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Hey everyone! Here is some artwork from Jack, a longtime fan. You can see more of his work at:

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Hey everyone! Each month I will be posting a work based on a Subscriber's original idea. Around t...

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Learning all about sex...from Mom
By Klrxo

"She's pretty isn't she?" Monica asked, squeezing her son's hand tenderly.

Derek had been sitting in his wheelchair eyeballing a girl at the basketball game. "Yeah...she's ok," he said,  a tad embarrassed that his mom had noticed. 

"Well she must be more than ok, you've been checking her out the whole game," Monica teased.

"No I haven't," he giggled.

The loving mother fed her boy a sympathetic smile, showing her gleaming white teeth. Her pretty face was framed by dark wavy hair and brown eyes gazed through long fluttering lashes. Friends had often told her she looked like a 38 year old brunette version of the actress Connie Britton. "Honey, it's ok, you're allowed to check out girls bodies. That's what boys do."

"He's so adorable. All these cute teenaged girls floating around and he can't help but drool. He's no different that any other boy his age. Why not tease him,"  Monica thought.

Monica leaned over, coming close to his ear. Derek couldn't help but notice how her tan cleavage bulged as she inadvertently squashed both her boobs together between her arms. He could smell her sweet perfume, feel her hot breath at his ear. "Bet you'd love her long tan legs locked around you."

Slightly embarrassed, he giggled and shook his head.

Still at his ear, Monica smiled naughtily, savoring his reaction. "Clutching you while you bury your face between those big fucking tits, " Monica's voice said teasingly as she her own areola hardened beneath her silk bra.

"Mooom!" Derek blushed. It wasn't very often he heard his mom say the F word, especially in that context. 

Monica giggled. "What? You know it's true. You should ask her out on a date."

"Are you kidding? Brandi is captain of the cheerleading sqaud and I'm in a wheelchair. She would never even think about going out with me."

"Hmmmnn, Well just so you know, I was captain of the cheerleader squad and if you had asked me out in high school, wheelchair or not, I would have said yes," Monica said.

"Yeah, out of pity."

"No silly, out of attraction. Sweetie, you are a VERY handsome young man and not only would I have let you take me out. After our date...I would have wheeled you somewhere private and let you fuck the shit out of me,"  Monica said with a cute giggle. 

"Oh my God Monica, what the fuck has gotten into you?" Monica thought, as shocked at her word as her son was.

"Geez, Mom!" Derek said timidly. He couldn't help but think about his beautiful mom as a cheerleader, picturing her his age, throwing her luscious legs way up into the air limberly, like cheerleaders do. 

Monica giggled at his timidness. "I'm gonna go check on your little brother. I expect you to stop being a chicken and ask Miss Brandi out on a date before I get back."

Monica gave her boy a peck on the cheek, then stood from the bottom bleacher and strode away.  Derek took a second to admire his sexy mom as she walked off. The buxom brunette was wearing a short skirt, which left her silken tan legs on display. Her little tan bare feet with pink painted toenails were propped sexily in a pair of high heeled flip flops. The swell of her mommy-buttocks was full and meaty, swaying as she walked.

"Damn, I bet Mom was a hot cheerleader, "Derek thought, trying to imagine her big boobs swinging around in a cheerleader's uniform. 

Monica peeked back over her shoulder and smiled when she saw her son's eyes glued to her swaying ass. "All these cute girls and my boy is staring at MY ass. Monica, you still got it girl," she thought.

Derek looked back over at Brandi, finding her standing alone. This was his chance. He wheeled up to her bravely. "Hey Brandi."

The tan blonde peeked over her shoulder, eyeballing Derek pathetically. "Hey."

"Good game, huh?"

"Yup," Brandi said, doing her best to ignore him.

Derek could smell her sweet perfume. Her strong bronze legs rose from sexy feet like his moms. They were propped in pink high heeled flip flops. "Damn, i bet she can prop her sexy legs back sooo far," he thought.

He mustered up all the courage he could. "Hey, um...I was just wondering if you'd umm...I don't know, like maybe wanna go out sometime, catch a movie or something?"

Brandi gave him an amused look. "You're kidding right?"

"Uh no, not really."

"You're in a fucking wheelchair. You're a loser. Why would I date you?" she said with an ugly scowl. 

Derek's face turned a shade of red. This wasn't the outcome he was hoping for.  "I don't know, I just thought..."

Brandi's two friends arrived, both hot girls and also cheerleaders. They looked at Derek questionjngly.  "What the fuck is this?" one of them asked.

Brandi smiled wickedly at her friends. "Wheelchair boy here is trying to ask me out."

Both girls burst out laughing. "Oh my God, are you fucking serious!" one said.

"I know right?" Brandi said, her big ripe tits jiggling as she laughed.

One of the girls glared nastily at Derek.  "Honey, you shouldn't be asking anyone out. You should just be parked in a dark corner somewhere jerking your pathetic dick off." 

"If he can even feel it," Brandi said, making them giggle. "Get me away from this fucking worm."

The girls strode away. One of them looked back and extended the middle finger. "Fuck off, loser!"

Near the bleachers Monica stood next to her husband, who was chatting with another dad. She watched her four year old run about crazily. "PJ, don't swing on that honey."

Brandi and her friends wandered over and just happened to stand near Monica. "I can't believe that crippled actually thought he'd have a fucking chance with me," Brandi said.

"Total fucking loser," one of her friend said.

"He couldn't possibly think any girl in her right mind is ever gonna go out with him, let alone fuck him."

Overhearing this, Monica's stomach sunk. She clenched her fists angrily. It was all she could do to go over and slap the bitch. "That fucking cunt!" She thought.

"Hey Brandi," a cute guy in basketball uniform said, stepping up to the blonde.

"Hey Steve. Nice job out there."


Brandi gazed up at him adoringly, stroking his cheek. "Wanna hang out later? Maybe take a drive out to Thompson Pond?"

Monica scowled. She knew Thompson Pond well. It was where high school kids would go to fuck. "That fucking bitch," she thought.

When she met back up with Derek, Monica didn't ask him if he had asked Brandi out. She knew the outcome and didn't wanna embarrass him further. The mother was still fuming the next day while having coffee with her friend Kathy.

"Maybe it's a good thing, Monica. I mean, do you really want some snot-nose bitch teaching Derek to fuck?" Kathy said.

"No, I suppose your right, it's just so unfair. Derek deserves to fuck just as much as any other boy his age, but with his disability, he may never get a piece of ass."

"Oh Monica, yes he will. Derek's adorable."

"I know he is...and can you imagine if he was good in bed? He'd have girls beating down my door to fuck. I have a good mind to say screw it all and teach him to fuck myself."

Kathy smiled and shrugged her shoulders. "Why don't you? It's not that uncommon you know. Gail Thompson was fucking her son before he went off to college."

"I know, my sister Theresa took her son to Boys Sexually Training Camp last summer. She came back pregnant. The problem is they were doing it behind her husbands back," Monica said.

Kathy giggled. "It's only a problem if you get caught."

"If I'm gonna teach Derek to fuck, I would rather do it with Ken's blessing."

