A Status Update

We're still hard at work on both Hypnolab and the Bonus Day release of Snow Daze. Our art and coding are advancing, and I recently tested an early alpha of the new build of hypnolab myself. There's a lot of work left to do, but we can get it done. Some of the new environments are absolutely stunning, and you'll be amazed.

Unfortunately a few of our team members are struggling right now and that's slowing us down. We make a decent amount from a few sources, but I can't pay anyone full time wages. I'm doing everything I can to keep things moving smoothly and keep the team in good condition though. We're muddling through just like everyone else, and I'm glad we can continue working during the pandemic. Unfortunately this means we won't have a lot of little stuff to show you for a while.

With that in mind, I'm currently writing some bonus audio for Snow Daze and I'm writing an erotic horror short story that I'll get one of our VA's to record. You'll hear more about that soon!

Apologies for the quiet lately, we're working hard over here and we're focused on making sure that we can do everything we're able to with what we have. 

Make sure you take care of yourselves out there, and do your best. You're the ones that support all of us, so I'm rooting for you just as much as you're rooting for us.