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Ninnieartsins profile
Hi, I’m Ninnie or Hela! I draw various n/sfw art, oc’s, comics, and furries!
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Please be of age (18+) if you decide to subscribe, thank you! 

All characters drawn are 18+. 


 Twitter 🌺 FLO 🌺 FurAffinity 

Hello! I'm Ninnie or Hela! You might also know me from FA as Cattsun.
I draw various nsfw/sfw art, oc’s, comics, and furries!

I have always liked drawing comics, and drawing in general!  This is why this page exists, as I'd like to make a living doing what I love! With your help I can do just that!

Since I already have a patreon page, which is dedicated mostly to my comic Like the Sun Loves the Moon, and art in general, I decided to keep this page mostly dedicated to Mature and Adult material. This means, that this page is NSFW.

LycanCross comic page.


So why should you support me?
With your support, be it $1 or more, you will give me all the time I need to focus on my comic projects, pinups, and art in general, since I wouldn't have to do commissions in order to survive a month.

Compared to my Patreon page, I've decided to utilize the different tiers more on SubscribeStar, offering you more exclusive access the more you decide to pledge.

What is the income used for?
For general living expenses! Internet, student loan, phone, dog food, electricity, heating expenses, etc.

What is the main project at the moment?
Right now I don't have a main project on SubscribeStar, but I would be willing to start proper comic series on here too!

What will you get for helping me out, you ask?
Well first and foremost, you'll get access to everything I draw. I will also post everything for free online later, but you would be able to see everything first! The higher the tier the more you'll get! 


So choose your tier, and let's get creating!

Subscription Tiers

per month
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Lustrous Orb

Thank you for your Tip! You have unlocked:

  • All my art uncensored, and
  • you get early access to the art before public!
0 subscribers
per month
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Dragon Fang

The previous tier, and:

  • See NSFW drawings before "Lustrous Orb" tier (2-5 days)!
  • Vote in polls/comics (voting power +2)
  • Exclusive variations of monthly pinups.
0 subscribers
per month
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Dragon Gem

The previous tiers, and:

  • Vote in polls/comics (voting power +3)

  • WIPs/Sketches, or process files! (Gathered into a file at during the first week of the month)

  • See NSFW comics first before the lower tiers (a week)!

  • Your name on finished comic projects.

  • Character designs of future and ongoing projects - you can also give me your opinion on the designs!

  • 5% discount on commissions (applicable only for this tier, can't be accumulated)

1 subscriber
per month
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Dragon Scale

All previous tiers +

  • Monthly sketch for you (1 character)!
  • Private streams (once goal is reached)
  • PSDs of finished art
  • See process videos a week before other subscribers (once goal is met)
  • Monthly shout outs on Twitter, FA, FLO, etc.!
  • Commission discount: 10% (applicable for this tier, can't be accumulated)
0 subscribers
per month
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A shaded commission of 1 character, + a simple or simplified background.

At most, you can ask for 2 characters to be drawn, but that means 2 months of successful subscriptions.

In addition, you get the tiers:

  • Lustrous Orb,
  • Dragon Fang, and
  • Dragon Gem benefits
Limited (0 out of 3) subscriptions


  • Early access to all created content, UNCENSORED.
  • Exclusive variations, exclusive content: pinups, comics, wips/sketches
  • Suggest mini comics and more!

Star Stats

1 subscriber
62 posts


to reach
the goal
I'll do a biweekly NSFW doodle for just SbscrbStr! (streamed for Dragon Scale tier)! I'll also start a Subscribestar EXCLUSIVE pinup/NSFW illustration series.
to reach
the goal
I'll start a longer comic series with Cross walking around Kalos, Johto, other areas, where you guys can vote which pkmn gets to dick our grumpy trainer --- Assumed the goal is kept, it'll be updated twice a month!
to reach
the goal
Cross comic gets at least 4 pages a month! And I can start to plan another comic exclusive to substar!
to reach
the goal
Once this goal is reached, I will add into the content pool a YCH, which will be polled between Subscibers! I'll do a sketch, and then all Subscribers interested can comment with their references. After that, I will make a poll, with the references, and you'll be able to vote, who gets the YCH done that month!
to reach
the goal
Once this goal is reached, I can do at least 4-6 comic pages a month, and 2, if not 3, illustrations a month!


The subscription gives you:
  • Full, unlimited access to Star's profile content - to view it online or to download it to future use.
  • Support your Star by donating – one-time or recurring.
  • You can cancel this subscription at any time.

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