Kathy burst out laughing. "Good luck with that one."

"It can't hurt to try," Monica said.

In bed that night Monica gazed over at her husband with concern. "I'm worried about Derek."

Her husband Ken looked up from his laptop. "Why, what's wrong?"

"He's eighteen years old and I'm pretty sure he's still a virgin."

Ken laughed.  "Monica, there's nothing wrong with being a virgin at his age."

"Ken, you know that's not true. Our son should be getting fucked, just like all the other boys his age."

"Jesus, Monica, do you have to make it sound so crude?"

She rolled her eyes. "Fine, he should be getting laid, made love to, whatever. The point is he's not...and he should be."

Ken smirked sarcastically. "Fine, we'll hire him a call girl or something."

Monica slapped her hubby on the arm playfully. "Ken, gross, no! I don't want my son's first time to be with some diseased whore."

"Okay, then he better get a date with one of the girls at school I guess. Maybe there's one that could show him the ropes."

"Ok,.here goes. Be brave, Monica."  the mother thought.

Monica looked at her husband innocently. "I actually have a better idea, that I wanted to talk to you about, but I need you to promise first that you'll keep an open mind."

"Ok, I can be pretty open minded. What's your idea?"

Monica took a deep breath. "We both know that since the accident Derek is at a serious disadvantage when it comes to getting girls. However, even in a wheelchair, he has the potential to be an amazing lover. If he learns the skills he could have girls lined up to fuck him."


The housewife rolled her eyes. "Sorry, have sex with him."

Ken fed her a confused look. "Ok, so where are you going with all this?"

"We both agree that Derek needs is a sexual education, someone to teach him control, stamina, all the tricks to pleasuring a woman. Summer vacation is coming up next week. PJ will still be in preschool every day until noon and you'll be working, so Derek and I will be here alone every morning."

"So what is it you're getting at?" Ken asked.

Monica took a deep breath. "I'd like to let Derek use my body this summer, to practice on."

"Your body?! Monica, have you lost your mind?"

"No, think about it, it makes perfect sense. Educational sex isn't the same as real sex, you know that...and right now what Derek needs is a warm place to put his erection. A place that's safe and he can take his time and really practice," Monica explained.

"NO...No fucking way, he's your son for fucks sake," Ken said, in disbelief that his own wife would make such a request..

"Yes, he is my son and what kind of mother would I be if I didn't help him out with this?"

"Fine, if you're that concerned, we'll find someone to teach him," Ken said.

"Ken, No!"

"Some how-to videos then."

"NO! He needs experience."

"Not with his mother, that's just wrong. Jesus, Monica, you should be ashamed of yourself for even suggesting it.

Monica slipped her naked body out of bed, throwing on her silk robe. "Damn you. I knew you were gonna be a selfish fuck about this."

"You would be too. The idea's insane. Where are you going?"

"Fuck you, Ken!" Monica said, marching out the door.

Monica slept on the couch that night. Around 2am she heard her son cross the hallway to use the bathroom. After he was finished Derek wheeled himself back towards his room. He stopped mid-hallway as he heard his mom's sweet voice. "Derek, sweetie?"

He saw Monica standing at the head of the hallway. The way she was posing made his heart about leap out of his chest. The curvy mother had one naked leg fully exposed out the slit of her silk robe. It was cocked foward, slightly bent at the knee so that her tiny foot was arched, resting on squatted toes. The boy marveled at how strong her coppertone legs looked and how they gave off a soft silken sheen. The robe had slipped down one shoulder, exposing the upper slope of her pendulous breast. "Holy hell...I can almost see mom's boob." He thought. 

"Is everything ok?" Monica asked lovingly.

"Yeah, Mom, just using the bathroom. Are you sleeping on the couch?"

Monica frowned. "Yeah, you're father's being a jerk."


Monica strode towards him gracefully, her king-sized tits bobbling freely beneath the thin robe. "For what? You didn't do anything. Let me help you back to bed."

"No, it's ok, Mom, you don't have to."

Monica leaned down and kissed him on the forhead. Her robe had parted slightly showing off the large canyon between her hanging tits. She wheeled him into the bedroom. "Would you stop and let me be a mom."

The gorgeous housewife helped her boy into bed. She leaned over and stroked his cheek and as she did the neck of the robe fell open again, lewdly exposing the type of cleavage that teenagers dream about. Even in the darkened room Derek could make out the huge hanging bulges of exposed tit-flesh and the way they came together to form deep canyon of creamy cleavage. 

"Holy fuck,"  he marveled to himself.

Monica took notice. "I should probably tighten my robe, but you know what, fuck modesty right now. I'm not going to."  she thought.

Monica looked into his eyes, full pink lips curling into a knowing smile. "Forty-four triple D."

Derek looked up in suprise. "What?"

"Your mom's a good mind reader. And you, young man were wondering how big my boobs are," she said candidly. 

"I was?"

She fed him a teasing grin. "Uh huh, you were...and now you know."

She reached down and pulled the blankets up his legs, then over the huge protruding tentpole in his boxers, her eyes lingering a moment. "Ohh my," she thought.

"Mom, can I ask you something?" Derek said.

"Of course, sweetheart."

"It's about something you said to me at the game."

"Oh, while you were checking out all the big boobed cheerleaders?" Monica teased.

Derek blushed. "Yeah. Were you being honest when you said you would have dated me if you were my age?"

Monica smiled. "Of course I was. I would be crazy to pass up a date with a hot stud. Would you have dated me?"

"Well, yeah, you were probably the hottest girl in school mom."

Monica giggled, then stroked her son's cheek, hovering over him adoringly. "What would we have done on our first date?"

"Whatever you would have wanted."

"Mmmnnn, whatever I wanted huh? What if I would have wanted you to take me to bed and fuck me to the stars?" Monica whispered matter of factly. 

"Sounds cool to me, although I'm not sure I could have pleased you as well as the other guys."

"What?! Why do you say that?" 

Derek smiled. "Look at me Mom, my legs are useless."

"Ok, but what about that big thing hanging BETWEEN your legs, is it useless?"

"Well, no, I guess not."

"Of course it's not...and as long as you have the skills and a strong erection you can please a girl just as good as any other guy."

"I guess your right."

Monica smiled. "I'm a mom, of course I'm right," she smiled with pride and gave him a final pat. "Goodnight."

The teen watched the meaty swell of her undilating buttocks as she sashayed back across the room. Monica stopped in his doorway, kicking a bare foot back as she did a sexy half-turn gazing at her teen. "Better not let the girls see that thing."

Derek gazed at his mom's standing pose. The light in the hallway shined straight her flimsy robe, silhouetting her curvy body as if she were naked. "What thing?" Derek muttered.

"That big boner," she said, glancing at the protrusion in his lap. "They're be lining up down the street to fuck you."

Monica disappeared from the doorway and Derek's heart raced with excitement.

Between school and his physical therapy Derek saw little of his mom the next day. However, at every opportunity he was drooling over her curvy body. He loved the way her buns swayed and her tits jiggled as she strode gracefully through the house. Today Monica wore a pair of faded hipster low rise jeans which seemed sculpted around her strong legs and succulent ass. Every time she bent over Derek could see the waistband of her pink thong and it seemed like her rounded ass globes were going to split the denim down the seam. 

