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Ninniearts sins
Ninniearts sins
Hi, I'm Ninnie! I'm just another artist, who is looking for a site to post her lewd art on. I'd love to eventually make a living through comics and art in general! I mainly draw m/m, teratophilia, furries, and animanga!
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Ninniearts sins


I'm Ninnie/Hela, a girl from Finland, who loves drawing comics and other stuff. Mainly I enjoy drawing m/m art of various kinds. My main big project is a furry bl comic, which is based on the tale of Hades and Persephone. You can read it on my Twitter, on Tapas, on WebToon, and on SmackJeeves.

This comic has reached 72 pages on my Patreon. Any support you can offer, will help me work on various projects.

I have planned some NSFW comics as well, which I hope to get some time to finish eventually. Thus any support is greatly appreciated! You can see some of the NSFW projects over here.

Thank you for the consideration of supporting me, and my projects! 

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The Underworld

You have unlocked:

  • Early access (3-14 days!)

  • Vote in polls/comics!

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Thank you for giving a treat to Kiriberus! You have now unlocked:

  • WIPs/Sketches, or process files!

  • Vote in polls/comics (voting power +2)

  • Cameo of you or your character in the comics when needed!

  • PSD line art, for coloring practice of just fun!

  • See NSFW comics first!

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Cheery Ferryman

Thank you for paying for your ride! As a thanks the Ferryman offers you, in addition to the tiers Underworld and Kiriberus:

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  • Your name on finished comic projects.

  • Monthly shout outs on twitter!

  • Character designs of future and ongoing projects - you can also give me your opinion on the designs!

  • Make content suggestions!

  • Make comic suggestions!

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Take your rightful place as the Queen of the Underworld! As doing so, you will have unlocked:

  • A simple colored & shaded digital drawing, of one character!

  • 20% discount on commissions!

Please have an idea what you want to have drawn over the course of the first week of the month or by the 15th the latest

Discount can't be accumulated.

You will also get the benefits of the Tiers:

  • The Underworld

  • Kiriberus, and

  • Cheery Ferryman.

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Hades is pleased with your offering, and gives you the following:

  • Underworld benefits

  • Kiriberus benefits

  • Cheery Ferryman benefits, and

  • a shaded drawing or 1 character with a simple background!

DL for you: 10th each month, to send me a PM of what you'd like to get. Can't be accumulated. If no pitch is thrown at me, you'll have to wait for the next month to roll over in order to try again.



  • Early access to all created content, UNCENSORED.
  • Voting rights on content! Give me content suggestions, see wips/sketches.
  • Suggest mini comics and more!

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A great first goal, which would pay for my tuition!
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If I reach this goal before Patreon, I'll post all my NSFW Art here, then on patreon, and later for public! I could do: + Start a SubStar exclusive comic! + and stuff voted by you all! <3
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A big thank you to everyone supporting me! This is a huge milestone that's been reached! It gives me so much more time to offer you all what you want to see! As we go toward bigger goals, I could start planning on making posters, buttons, stickers, or something else fun!
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I love you all so much and now I can concentrate fully on art, without having to risk my health ever again!


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