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phaku profile
Finally here to dig my feet on the creative side of the world. What I offer; I'll draw you, your friends, your imagination, your dreams, your nightmares. To become a full time artist is going to be stranger than fiction. Got lot of plans for some short stories, hope it's of some value.
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Hydrate this starving artist. Adding features. Will start a sketch of first 9 together as a Thank You.

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Drink Filler

Some soulful hydration. -Will start a colored sketch of first 21 Drink Filler together as a Thank You. -Will let you in on updates of my projects.

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Gears oilers

Everything above, plus one art piece of any kind every year for first 21. You can choose to get in on my comic story line as a character, you'll disappear as it goes.

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A Days Meal

Will support one day meal, as two days passes by, i'll find you an picture of one. Two meals can fuel a good picture hand drawn or digital.

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  • Hi, nice to meet you. Had artistic mind always, about time I make use of it, why not save my soul while at it?!
  • Seen enough of this real world and have come to conclusion that creative people with their creative ways keep it all worth a while, lets you in on the sadness and leave you with a smile. What is there to say, I'll do my piece and hopefully it will have an impact. Don't give up me, don't let go of something that's good!! There, some what a creative writing, hopefully my stories are better.
  • Reach out

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Here we are, welcome and lets see what we gonna create.

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