"Wow, mom's wearing a pink thong. That's so cool,"  he thought.

The four inch heels of her leather mules CLICKED daintily on the floor, her little toes with their pink toenails peeked out the flaring bottoms of her jeans. Her cream colored cashmere sweater was form fitting, accentuating the swell of her enormous mommy-tits. 

"Who wants more pasta?" Monica asked as she stood up from the dinner table.

"I'm good," Derek said.

"I'll take a little more babe," Ken said.

Derek peeked at his mother as she strode towards the stove, trying not to be too obvious in front of his father. The meaty mounds of her denim covered ass swayed seductively as she moved, in a way that seemed meant to draw the teen's attention. Dainty heels tapped against the tile floor and Derek gawked at her tan bare feet arched in the heels, her pretty painted toes peeking out the bottoms. 

"Damn, mom's body is out of this world."  he thought.

Almost as if their minds were connected, Monica looked over her shoulder at her boy, gazing straight at him with her alluring brown eyes.  Her lips peeked open, forming a little smile, then she gave him the sexiest wink Derek had ever seen. 

"There is he is, staring at his mom again. So cute." Monica thought.

Several times during dinner their eyes met and just seemed to gaze for a few moments. It was clear that there was something magical going on between them.  Derek couldn't help but marvel at how dreamy his mother looked, her hooded eyes sparklingly seductively, her entire being oozing with mature feminine beauty.

Monica too was fascinated by her boy. His lean pubescent frame and curious innocence made her big clitoris throb between her labia. What better than a mother to show her cub the pleasures of the body and instruct him in the ways of pleasuring a woman. "He needs me this summer and my selfish husband is not getting in my way." she thought.

That night Derek overheard part of a conversation she was having with his father as he was leaving. She didn't sound happy.  "Well you better think about it because I'm not backing down."

"Well neither am I."

 "Do you truely not give a shit about our son because that's what it's sounding like here," Monica shouted.

"Give a shit about me or PJ? Who was mom talking about?" Derek wondered.

"They're waiting for me at the office. I really gotta go." Ken said, then Derek heard the front door close.

A little while later Derek heard a tap at his door. "Honey, can I come in?"

"Sure, Mom."

Monica stepped inside his room on bare feet. She wore a short satin white robe, which fell a couple inches past the swell of her buttocks and was striking against the dark tan of her soft curvaceous legs. She carried a box over to her son's bed and sat it down. As she did the swell of her tits shifted, showing their immense size as they wobbled beneath the fabric.

"Oh must not be wearing a bra." Derek thought.

"Your dad had to go into the office for a while, so I was going through my closet and found something that might interest you," Monica said.

"What is it?" Derek asked.

Monica opened the box and took out a sleeveless red and white sports top that read SPARTANS across the top. "Tah-dah! It's my old cheerleaders uniform. Remember I told you I was captain of the cheerleader squad in high school?"

"Oh wow." Derek said, watching as his mom also pulled out a matching pleated miniskirt and pompoms. 

"What do you think, should I see if it still fits?" she asked. 

"If you want to," Derek said with a smile.

"Be right back," Monica said, feeding him a mischievous smile.

A few minutes later Derek heard her voice from the hallway. "Now, before you laugh, keep in mind I haven't worn this thing in twenty-years."

"Let's see," Derek said anxiously.

Monica stepped back into her son's room in her old uniform. The skirt still fit perfectly, showing nearly all her silken mommy-legs, the top however was more than snug. Packed inside, the huge swell of her middle-aged tits stretched the material nearly its bursting point. Derek noticed she had thrown her hair back into a pony. "Wow, you look great, Mom."

"Thank you, sweetheart. The top's a little snug, but these boobs are alot bigger than they were in high school, " she said with a giggle.

"I think the top looks good."

"I'll bet you do," Monica said with a teasing wink. "Are you ready for a cheer?"

"Go for it."

Monica picked up the pompoms and straightened her posture, thrusting her big mature tits out. She suddenly threw her arms into the air one at a time. "LET'S GO SPAR-TANS!"

Derek clapped five times, just like the fans in the bleachers would at a game.


Five more claps.

"GOOO SPARTAAAANS!" Monica cheered, bouncing lightly on her little bare feet.

Derek mouth hung open in fascination as he watched her huge jugs bounced heavily beneath the top. "Ohh wow, look at her boobs!" he thought, watching them bounce. 

"WOOOO!" Monica cheered, throwing one of her shapely tan legs into the air limberly. It was just a quick kick in the air, but enough to excite the teen as he caught a peek of the white crotch of her panties.

"Wow...that was cool, Mom!"

"As cool as when Brandi does it?" Monica asked playfully.

"Waay cooler," Derek answered, making her giggle. "That's neat how you can still throw your legs up like that."

"Well if it wern't for yoga I wouldn't be as limber as I am. Watch this," Monica said as she dropped the pompoms and lifted one leg. She reached out and grabbed the foot of that leg as she extended it high into the air. "This is called a heel stretch." 

Derek's mouth fell open as his mom held that pose. Rising like a fleshy pillar into the air, her tan leg looked so strong and sexy as it flexed, her cute naked foot pointed towards the cieling. Whether Monica realized it or not, her white panties were practically sheer and her teen could clearly see the smooth puffy folds of her hairless vulva. 

"Holy shit..that's Mom's pussy!" Derek thought, his tongue nearly hanging out.

"I used to be able to do all sorts of crazy stretches when I was your age. In fact..." Monica said, lowering her leg and moving back to the box.

Derek watched her dig through the box and pull out a disc. "What's that?
"Video of my girlfriends and I showing off during a slumber party. We were all cheerleaders so I'm sure there's some footage of me doing stretches on here. Wanna watch?"

"Hell yeah, I've never seen you at my age. Well, only in pictures."

Monica looked a bit reserved. "Now promise you won't get embarrassed watching this with me. We were a crazy group of girls back then."

"I promise," Derek said.

"Ok,.load the disc in. I'm gonna check on your little brother then get out of this crazy uniform."

Derek loaded the disc and sat back on his bed, with the computer on his lap. A few minutes later Monica came back in and closed the door. "You didn't start it without me did you?" she asked playfully.

The teen couldn't answer for a moment as he took in what his mom was wearing, which was practically nothing. Monica had on a pair of semi-sheer bikini panties and a snug white camisole with spaghetti straps. He could clearly see the protruding nubs of her fat nipples and the dark triangular shadow of pubic fuz through the panty fabric.  She padded over to her son's bed. "Let's snuggle while we watch this," she said, crawling into bed with him.

The big titted mother scooched over beside her son, her braless boobs wobbling beneath the thin top until they finally rested one stacked on top of the other, exposing a ten inch crack of cleavage. "You comfy?" she asked with a smile, showing her perfect, gleaming white teeth.

"Yeah. Want me to start it?" The teen asked, clearly aroused by her close proximity.

