Weekly update and poll!

Heya guys, so chapter 3 of Fairy Hunting will be out this week, ETA Wednesday! Sorry for the delay! We have 2 pages left to do and edit and we will be all done! Shouldn't take too long now! Sorry once more for the delay!

Now for the bad news unfortunately, currently the doujin projects are doing too well, Fairy Hunting is definitely pulling it's weight and slowly growing, but not so much for Intern-kun's notes. We had like 8 sales on it on Gumroad, which is significantly lesser than Fairy Hunting, and frankly we will not be able to recoup losses for it at this rate.

With that being said, if things don't go well for the next issue for Intern-kun's notes, it'll probably be the last one sadly. We'll decide on a replacement for it then if that really happens, maybe an original or something on the western side haha.

With that being said, we still failed to meet our goal of becoming self-sustainable in 6 months, we are about half way there, which is something, but we'll need to do something to make the projects sustainable.

We basically have a couple of options:

1)Increase the pledge/price. Personally I'm not really fond of this option, I started this project cause I wanted to make some doujins available at a cheaper price as opposed to the "$15-$20 less than 15 pages black and white" doujins out there, but increasing the price would be the most direct way to bump up our survivability.

2)Add more tiers with more benefits This was actually suggested to me by one of the readers, which I'm grateful for the suggestion. The idea is that we have a couple of more tiers and give the higher tiered patrons more control over the story in terms of polls and even have unrelated art/pin-ups in the post credit pages for the highest tiered subscribers.

3)Make doujins black and white to lower cost So this should be somewhat straightforward, basically for this, we could make the doujins black and white instead of coloured. This would lower the cost of production by a bit that would allow us more wiggle room. The issue with this would be, well, the doujins not being coloured anymore.

4)Be patient and wait, don't change anything yet So for this, it basically a "do nothing" option. We could wait and see if things get better.

5)Others (I've written my suggestion in the comments) This should be pretty self explanatory haha.

Suggestions on what to do next.