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I stream development on Picarto! Follow me there! You can also watch previously-recorded streams!

Who am I?

I'm Setsune Wave, sometimes Setsune_W for short. I'm a Genderfluid (She/They preferred) Virtual Raccoon. I created a PC and Oculus Quest-compatible VR prototype based on my "Rulent Tower" project, and now I'm developing an adult furry (or scalie) VR game named Cuddle Kobold!

What is Cuddle Kobold?

Cuddle Kobold (stylized Cuddle Kobold!, name not final) is the latest VR project I'll be working on. It's a Companion Simulation featuring you and an Exchange Monster. It is a project exclusively for adult audiences only, however the current plan is to allow the player to adjust the content level to their preferences. I've put together a FAQ answering a lot of questions that you can read right here.

What platforms will you support?

Current targets are Desktop VR (such as the Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Oculus Link, etc), and the Oculus Quest / Meta Quest 2. Cuddle Kobold is being developed in OpenXR for maximum compatibility, but testing platforms depends on having the hardware accessible, an interested player base, and other factors. A "Simulator" interface is being researched for people to play without VR hardware, but this is a VR game first-and-foremost. Thankfully, the necessary hardware is getting cheaper and better with every day.

What do SubscribeStar Donations bring?

Upgrading hardware will be a must, in addition to purchasing VR hardware for device testing. Funding can also contribute towards needed game assets, such as custom 3D models, textures, voice work, and so on, and of course you buy me the time to work on this. The less I have to worry about finances and expenses each month, the more I can focus on delivering a dynamite game.

What do SubStars get?

Even at the lowest tiers, you'll receive access to a lot of the content. This includes Behind-the-Scenes previews and development updates, Lens progress videos, influence in design choices, Discord roles, etc. Higher tiers will have access to playable prototypes, further opportunities to influence development, named credit inside the game and in other places, and so on!
Thank you for reading, and I hope you join me for Cuddle Kobold!