My current queue for artwork:

The pictures currently in productions are:

-a commission prison bondage picture

-cover for "UNFREE" e-book 
(will upload as soon as the book is out)

-subscriber wish picture number 3:
    a sorority sisters humiliation scene

   -sketch rework

subscriber wish picture number 5:
  - a sports scene


-the wish illustrations from the last of my first 5 Decisionmaker-tier subscribers. Take your time and think up somethink you really would like to see illustrated. There is no hurry, I will execute the pieces whenever there is time.

subscriber picture suggestion queue:
(Since there is currently only one subscriber in the Inspirator tier this is practically equal with a wish picture subscription:-)

Patron Picture No2 :

-Toon sub 3 training illustrations
  -1: costume
  -2: first picture
  -3: second picture
  -4: third picture
  - X: goodbye
-the grecian bend
(that is a private one I am working on, based on the weird grecian bend fashion from victorian times and an old stanton  picture that fascinated me (from bound in leather part 2). I am not content with my approach so far, but I will get it if I try a bit more:-) I know there is an awesome pic in this idea.

Inspirator tier subscribers: now is an ideal time to join and suggest stuff, since your picture ideas will most likely be executed due to number of Inspirator tiers users being-- well low.
So this is a cheap way to get your fantasy illustrated.

Join the decisionmaker or inspirator tier and give me input:-)