"As long as you're sure you don't mind seeing your mom when she was young and silly. I think this was taken my senior year," Monica said.

He clicked the video on. "Of course not."

The screen lit up to a scene of high school aged girls. "Hi biiitches, I'm filming!" the girl behind the camera announced.

The three other girls glared at the camera. "Bite meee!" one girl said.

Derek recognized the hot younger version of his mom right away. She gazed playfully as the camera focused on her. Monica was wearing a clingy pair of pink boyshorts and a tank that said SPOILED ROTTEN. The camera panned down her curvy young body stopping at her ass as she turned and stuck it out. "Nice booty!" the camera girl said.

The young Monica slapped her ass hard a few times making the globes quiver as they spilled out of the hems of her boyshorts. She gazed back at the camera. "Jillyyy, fuck my aaasss!"

Monica put her hand over her eyes, embarrassed. "Oh God, I'm sorry honey."

"Mom, it's ok...really. That's how alot of the girls at my school act."

"I know, but still...I'm your mom."

"It's no big deal, really." Derek said. 

"This is interesting. My son watching the hot teenaged me." Monica thought.

Monica gazed at the monitor in horror. "Oh fuck, I didn't," she said outloud. 

Derek looked back at the monitor. The camera was still focused on Monica's ass and her fingers were tucked under the waistband, slowly peeling them down her meaty buns, exposing her crack. Halfway down her luscious ass, young Monica yanked them back up. "Worship my fucking ass!"

The young Monica sprung up, then did a forward cartwheel, her luscious legs scissoring through the air. On her feet again she looked back and gave the camera the middle finger.
"Nice Monica wonderbitch!" The camera girl said.

"Wow, you made that look easy, Mom, " Derek said.

"Well, honey, it was just a cartwheel."

"Just a cartwheel? You say that like it's easy to do, Mom."

Monica smiled cockily and slid off the bed. "It is. Watch."

She lifted her arms up, took one graceful step then did a complete revolution forward. Once back on her feet, she turned and did another cartwheel back, her strong naked legs scissored in perfect form to the bed. "Easy fucking peasy."

Derek pointed at the monitor where the young Monica was on the floor doing a straddle hold. Her palms were on the floor between her legs, which were scissored open an hovering above the floor. "Yeah but this one doesn't look so easy."

"Oh God, a staddle hold into a press handstand. I haven't done one of those for a while." Monica said to her son.

They watched the young Monica's sexy legs rotate back as she easily moved into a handstand. Monica knew it gave her son a thrill to watch her younger self with her legs splayed open.

"Alright, let's give it a try," Monica said, lowering herself to the floor. "Are you watching?"

Derek leaned over so he could peek off the side of his bed. "Yup."

To his amazement, Monica started by rolling onto her back, tilting her ass up and throwing her legs open into a huge spread eagle. The teen's heart about raced out of his chest as he stared at the amazing spread of his mom's tan legs, her little bare feet pointing in opposite directions. "Oh my God-damn." he marveled.

What was even more fascinating, however, was that the gusset of her panties were practically see-through, lewdly displaying the folds of her shaved snatch. He could even see her fat clitoris poking out from under its hood. "I know my panties are sheer, but Derek's eighteen now...he can handle this." she thought.

She rolled forward, keeping her legs open. "Here we go."

Monica's planted her palms against the floor and lifted herself into a straddle hold. Her legs were scissored open and hovered above the floor. 

"Oh my God, Mom's legs look amazing pointed out like that." Derek thought, his dick throbbing in his shorts.

Amazing was an understatement. Monica's strong tan legs were pointed out in perfect form. Her tits were pressed between her arms, making them distend outward.

"Now the tricky part," Monica said as her ass slowly rose up. She kept her legs perfectly straight as they rotated back and finally rose into the air like golden brown spires of lusciousness. 

"You did it!" Derek said, eyeballing her ass.

"Yaaay! Watch this," Monica said.

Now in a handstand, her legs scissored completely apart, her toes pointed in opposite directions. "This is called a straddle split."

Derek's mouth hung open. "Whoa!" he muttered, his eyes traveling across the silken tan curves of her splayed legs. Her meaty buttocks might as well have been naked. He could see the crack between her tan globes straight through the fabric. "Ohhh wow!"

Monica was fully aware of her son's eyes on her as she peeked up at him. "Pretty cool huh?"

Derek took a big gulp of air. "Amazing."

"I wonder how many boys are lucky enough to see their mom's legs open like this? I bet he has a throbbing hardon,"  she thought.

Monica's legs came together and arched back until her feet hit the floor. She rose up quickly and let out a playful scream as she fell forward onto her son. Derek felt her spongy tits slosh against his back. "Geez, mom." he teased.

Monica giggled. "Sorry, honey."

Monica looked at the computer screen in horror. "Oh fuck, seriously?!"


Derek looked back at the monitor and saw his young mom and another girl with their tits out, flashing the camera. It reminded him of those Girls gone wild commercials. 

"Holy damn, Mom!"

Monica smiled inwardly. "You think they were big should see them now honey," she thought. "I'm sorry,  sweetie. I guess I forgot how wild and uninhibited I was back then."

"Back then? Have you seen what you're wearing, Mom? I think you still are."

"Oh, um...I'm sorry, sweatheart. I'll go put on some pj's or something, " Monica said, starting to get up.

"No Mom, you don't have to. I mean, you can if you want, really doesn't bother me." Derek confessed. 

She looked at him sweetly. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, you're fine." Derek smiled, taking a moment to enjoy the sensations of the soft mature tits plastered against his chest.

Monica traced her nails across his cheek.. "When I went to change earlier I was gonna put my robe back on, but then I thought, you know, my son's eighteen now...there's nothing wrong with him seeing his mom in her panties, even if they are a little sheer. There's nothing wrong with that, right?"

"Right, Mom."

"But only when your father's not around. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't agree." Monica said with a laugh.

"That's true."

The gorgeous mother grazed her nails up along his neck, making Derek quiver. "He's not agreeing with a lot of great ideas I have here lately."

"What kind of great ideas?"

They looked at the monitor where Monica was still shaking her big teenaged tits around playfully. "Oh, the kind I think you would like alot. So what do you think of the younger me?"

"You were pretty."

"Prettier than Brandi?" Monica said with a sideways stare.

"Of course, you still are Mom."

"Oh you handsome darling. Fuck Brandi, he's got someone much hotter to look at," she thought. "Well if I'm that pretty why don't you ask ME out on a date?"

"Funny, Mom."

Monica poked his ribs. "I'm fucking serious."

"I didn't think sons were suppose to date their mothers," Derek said.

"You might be suprised at some of the things mothers and sons do together."

"Like what?"

"Fuck eachothers brains out," Monica thought. "Like....go on dates."

"Won't dad think that's a little weird, if you and I go on a date together?"

"Oh God, who fucking cares what he thinks,"  Monica thought to herself.

"Well, if you're worried about that, then we'll go on a daytime date, while he's at work. He'll never even know about it. Come on, you'll get to stay home from school, it'll be fun," Monica said.

"Ok sure."

Monica got a big smile. "Goodie. We'll go tomorrow, sayyy...elevinish?"

