We have tried to implement some of the features requested from our subscribers.
Force grab: When you stretch out your arm completely, you can point at items with a laser beam. When you make a quick grab movement by pressing grab button and release, the highlighted object will come flying right into you hand and you just have to grab it.
Moving hips: If you grab yourself at the side of your hip and hold it, Dr.Deviant will move his hips with you. This will also prevent Dr.Deviant to turn his body when you turn your head.
Slapping hands: People have complained that there is no sound when you slap the girls with your hand. Because hands are moved by your controllers, the physics engine has difficulties detecting collisions. We have tried a solution, but it's only working to some extend. Sometimes collisions are not detected properly and sometime we have some misfires. We will keep working an a better solution.
Remove Dr.Deviant's labcoat: By grabbing and pulling yellow rings on Dr.Deviants chest under the collars.
Save settings for you size and vertical movement: Your chosen values will now be remembered between game sessions.