You've reached the spot for Purity Sin Gaming and Caotico Comics!

So I bet your wondering just what you've stumbled onto? Well let's break it down and tell you a little something about this page!

What is Purity Sin Gaming?

Purity Sin is the name of my youtube channel. With my cute adorable mascot Lily the toon unicorn I try to bring you everything from Indie games to the more Unique games out there in the world!

About Caotico Comics

Caotico Comics was started in early 2018 as a way to bring the stories of writer Purity Sin to life. After showing some of her characters to fans through video thumbnails,streams, and two animatics fans began to ask for more. After one other animatic both a fan and the artist behind Caotico Comics suggested making comic books instead and so Caotico Comics was born. Now Caotico Comics works on such comics as Chaotic Stories as well as Stunning Shock. We hope through this to bring you other fantastic comics and series as we continue to grow and maybe someday return to animation to really bring our stories and yours to life!

Our current goals are pretty simple ones. If you want to see a more indepht explanation that rather long video down there explains it all but hey...atleast theres a sexy voice! Issue 2 of Chaotic Stories Another Stunning Shock comic short Make lots more videos. Bring guest artist on to Chaotic Stories. Introduce everyone to more characters.

"What can I get from this Subscribe Star?!"

Uncut Videos, .Early Access Videos ,Art Request Contests ,HD versions of the art ,First Looks and releases of the Comic ,The Ability to give ideas for the comic ,Your name at the end of videos ,Your channel/Video be featured on the channel ,1 on 1 gaming sessions with Purity ,Multiplayer gaming Sessions with Purity/Cohosts ,Sound Bytes and story readings ,Requesting Sound Bytes and Readings ,Exclusive Livestreams ,.Artwork of hot girls ,Physical rewards like posters,comics and other things (hopefully soon) ,Special Rank on our Discord! ,My eternal undying love!

Thank you so much for reading all this and check out the video at the bottom for a bit more of an explanation.