"What about PJ?"

"Kathy can come over and watch him for the afternoon. Are we gonna do this?" Monica asked, just to be sure.

"Yeah. Sounds fun."

"Mmm it will be."

That night Derek dreamed the he was laying alone in the grass of a secluded field. Soon the grass began to take the form of thousands of naked girls, squirming and moaning hornily. He was laying on a surface of writhing nakedness. All around him were sexy legs and big jiggling tits. He turned his head and found himself face to face with the most succulent ass he'd ever seen. The buns wagged invitingly, a crinkled butthole at it's center. 
Suddendly, he felt a set of hands slide onto him, their long nails cratching up his chest. Somehow the arms turned Derek over onto his stomach and he could feel the wiggling bodies beneath him. The arms belonged to a woman who rose up slitheringly from the others, her huge boobs emerging first and squashing like big fleshy spong-melons against his chest.
At the same time, her legs were emerging...strong, tan and silky smooth, topped by tiny bare feet with pink painted toenails. The legs closed in, wrapping smoothly around his frame. Derek watched as lastly her face emerged. It was Monica, her eyes closed..mouth slightly agape. She was beautiful. 
Derek felt their bodies rise up into the air above the sea of flesh. It was like some invisible force was pulling the two of them away. His mom's eyes popped opened and Derek saw the her pupils were no longer round, but were in the shape of pink hearts, staring back at him. He felt her body tighten around him as they floated off, her nails digging into his back. Monica's head crooked back, her long dark mane hanging down as she wailed like a roaring lion. "FUUUCK MEEEE!!!"

Derek woke up suddenly, drenched in sweat. Suprisingly, he was in Monica's arms. She hushed him lovingly. "Shhh, it's ok honey. You just had a wet dream, that's all."

It was true. He could feel the semen oozing from his prock. "Mom, uhmm, what time is it?"

"It's just after nine. I was making PJ some breakfast and I heard you moaning in here,  so um, I thought I'd come check on you."

"Oh..sorry, just a wierd dream."

Monica smiled as she eyeballed the lumpy wet spot beneath the covers. "Do you wanna talk about it?"

"Naw, that's ok."

"You sure?"

"Yeah...I'm fine really."

"Ok sweetheart. Well you better get yourself cleaned up. You have a hot date in a couple hours, remember?" Monica said as she slid off the bed.

Derek noticed that his mom was wearing a sexy cami top and a pair of matching boy shorts. The shorts were snug on her ass, leaving nearly half the cheeks exposed. The teen gulped in awe as he watched the rounded globes of her buttocks jiggle and sway with each graceful step.

"Those shorts are pretty hot, mom."

Monica stopped in sidways profile in the doorway, leaning one hand against the doorframe. Her silken legs were flexed, the heel of her back foot arched. Derek could see the shape of one of her huge boobs slopping down through the cami top, the fat nipple protruding out the front. The mound of her shapely ass formed a perfect half-circle.

Smiling naughtily Monica fed him a cute little wink. "Thanks."

After a shower and getting dressed Derek wheeled himself into the livingroom. Kathy, his mom's best friend looked him over with a smile. She was a sexy redhead with long shapely legs. Derek couldn't help but noticed how they were exposed beneath the hem of her miniskirt. "Well, don't you look handsome," she said with a bright smile.

"Thanks," the teen answered, blushing a bit.

"Are you excited for your date?"

"Sure," he smiled.

"He better be!" Came a voice from the hallway. 

Monica strode up the hallway from her bedroom in a sexy black tube dress. Her king-sized tits pushed the top out, leaving an almost obscene amount of cleavage exposed. From wide motherly hips, her silky tan legs tappered down into slender ankles and sexy little feet propped up in 6 inch black heeled mules. Her make-up was done and her brown wavy hair hung past her shoulders. In one word: Stunning!

Derek just sat there with his tongue nearly hanging out. "Holy fuck, she's sooo...gorgeous!"  he thought.

"Does my date approve?" Monica said, spinning around to show off her lucsious body from every angle.

"Uhh yeah," the boy muttered, unable to peel his eyes away.

Monica and Kathy looked at eachother and giggled. "He's so cute," Kathy said.

Monica's eyes traveled up and down her son's body like no mother should. Her lips curled into a mischievous smile. "Mmmm yes he is."

Kathy rubbed Derek's shoulders. "Go easy now, Monica. Derek may not wanna fuck on the first date," she giggled. 

Monica peered down at her blushing teen, over the swell of her stiff-nippled tits and gave him a wink. "Well if he's anything like his mother he will."

"True," Kathy said.

"Holy shit, I know they're joking but...damn!  he thought.

"Now try not to let PJ nap for more than 2 hours, Kath or he'll never get to bed tonight," Monique said.

"I know the routine, just go have a good time."

"We should be back by five. Love you," Monica said, giving her friend a peck on the lips.

"Love YOU. Have fun, Derek." Kathy said, almost as if she knew something he didn't.

Monica drove down the street in her new Mercury SUV. Derek sat awkwardly. He sneaked a look over at his mom's legs. The dress had ridden up a bit leaving them exposed.

"Like your mother's legs?" Monica asked with a quirky grin.

"Why do you say that?" Derek asked knowing he'd been caught. 

"Because you're always looking at them...amoung other things." Monica said, giving him a wink.

"Sorry if I was staring. You just look really nice Mom."

Monica spoke as she looked out at the road. Despite the resistance from her husband, it was time for Derek to learn and she was going to teach him. "A woman prides herself in her legs. She likes to keep to keep them strong and smooth. Her legs are her love harness."

"Love harness?"

Monica thought for a moment. "Well, you're a young virgin so you probably don't know this yet, but when you fuck a girl she'll wrap her legs around you, using them to clutch you. So if you think about it, her legs are like a harness...a love harness,securing her partner between her thighs."

Just the thought of being clutched between his Mom's strong legs made his heart race excitedly. "Oh I see, well that makes since then."

"Sweetie, I hope I didn't just embarrass you by saying you're a virgin. You um, are a virgin, right?"

"Yes, I'm pretty sure I'll always be a virgin."

"Stop! You will not," Monica said.

"Easy for you to say, Mom. You probably lost your virginity way before you were eighteen."

Monica glanced at him in concern. "Yes, but honey girls almost always almost get fucked at an early age. I was a very sexually active teenager, but that doesn't mean that's the norm."

"Yeah well, I don't really fit the norm either. With my disability I doubt that I'll ever get it."
"You most definately will, sweetheart, I'm not concerned about that. What I am concerned about is will you have the skills to set you apart from the other boys."

"Oh, you mean like knowing how to please a girl?" Derek asked.

"Exactly. Remember, every boy has a dick, but the dicks with skill are the ones girls flock to. A female body is like a car, it has all these different parts and nobs. Learning how to master them will make you a much better driver."

"Sorry Mom, I probably won't be driving any time soon either."

Monica giggled. "Smart ass."
Monica fed him a serious look. "If I ask you something personal, just between us, will you answer honestly?"

"Of course."

"Do it! Just break the fucking ice Monica." she thought to herself.

