Hello subscribers! 

This pack will go on a bit more in the sponsored comic by Shy001, showing more hot labrador-dane action. We also have lots of works and wips as usual. Enjoy!
Thank you for the support. 

Thank you for the support.

We will be sending half packs one day and half in the next day. So, its alphabetical order. If you didnt get it today, probably will get it tomorrow.  You shall get your pack in your registered email here on patreon as usual. Please, get in contact if you didnt get it until monday. CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER before contact us about a missing pack please.  A note to newcomers, if you want previous packs, you can pay $5 for 4 of them (equivalent to a month subscription) of your choice. If you want a whole comic or a previous special pack, get in contact, the price will be the same, but the whole comic will be sent. Payments by paypal. Take notes on the DATE of the package, so we can find it here and send the correct one(s).  IF YOU DONT GET THE PACK AFTER MONDAY, GET IN CONTACT BEFORE THE NEXT SATURDAY OR YOU WILL LOSE THE PACK AND WILL NEED TO BUY IT IF YOU WANT.

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