Tango Fiction Miraculously Passes Obscenity Review

Hello friends!

In a somewhat shocking turn of events Patreon has released my money (aka your generous pledges) and is allowing me to continue operating without censorship on their platform… (for now).

I can only assume this is because of the merits of my story and because of all of you. My sweet hummingbird logo along with Patreon’s recent legal defeats probably helped. Maybe there is even a resurgent desire for the company to pursue it’s alleged core goal of helping to fund the creative class. I am hopeful this will lead to a more even application of the rules across the board instead of merely using them as a tool to punish people with opinions that the company doesn’t like.

So thank you to everyone that voted in my defensive poll, left comments, and for those that are a voice of reason against blanket censorship. We can make our voices known and influence people to make reasonable and fair decisions. I am only here because of my readers and that’s never been more true than now. So to my entire audience of friends and the patrons of Tango Fiction across all platforms - thank you for the outpouring of support. I got so many encouraging messages during the past two weeks that I was determined to fight tooth and nail for my right to express myself even if it meant a near complete defunding.

Even though I think the way Patreon crushed my business growth last month and held funds hostage (without even saying a peep) was very shady I do have to give them credit for seeing reason and tacitly acknowledging the outrageous double standards that seem to exist. My game is not obscene even compared to mainstream fiction. It’s art and if they want to censor it they censor art.

I will not stop until Transfigure stands among the best erotic fiction stories ever written. So thanks for joining me on the journey and maybe fighting for a bit of artistic freedom along the way.

Now that the drama is over I will return my focus to writing great stories for all of you.