"If I was to somehow convince your father to let me teach you how to fuck this summer, is that something you think you'd be interested in?"

Derek swallowed the lump in his throat. His heart was beating like a base drum in his head. "You and me, we would we be?"

Monica giggled, feeding her teen an inquisutive smile. "Uh-huh. Would that seem weird?"

Derek had to pinch himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming. "Wow, uhmm..."

"Remember yesterday I told you that you might be suprised at some of the things mothers and sons do together. Well, that's one of them."

"Having sex together?"

"Yes, but for educational purposes. We moms love you boys and we want to see you succeed at becoming amazing lovers. that something you'd consider?"

"Um, yeah, I mean, it would be really cool actually, but Mom, I doubt dad would ever agree to something like that," he said. 

"Oh he can be stubborn, that's for sure, but in the end I usually get what I want. And what I want is to teach my son how to really rock a girls world."

Derek's mom took him to a nice restaurant. She helped him out of his wheelchair into a cozy booth where they sat side by side. "This place is nice. Do you and dad come here alot?"

"Sometimes, but let's not talk about your father and I. Let's talk about you and me. We seem to be getting closer here lately. I like that. It's like we're forming this special bond, above and beyond the whole mother son thing." Monica said.

"Yeah, I think I know what you mean."
Monica squeezed his hand. "It's good that we feel that way, since we're both on same page with the educational sex ideus.Beyond that, I'm not really sure where it will take us, but I like the direction it's heading."

"Me too," he blushed. 

" 101. Touching. Girls loved to be touched, so it's a very important thing to do when you're on a date. I'll guide you this first time, but on our next date you're on your own buster," Monica said with a grin, then guided her son's hand onto her knee beneath the table.

"How's everything here?" the waitress said.

"Wonderful. Can I get another glass of wine please," Monica said.

"Absolutely. How are you doing sweetie?" the waitress asked, looking at Derek.

Derek felt his mom slowly slide his hand under her skirt against her soft inner thigh. "I'm good, thanks," he gulped.

"No dessert sweatheart?" Monica asked.

"Hmm I don't know."

"Will you share the berries and cream with me?" Monica asked.

"That does sound kinda good."

Monica looked up at the waitress with a smile. "We'll have the berries and cream."

After the waitress left, Monica smiled and squeezed Derek's hand. "She's in to you. Did you recognize the signs?"

"What signs?"

"Well...first of all, her nipples are hard. You can see them poking out through her shirt, which is an obvious sign of arousal in a woman. I'm suprised you didn't notice, Mr. Boobman," Monica joked.

"Maybe she's just cold, Mom."

Monica giggled. "Nope, it's far from cold in here and besides she was giving you the 'come fuck me' stare. She also called you sweetie, which is an obvious term of endearment."

"Well, you call me sweetie sometimes."

Monica smiled slyly. "I know I do...that's because I absolutely adore you."

"Yeah, but not the same way you think she adores me right?"

"I don't know...are there any other signs on me that you haven't noticed yet?"

Derek looked down at his mom's massive tits. Even through the fabric of her strapless bra and dress he could see the fat protruding nubs of her nipples.

"Oh, hard nipples."

"Which means?"


Monica smiled and squeezed his hand. "Your learning fast."

Their dessert was delivered and Derek noticed the girls protruding nips, just as his mom had said.  Monica spooned out a big strawberry covered in whipped cream and fed it to her son. "You don't have to feed me one sweetie. I realize you're right handed...and right now your right hand is exactly where it should be."

"Ohh man, moms legs are sooo soft," he thought.

Monica guided her son's hand higher up her inner thigh until the side of his hand bunped the silky gusset of her panty crotch. Derek could feel the heat radiating from her genitals. He watched his mother scoop some cream onto a strawberry and feed it into her luscious mouth, her eyes on his the whole time.

She scooped out another and fed it to her boy. A big gob of cream remained on her finger. "Ooops," she giggled, the brought it to her mouth.

Derek watched as her long thick pink tongue snaked out of her mouth and swipped the cream from her finger. "Holy wow, Mom...I never knew you had a really long tongue like that."

"Well look at that, you learn't something new about your date," Monica said, then gazed at her son and spit her tongue out playfully. The housewife made just the tip of her pink snake wiggle around, then she giggled.

"That was pretty rad," Derek blushed, his prick now rock hard.

"You're pretty rad," Monica said, gazing adoringly. Turned towards him, she rested a hand on his shoulder and brought her lips in close to his ear. "Is your hand melting yet?"

Derek smiled. "It is pretty warm down there."

"So I have to know....has your hand ever been this close to a girl's pussy?"

Derek softly gasped. "No." 

Monica removed her hand, leaving her son's hand where she had placed it. "You're on your own now, so you have a decision to make. You can leave it where it is or let it wander up even further."

"But if I go any further, I'll be..."

"On your mother's pussy? Yes, you will. I realize this is new and exciting territory for you sweetie. You're learning here, so just relax and let me walk you through it," Monica said softly.

"Ok," Derek muttered. 

"Gently slide your fingers on to the crotch of my panties."

Derek did as directed and felt the puffy bulge of her outer lips. His mother's sweet soft voice cut to his core.  "That's called the mound of venus. It's one of two folds of flesh surrounding the mouth of a woman's pussy. When she spreads her legs, the fleshy lips peel open."

"When they that where the clitoris is? I heard some guys at school talking about it." Derek said, trying to show a bit of knowledge.

Monica whispered softly at his ear. "Well if you want...slide your hand into my panties and I'll show you just where it is. But be careful, darling...we don't want to draw attention to ourselves."

Derek reached inside the hem of her little panties and his hand slid along the fuzz of her pubic triangle. "Oh my God, am I really inside mom's panties?" he thought. "Wow, you don't have much hair down there."

"Just a tiny little patch, otherwise my pussy is complely shaved and smooth."

Derek's fingers slid across a knot of flesh and his mom gasped softly. "There. Can you feel my clitty peeking out of its hood?"

He gently stroked the fat pebble of flesh, which made his mom's breath quiver. "So that's the clitoris?"

"Yes. It has sensitive glans, just like the head of your erection. Do you know how the tip of your dick will leak precum when you stroke it?" Monica asked.

"Yeah," ther tits.muttered, still in awe that he was even having this discussion with her.
"A woman's pussy does that too. Dip your fingers down between the lips and you'll see."

Derek's fingers slid down into the groove between folds of labial meat, into a pocket of juicy pink. "Ohh man, Mom, you're really wet down there."

"Told you I was aroused. A woman produces lubricant that helps prepare her pussy to fuck. Do you wanna dip a finger inside?"

"Ohh hell yeah," Derek said, a little to loudly. 

Monica smiled, her lips mashed against his ear as she peeked across the restaurant to make sure no one was watching. "Shhh, careful honey. We don't need to be arrested today."


"That's ok sweetheart...go ahead and finger me."

Derek found his mother's gooey fuck-socket and his middle finger slipped in easily. He felt her soft cunt walls clasp at his finger, squeezing and sucking as if trying to pull it deeper inside.

