation. However, I have been spending more and more time on animating and less and less time on my "real job". But, without question, things should speed up at least a little when it comes to animation progress.

I dont want to make this post too long so I leave it at that... I will be on Discord most of the day so if you want to chat or ask questions feel free to reach out to me there =)