Orc Massage

“Orc Massage” is a 3D erotic game for adults only. Player plays as the Orc masseur who gets paid by serving various kinds of female fantasy creatures. You can spend money to increase your attributes and upgrade equipments, meanwhile, you can improve abilities and job performance. Besides massage business, building a good relationship with monster girls can conduce to explore some heart-melt events.

All Downloadable Builds

    ◆ 2021.01.11 BlackHarpy H-Scene build
    ◆ 2021.01.01 Elf H-Scene build

    ◆ 2020.12.28  New Massage System and Gameflow Updated Demo v0.5a
    ◆ 2020.09.18  BlackHarpy first demo
    ◆ 2020.07.31  Special Service System Reveal
    ◆ 2020.05.15  Closed beta 2 

    ◆ 2019.12.27  Cowgirl demo v1.0a
    ◆ 2019.11.11 Full Gameloop Closed Beta
    ◆ 2019.09.27  Suspended Congress Demo
    ◆ 2019.08.09  Cowgirl v0.1
    ◆ 2019.07.19  Massage Scene v0.1
    ◆ 2019.05.31  Jiggle Physics(unsensord ver.)
    ◆ 2019.05.24  Elf's walking

Why SubscribeStar?

We are “Torch Studio”, a small dev team from Taiwan. We regard the project ”Orc Massage” as an artistic creation that take lots of resources, manpower and time to create, especially this game will have several characters and other contents. We need your help- participate in community and enrich this small world.

What will subscriber get? (refer to tier)
• If your total pledge more than price( $25) will get you the Steam key once the game is released.
• Discuss the game with other patrons
• Vote for new systems, characters, animations, positions.
• The newest beta builds and some peripheral creations(arts, comics,etc.).
• ”Orc Massage dev blog” will expose our game making know-how, share the challenges we meet and how to solve them.

Which Platform?
PC. The game will be released on Steam.