"Ohhh man, that's amazing," Derek muttered. He could feel his mom gently rocking her hips as if trying to fuck his finger.

"Move it around. You're not gonna hurt it honey."

Derek stirred his finger in her cunt, feeling the spongy ridged lining of her birth canal. The slippery walls nipped and contracted. "There you go. Look at you, feeling a girl up for the very first time," Monica whispered proudly.

Monica let out a cute little whimper as her knees buckled in, her little painted toes clenching in her high heeled mules. Derek looked at his mom's face and saw her eyes shut, her mouth slightly open. Keeping his finger inside, he used his thumb to strum her clit.

"Ohhhh!" Monica muttered as her eyes popped wide open, staring straight through him. "Holy shit!" she thought.

"You ok, mom?" Derek asked, his fingers still moving.

"Yess...very ok. Wh...what you're doing, where did you learn to do that?"

Derek smiled sheepishly. "I just um, figured it out."

The look on his mom's face was one he'd never seen before. This was a grown woman, horny as fuck. He beat his mother’s clit mercilessly. He strummed the thick pulsing nub until it burned and throbbed. "Holy fucking shit..this boy," Monica thought.

"Do you like it?"

Monica gasped. "Too much. Do you wanna see me cum?"

"Yeesss...I mean, if you want to."

Monica held their faces together, her lips against his ear. Her big tits were mashed against his arm. "Get ready!" she panted softly.

Derek looked down to see his hand digging beneath her panties. "Oh man, this is a rush. Feeling up my own mom's pussy," he thought. He could see the taut muscles in her tan legs beginning to tremble. "Yesss...right there," she gasped sharply. 

"Don't stop!" she hissed softly.

Her thick pink tongue swiped across his ear, then she bit at the lobe. "Don't you dare fucking stop!"

"Oh woow, mom's gonna cum. Is this really happening?" the teen wondered to himself.

Derek kept at it until her body suddenly stiffened up like a board. "Fuuuck!" Monica cried softly.

Derek found it harder to move his finger inside her as her pussy-tube compressed tightly. A long powerful stream of hot girl-cum shot out of her urethra, soaking the teen's hand.

"Holy shit," the teen muttered, not sure what to make of it. 

Monica's free hand shot down between her legs, trappping her son's hand there. "Keep going," she gasped.

Her pussy was doing things to his finger that young Derek never knew a pussy could do. He could feel it squeezing and rippling, shooting out hot juice. "Damn..imagine what my dick would feel like in there," the teen thought.

"Here's your bill," the waitress said, setting it down.

"Thank you," Derek said awkwardly, his hand clearly up to something..

The waitress looked at Monica who was still clinging to her boy, panting against the side of his face in post orgasmic bliss.

"Thank YOU," the waitress said, giving Derek a knowing smile and a wink before stroding away.

"Wow...that was intense, darling." the hot mother sighed.

Derek brought his hand up out of her panties. It was shiny and dripping with juices. He could smell the aroma of wet pussy. "Yeah, Mom...that was really something. Damn!"

"I think we both better head to the bathroom and freshen up," Monica said.

"Good idea."

Derek washed hands, then went into the handicap stall. He lifted himself onto the toilet for a piss. 

Monica freshened up and exited the ladies room. The big titted mother passed a couple of men that were in route to the bathroom. Her long heels clicked against the tiles as she passed by them like a curvy Goddess.

"Holy shit man, I know that broad," one of them said. 

They entered the bathroom.

"Who is she?" the other asked. 

"I think her name's Monica. She went to school with my older brother."

"Damn, well she sure has some tits on her. Did you see those fuckin things?"

From the stall, Derek listened to the two men talk at the urinals. They were clearly unaware that he was in there. 
"My brother said she fucks like a porn star. Best he ever had."

"No shit. Is she single?"

"Naw, I heard she's married...has a couple kids."

"Hell that don't matter. Woman like that probably can't get enough."

"My brother used to go on and on about how this broad sucks dick. She's so good she'd any guy off in about 5 seconds."

"No fucking way!"

"Seriously, man. He said they used to call her 'the gobler' in college."

"The gobler?"

"Yup...didn't matter how big your dick was, she could swallow it all, right down to the hilt."

"No shit?"

"And not only that, apparently she was so good she could cram a guys cock AND balls in her mouth all at once."

Derek's mouth fell open. "Mom?" he thought to himself, "Was it really her they were talking about?"

As they pulled out of the restaurant parking lot, Monica shot her boy a smile. "So, what do you think of your first date so far?

"What's there not to like?"

"That's true, lunch was awesome AND you got to feel a girl up for the very first time," Monica said.

"Hey Mom, could I ask you something kinda personal?"

"Of course?"

"Did they used to call you 'the gobler' in college?" Derek asked

The mother"s mouth fell open a tad. "Where did you hear that?"

"There were two guys in the bathroom talking. I think they were talking about you."

"Oh boy." Monica thought. "Oh...well, what else did they say?" she asked.

"One guy said you dated his brother and that you were really wild at sex. So is it true...about the gobbler part?"

Monica seemed a tad reluctant to answer. "Well um, honey...there's no doubt I was wild when I was younger, I mean, you saw how I acted on that tape. I had a few nick names back then, but I was young and silly."

"Sounds to me like they only called you that because you had some special talents know..."

Monica glanced with a sly smile. "What, sucking dick?"

Derek giggled timidly. "Yeah...that."

"Well, I never minded the nicknames. I guess I was just suprised to here my son of all people bring one up."

"What else did they call you back then?"

"Ohhh let's see...well, the 'screaming demon-princess' was a big one," Monica said with a smile.

"Why did they call you that?"

"I guess because not only am I a screamer in the sack, but apparently my whole body goes into some kinda shaking fit, like I'm being fucking possessed or something," Monica giggled.

"Yeah but you had an orgasm in the restaurant, you didn't scream...and only shook a little bit," Derek said.

"That's true, but that was a different type of orgasm sweetie and this is important for you to know. The one in the restaurant was called a clitoral orgasm. The ones where I become this screaming demon-princess from hell are deep vaginal orgasms, brought on by VERY intense fucking."

"Wow, that's so cool. Any other nicknames?"

Monica got a big smile. "Apparently 'Clapping Bobble-tits' was a big one too. Your mother's boobs were quite the spectacle back then."

"Why, just because they're really big?"

"Not only that, but I guess my tits have a unique way of swinging and slapping together when I fuck," Monica said.

"Well, that doesn't sound so bad," Derek said timidly, trying to imagine it.

"No. I didn't take offence to any of my nicknames. They were all sort of compliments in a way I guess."

Derek frowned."Yeah, unlike my nicknames at school like 'wheelchair boy' among other things."

"Oh honey, you have lots of friends who adore you at school. Don't listen to the jerks who say those things."

"Like Brandi you mean? What a bitch. Did you know Brandi would reject me? I did try to ask her out like you said I should."

Monica glanced at him sympathetically. "I know you did. I overheard her and the other girls talking about it, but I didn't wanna bring it up because I knew you must have been feeling rejected. After hearing her I realize now she's a bitch anyway. You don't need a girl like that."

