Hello everyone! We're happy to announce that we finally have a new version of hypnolab ready to release, and we'll be putting it out on Monday!

This won't be the final version yet because some of the features that will be in the final version have some bugs, but this is 99% complete in the final and bug free version!

Things in this version:
- A quest system! Now you can look for items in special hypnotic worlds. Use items to hypnotize yourself and explore all sorts of diverse worlds!
-A new activation system! The lab, sets, and scenes have changed quite a bit since we started working on them. Everything has a new layer of polish. 
-VOICE ACTING! Kady is now fully voiced and has a lot to say!
-Mini-Cypress plushie model! Now you have your own tiny cat god toy in the lab.
-And more!

We'll be giving more details on Monday when we decide to release this update on itch.io. Thank you for your support while we've been working on it, and I hope you enjoy the game when it's out!