TOON SUB 2: The new boss (teaser)

"Meet G.R.Oper, your new boss.
We have had a lot of trouble with him.
Some say he cannot be fired because he is connected to the CEO.
Fact is we had a lot of trouble with him. Several cases about sexual abuse of female staff and things like that that had to be settled out of court.
We told him you are part of a special psychological program for him-- he should act out all his fantasies on you, so he won't have to do that with real staff. He really liked the thought.
Remember you have to do whatever he wants. Unless you want to be severely punished, that is."
G.R: " Hey, what do we have here? The new intern, dressed like a slut. I like that. You know what you are and project it. Hey, let me feel the goods. I bet you would love to please your boss right away, don't you?"
"I-- please, that is inappropriate!"
"Ah, don't be a spoilsport. We both know you don't want to have it any other way. Come on, spread your legs a bit more, let's check what kind of panties you are wearing. It is still early morning. Help your boss to have a good start into the day, will ya?"