Orclust : Public Progress-Report May
Oh man this would be such a pain in the ass if I would make this animation with monsters because the rig is very experimental. Anyway

Description :
What you see is 50% of the scene from the Intro.
Kiras Voice lines are missing (running-camera-shots) where she decided to stop.

The Liu Kang Voice is on purpose :D

I should be done in a few days with it .The entrance scene(picture) is simple make because its mostly dialogue action and the lightflare so we have the maincause of all this ready

The dream-sequence of Nyutengu where she first mets Desire Demon(appear before the lovescene) is already preset with their animations so I basically set the lights and the camera ready with the missing Voice lines.

I will update you guys with the additional "Love" scenes ,next week ;)
Voting results.
Position 1 won !

I did set this on public for once because It thought prior supporters should have been informed,since I currently lack of public infos .