September Dreams

Monthly Newsletter...?

A Dream in September

We've made it this far thru a mad 2020 together, I'm sure it can only get kinkier from here, don't you doubt it dumplings!
What have we got in store this coming month? Let's seeeeee....Kinktober!?

It's not October Yet!

Okay okay, I know I know, Kinktober is for October right? If only! October is for the uploads, September is for all the prep. As you may know, for those who listen to my wee rambles, I have basically three jobs to work between, and last year I was doing Kinktober only a few days ahead of the upload and it was a horror! I just don't have time or stress-armour to do that again, so I'll be doing as much as I can over September, so that come October I can relax a bit. 
Especially because October the month of birthdays (mine, my mums, sisters, my flatmate....) and also Hallowe'en, so I have a lot keeping me away from the tablet anyways :P
Also, I'd like to be able to get back to commissions properly in October!

Wait, "get back" to commissions?

Och aye, sorry, September is going to be very slow for commissions! Because I already have commissions to wrap up, Twisted Jailer sketches, Dungeon Treasure content and the massive Kinktober project, regular commissions are just going to have to take a bit of a back seat for the month. 
I usually prioritise commissions quite highly, so I hope you will all understand that they will be much slower rolling this month so I can take on Kinktober, which is 31 illustrations to do, and my plan is pretty elaborate this year!

Elaborate Kinktober?

You know it! Since I'm starting early and planning early, I wanted to take advantage of the time and see if I can really escalate the journey thru Samhein this year. I don't want to get too into the gnarly details, but while last year had the setting as a common thread thru a series of standalone pics, this year I'd like there to be an actual running story throughout the whole series. 
I will be using a consistent character for this story, and haven't yet designed her, so here's your chance to make suggestions for what she might look like, her appearance, what her name could be! :D

Okay sounds great, but what about regular content!?

Soz of course there will still be regular content, (altho be prepared that this month will probably be a bit slower on uploads than the regular 2/3 per week). What do I have planned out so far?
Well first and foremost, Her Trial has a lot happening. HT#15, will actually become HT#0, and is a prequel pic that will be retroactively placed at the start of the story, introducing all the characters and a slightly harrowing short take on what led them to their dark journey. There's also plans for the next couple of installments (which sound super grim!) but that I haven't begun work on yet.
Rebecca's XXX will be getting some new pictures and torments, as well as hopefully the upload of an animation (based on Lip Treatment) which has taken far too long for me to finish, but is nearly there.
We'll see some more Elves in mechanical madness, some LTR rewards, a sequel microseries to Many Months of Misery (sphinx tortures), some engineering gone wrong naughtiness, and potentially some more outdoor waterfall bondage!
Also, there's been some recent planning for a short comic of a kinky, naughty deathmatch to look forward to! :D

These newsletters seem to be longer each month, eh?!

You're right...should I shorten them down? Or just go for broke and make a wee front cover page just for my arty life for you! :P
Sweet Dreams, my naughty dumplings! x