New build is out for Subscribers.


 Fixed a label that contained an error. Now, on your first day, you can choose "Innocent Play" too instead of just "More Exercise". 

 Fixed an issue that caused players to sometimes skip number input fields. 

Saving at choices problem is fixed. (Old saves can be still trash so highly recommended doing a new game. Sorry if it means losing a significant amount of progress for anyone.)

Fix some minor issues with afternoon recurring events.

Little addition to quest day events.

Anatinna first adventure event is in the game with a goblin gangbang scene.

Anatinna pregnancy event is implemented. (Illia, Anatinna first child is in the game now, interaction with her will be implemented later.)

Gilda naked cleaning mini event implemented. (You need to level up cleaning skill and she needs to clean up alone to see it.)

Slime girl nipple fuck event implemented. (She will be your assistant at work in the next goblin update.)

 Starting today I will work on elf girl.