I'm Snofu, I really enjoy drawing smut! The main goal of this Subscribestar is to make drawing comics and illustrations financially easier, and in return give neat perks and build a trusted, community.

My main interests deal with sex atypical characters (intersex, trans, etc.) and queer content. There will often be multiple versions of my illustrations, featuring different sexes.

I frequently delve into new topics and kinks to draw, so there might be a possibility of me drawing something you are personally uncomfortable with, which is why all of my art will be properly tagged and put in spoilers so you are able to look at the things you enjoy!

Find me on my website Snofu.Art , Furaffinity , on Twitter , my Telegram Channel , or message me on Telegram directly.

How does this work?

You pick a tier that fits your budget and then reap the rewards, easy as that!

There is a discord community as well which you can join at any tier and stay, even if you stop support or do a one time donation (via my Ko-fi for example)!

What do you get?

2$ and up

  • High res files
  • Be part of a discord community focused on art & kink
  • Request and vote on future artwork
  • Ask for commissions outside public openings
  • Art Archive

6$ and up

  • Everything above.
  • See timelapses and PSD files early
  • 5% off of commissions


  • Custom art tier. You can get: 2 single character sketches (coloured) OR 1 couple character sketch (coloured) OR 1 single pinup, flat coloured This reward is stackable, if you sit out one month you could, for example, get a two character flat colour instead. You can also upgrade to include more characters instantly using the "Tip Creator" function on my profile!
  • Everything from lower tiers! (5% off of commissions included.)

You are charged instant upon subscribing and every 30 days until you unsubscribe.