We have improved the genitals physics, so that it is much more stable. This allowed Dr.Deviant to get his long wanted speculum and finally be able to do some real doctor games. Like always there is plenty of room for improvement. Most the remaining problems in this area, like the clipping, is graphics related and we'll have to improve on that some other rainy day. We have tried to give Dr.Deviants labcoat a little love as well.
We do normally not announce future releases. In game development, just like in real life, too often things do not go the way we plan and we really don't want to disappoint anybody. Because our prototype is already almost working, we are confident enough to announce our upcoming fucking machine. Not like the comic style sci-fi things they have in other games, but a real one as the ones you can actually buy in shops. It's going to be awesome ;)
To open and close the speculum, use thumbstick/touchpad up and down with same hand as you hold it.