Weekly Update!  (2020/08/31)

Hey everyone! ^_^

How’s everyone doing?  Things are doing alright here.

I’m slowly getting back into things and things are going okay.  We had our first wobble stream last week and things went rather well!  I’m still easing back into things, so I wasn’t able to run it as long as I’d like, and I still needed stamina to finish Various Happenings that week (which I did!) but that’s okay!  I think I’m going to be doing wobbles every week until that backlog is taken care of.  That should definitely give me enough production to catch up to it on Patreon/SubscribeStar.  Once that’s done, we’ll go to the sketches that I owe, and then we’ll restart SotS as planned.

I overworked my arm a little last week, but it wasn’t TOO bad, so I’m just going to be doing admin stuff today anyway and maybe a little doodling and I should be back to normal by tomorrow.  I still have an extraction on Wednesday, so I’ll be taking that day off and I might not have an update for VH this week because of that and other (not dire) stuff that’s taking up my attention this week, but I will be working on it regardless.  I’m not quite back to where I was, but I’m definitely getting there!

That’s pretty much it!

Check me out over at Patreon and SubscribeStar, and keep looking here for ongoing updates and all that. 

Hope you’re all holding up well!
I’ll see you next week!


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