AnimeCon Harem Guide

Brian attends an anime convention with a special charm that has a mysterious influence over the girls it comes into contact with. Written as a slow-building erotic drama rather than a pure smut piece. You can find the story, the chapters in progress, and the bonus chapters here.

Completed chapters: 109,000+ words!

Completed chapters are free to read and featured on MC Stories, Literotica, Stories Online, and Royal Road, if you prefer to read on those platforms. Our second chapter won a Reader's Choice Award on Literotica! If you're unable to support through SubscribeStar, several of those sites feature toplists, and leaving a rating on chapters helps out immensely!

1: Turning Pink and Red

2: Dangerous Games

3: Best Laid Plans

4: Out of the Blue

In-Progress Chapters: 57,000+ words!

Teasers are first-draft takes on the chapters in progress, and available to everyone in the $1 subscription tier.

5: Opportunity Struck (Teasers)

6: Bad End (Teasers)

7: Together at Last (Teasers)

Bonus Chapters: 67,000+ words!

Additional content; side-stories and omakes featuring characters and situations taking place at AnimeCon.

Fetish 101

Mary: the Mastery

Order of the Sovereign Swords

Cosplay Contest

Gamer Girls (Teasers)

Fetish 101 and Mary: the Mastery take place shortly after Stephanie, Kelly, and Brian arrive at the convention in Opportunity Struck. Order of the Sovereign Swords, Cosplay Contest, and Gamer Girls take place alongside the events of Bad End.

Other Content:

Fanfiction and fanart related to AnimeCon Harem! If you've created something, email it to me at Greg (is at) and I'd be proud to feature it here.

Interlude, by Grijalva

Stephanie and Kelly, by FortySixtyFour

The Winter Rose (AnimeCon), by Miss Stephanie

Stephanie and Kelly, by fllamjr

Stephanie and Kelly, by TerinCat