TOON SUB 2: Lesson 1 (Teaser)

Our new Toon Sub Alice has been dressed according to what the subscribers chose for her.

 "Hello ALICE.
 We heard that you challenged the subscribers. 2 weeks, no limits. We also heard that in your former management position you were known to be rude to employees. We have designed a nice program for you to change your attitude towards the employees.
 How do you like your new office outfit, ALICE?"

 "You can't be serious--- I mean, this is absolutely inappropriate for office work! I mean look at the size of that skirt thingy. And I dont't have a bra to wear.This blouse does not even have buttons! It is like running around naked in the office!"

"No, ALICE, it is actually better then that. Your new status is that of an intern. And your new name is Subject A7.
 Please do not use your old name any more when referring to yourself. We want everybody in the company think you are the new girl in the office. I mean, obviously no one will recognize your face when you look like this. They'll be distracted.!"

"You want me to work in an office like this for 14 days?"

"Yes, Subject A7. But be assured this is a very special company with a very unique professional training program. Wait until you meet the man to whom you will be completely subordinated for the 14 days around the clock. He is known for his controversial treatment of female subordinates. You will obey absolutely every single order he gives you to his fullest satisfaction, is that clear?"

 "What will happen if I don't?"

 "Oh, you will be punished, Subject A7. Punished until your performance is sufficient. And now, let's go and meet your new superior, Mr. GERALD R. OPER."