March Request Contest! Time for you guys to ask us to draw funny things! alt text

This months theme.............Well we don't really have on..MIKO AND TRINITY MONTH! That's right this month let's get osme love for our two most underloved characters. You can of course request for other characters but let's explode it with love for our girls..and our dog.

Yes this miko is up for requests! alt text ---Rules------

1) All Patrons welcome to request

2) All patrons get up to two requests while $15 and up can request up to 3

3) Please be as descriptive as possible you can request outfit, posing and everything. If you have a link with an image of the outfit or pose please include it in the request it helps a ton.

4) You can request the girls and guys from the list above in anything you want male or female outfits doesn't matter we get silly up in this joint!

5)You can rerequest an old request if it didn't get choosen.

6) While we love our themes you can request outside the theming if you want.

7) Have fun with it and please only put your requests in this comment section below.

8) You have until the 10th of the next month to get your requests in so no need to rush. You can also change your request if you wish.

----Rules end-----

Now and listen closely if you are owed a reward from your tier please contact me. Those who want audio such as sound bytes, me reading short stories or whatever please dm me on here or the discord so we can arrange things. Thank you! Also remember this is ONLY open if you are a Subscribesterer (?) of mine! :D so join us and request funny pictures!