Posture Bondage Chair Released

Ola. Sit up straight or face the consequences.
Five Swatches - Black, Red, White, Pink, Brown
2 animations-
Solo Idle Animation
Solo Vibe Wand Animation
Hey, I have survived the elements and came back. No storm can conquer my mission to create smut :p. Anyway Let me know if the animations are centered. I suspect there is a new bug in WW- I know the animations are centered, because I checked like 8 times, but for some reason I had certain sims load in with a very slight offset to the right, only for a different sim to load in correctly centered.

Anyway the arcade is still on track for Friday, because I have already spent TOO much time on it, especially since its a pretty specific object that will not appeal to everyone. But what can I say, I got in the zone and making it became personal at some point :). There is only one outstanding issue I need to solve. Nudity with Wicked Whims defaults to the soft lower body when undressing- that doesnt allow me to animate the genitals. Its not a critical issue-  I will hide it with the animation if I cant figure it out, but still, thats the only thing I havent figured out yet.

Anyway, have fun.