EarthShaker Machine Released

Heyo, make the ground shake.


Four Swatches - Black, Red, White, Pink

Idle animation for use - Teasing Category

Probably should use without shoes, as they tend to clip.

Hey, before anything else, there is now a version of the Arcade Machine available with German translation courtesy of a kind Anon that translated the text. I dont speak German, so if there are any typos or something I should correct, let me know. Cheers Anon!

Another thing - I occasionally glance at exit surveys so that I know what to improve. Recently I saw someone mention in there that they intend to keep following me on Twitter. Now because I cant see who left the survey, I cant ask them so just a disclaimer- I dont have any other internet presence than patreon, my subscribestar and my Loverslab account. If you follow "me" on any other site, it aint me :).

Now for the actual thing, if you saw the poll for it, you might notice I changed the design quite a bit, but I tried to keep the spirit of the thing intact. There were two main reasons for the change - the more I looked at the reference, the less I liked it and also I just liked my dildo turret design more :)).

Anyway I was hoping to have this done yesterday, but didnt quite make it, so apologies for that. Anyhow have fun, next release towards the end of this week. Cheers.