Hello there!

I'm Aramyx (previously known as Ardham, hence the link), an Artist/Writer who focuses mostly on Adult Work. Here you can find: Illustrations: Sexy pictures with drawings of your favorite waifus. From sensual pinups to some more hardcore stuff and sometimes even mini comics. All of them with many variants that make things hotter.

Stories: Lewd stories like fanfiction about different fictional universes and some original stuff from time to time. Most of these are Patreon Exclusive. Remixes: My old works return with extra versions and variants as well as retouches I see they need as my skill improves.

Polls: Influence my work through polls. Want certain character drawn? get a chance to vote for them.

Rewards: They are given at the end of the month period and they include all the tiers benefits such as; over 15 and mostly over 20 extra variants of each Illustration every month, PSD builder files to make your own versions, etc..

Between these as well as timelines of my work and other updates I post almost every day. So there's always something to check around!

Check this page to find my Commission Info, Social Media and Public Galleries https://aramyx.carrd.co/