Hey there! I'm Mamerui and this is my SubscribeStar! I'm 25 years old living in Eastern US. I'm just an ordinary self-taught artist trying to make a living off of something I enjoy.

I just realised I've had this page up without this information really posted anywhere that anybody can see, so now I'm gonna be replacing the pinned post with this post!

Before Joining / For New Beans:

  1. You must be 18 or older to pledge to my SubscribeStar!
  2. Please don't post things posted on here publicly before I do! That's the whole appeal of early access! Everyone else will get to see the cool stuff eventually!
  3. Sketch/recording rewards must be claimed before the 10th of each month to be guaranteed for that month! If you do not contact me to claim your reward by the 10th of the month, I reserve the right to bump your reward drawing to the next month if I see fit.
  4. I draw both male pred and female preds, as well as some nonvore content.
  5. All custom-content (drawing, recordings) must follow my Commission Guidelines
  6. For a more detailed look at rewards, view the Rewards Breakdown post.

Brief Reward Outline:

High-Res images - Normally around 5000x5000 pixels (that's what my canvases start at; sometimes made slightly smaller or slightly bigger)
SubscribeStar Feed Access - You get to see all my works uploaded here for your viewing pleasure. This includes WIPs, polls, discarded sketches, and completed artwork.
Early Access - Any art that gets posted publicly will be posted here as soon as it's finished, as opposed to waiting ~30 days to be posted publicly.
Voting - Voting on Polls to decide which characters I focus on each month, be they OCs or Canon characters.
Exclusives - Occasionally alternate versions of pictures are uploaded just for patrons, though this is very rare! You also get access to the WIP feed for all the sketches I post here on SubscribeStar and/or on Discord.
Poll Suggestions - When I announce a monthly theme, $5+ subscribers can make suggestions of canon characters and my OCs for polls every month. $10+ subscribers can suggest their own OCs for polls!
Custom Rewards - Many tiers give custom content of varying levels! Types of custom rewards are listed below:
  1. Queued Sketches (for $10 subscribers)
  2. Birthday Sketches (For $10+ subscribers)
  3. Monthly Sketches (For $15+ subscribers)
  4. Voice Recordings (For $15+ subscribers)
  5. A Monthly Mystery Sketch (For any tier of support; one slot at a time)
  6. Request Streams (For $5+ subscribers)