"Yeah, guess I should just accept the fact that because I have legs that don't work...I'm never gonna get a date with a hot girl."

Monica got a quirky grin, raising an eyebrow. "Excuse me?! Are you saying I'm not hot? I am your date case you've forgotten already."

"No, are hot mom, waaay hot. I'm just talking about dates with girls at school and stuff."

Monica giggled playfully. "I know what you meant darling. So you think I'm 'way hot' huh?"

"Well yeah, Mom...any guy would think so," Derek said.

"Well then let me ask you something. Suppose your 'way hot' date wanted to park somewhere and give you your first handjob. Would you let her?"

Derek's mouth hung open. "Well I um...."

"Good?" Monica said, then Derek noticed his mom had turned off on a remote dirt road. 

"Why did you turn here?"

"Why do you think?"

The road winded through the trees for a few miles until Monica parked. "So this is Thompson Pond? I always hear the kids at school talking about it," Derek said. 

"Yup, this is the place. Come on, we'll hike down to my favorite spot."

"Hike? Mom, you're kidding right."

Monica got out. "Nope, I'm not. Better kick that fucking wheelchair into four wheel drive mister because we're getting down there one way or another."

Once he was out and in his chair Derek noticed his mom had a big beach bag and a blanket. "What's all that stuff?"

"I call it my Thompson Pond kit. Your dad and I come down here sometimes. This place isn't just for horny teenagers you know," she said, making Derek laugh.

Monica had her son hold the blanket and bag while she wheeled him through the rough terrain. In some spots she had to tilt the chair back on only the two bigger wheels so he could keep going. "Jesus Mom, where are you taking us."

"Don't worry, it's the best spot out here, you'll see."

After about a ten minute walk they came out of the brush onto a tiny sand beach. "Oh wow," Derek said.

A small waterfall crashed down into a pool of crystal clear water. Surrounded by rocks and trees the spot was as private as they get. "Was I right or was I right?" Monica asked.

"You were definately right." 

"Not many people know about this spot. The stream continues down into the main pond, which is where most couples go to fuck."

"It's like a private paradise," Derek said.

Monica dropped to her knees on the soft sand and dug some things out of the bag."That's right and today it's our private paradise."
 Derek watched as she spread out a full sized air mattress and began pumping it up. "Wow, Mom...did you bring a tent and some smores too?"

Monica laughed. "Noo, mister smarty pants, I didn't. I just want us to be comfy."

The battery operated pump had the mattress inflated in under a minute. Monica spread the blanket out on it. "Come lay down, honey."

Derek lowered himself out of the chair onto the mattress. He sat back on his elbows and watched as Monica took off her heels. "Ugh, these things were not made for nature," she said. 

"Probably not," Derek chuckled.

"Will you be a dear and grab that towel out of the bag for me?"

"Sure Mom," the teen said, digging through the beach bag.

"I was a little younger than you when I first came down here."

"With dad?"

"No, I had two other steady boyfriends before him."

Derek found the towel and when he turned back towards Monica he saw only a pile of clothing on the sand...dress, bra and panties. He made a sharp gasp as he watched his naked mother step towards the water, her luscious tan buttocks undilating sexily as she walked. 

"Hoooly shit, Mom's naked," he thought.

Monica gracefully dove into the water and swam to the far edge of the tiny pond. "Mmm the water feels great," she sighed.

"Well don't drown, Mom. It's not like I can jump in and rescue you,"  Derek joked.

Monica smiled at him, her dark hair wet and slicked back as she floated in the water. "Oh but then you'd have to give me mouth to mouth. That could be fun."

Derek blushed a little. "I guess."

The teen watched as his mother swam back and waded from the pool, shamelessly exposing her voluptuous body. First, her king-sized tits emerged, bobbling heavily on her chest. Thick nipples protruded from large areola. Derek gulped hard as he stared a the enormous mommy-melons. 

"Oh my big." He marveled.

Monica continued towards the beach, the water dripping down her glowing tan body. Her thick shiny pussy lips puffed pinkly at the bottom of her pubic V, which was crowned only by a tiny patch of thin pubic hair.

As the gorgeous housewife stepped from the water she reached back with both hands and rung out her hair. Doing this made her big boobs thrust out, exposing the huge rounded undersides. Derek looked up at them in awe, judging that the mammoth cleavage could probaby smother his entire head.

"Thanks sweetie," Monica said shamelessly as Derek handed her the towel. 

The teen excitedly watched his mother towel off, marveling at every sexy curve of her middle-aged body. "So what do you think...think mom looks pretty good naked?"

"More than pretty good Mom."

Monica glanced down at the boy's crotch. "Good enough to give my date a hardon?"

Derek blushed. "Definately."

Monica finally tossed the towel aside and knelt between his legs, acting a bit spunky. "Wanna show me?"


She reached under and pulled off his trunks and boxers together. His boner sprung up and slapped against his tummy. The big titted mother smiled hungrily as she surveyed his package and how its meaty column rose way up past his belly button. "Wow, did I do that?"

"Yeah," Derek smiled bashfully.

"Well, honey, you were certainly blessed with a big dick. Have you ever measured that beautiful thing?" Monica said, gazing at the swollen plumb-sized head.

"Yeah...once or twice, when I was bored I guess."


Derek glanced down at the bloated cock-head, pointing up at him purple and angry. "Well, the last time I measured it was a little over nine inches."

Monica bit her bottom lip, trying to contain the thrill. "Ohh boy. Mmmnn, that's way above average."


"Absolutely. I bet very few boys at your school have a dick that big. And despite what you may hear size DOES matter to most girls."

"Really, cuz I heard one girl say that it doesn't matter the long as a guy knows how to use it," Derek said.

"Well, that's true too, but any experienced girl will tell you that size and technique go hand in hand. Deep in a woman's pussy, near the head of her cervix are powerful pleasure-glans that only a really long dick like yours can reach."

"So, is dad able to reach your pleasure glans?"

"Hhmmp, no, not the ones that deep. Your father has a nice dick, but when I want deep vaginal orgasms like that I have to use my dildo."

 Monica leaned down and combed her fingers through her son's scrotum. Her long nails scratching tenderly against his nuts felt exquisite.  "Your balls are really soft. Do you shave them or do they just stay smooth like this?"

"They just kinda stay that way."

She squeezed his nuts in her hand as if measuring the volume of cum they contained. "Ohhh God, so full," she thought.

"Your balls are really full," Monica said grasping the loose skin beneath his balls between her thumb and forefinger, making the testicles form a huge ball bulging out obscenely. "Do you drain them with regular masturbation?"

"Yeah, I try to."

Monica released her grip and her hand slid smoothly up his shaft. "I can't tell you how happy this makes me. You may not be able to use your legs, but you're still able to achieve a strong erect dick and that's gonna serve you well in life."

"I hope so," Derek said awkwardly.

The marveling mother took a strong grip on her son's pole, feeling its bulging veins against her soft circled fist. "Oh fuck, this thing's going to feel soo good tearing through my cunt." she thought. 

"Reach in the bag and get me the bottle of heated lubricant," she told her son. 

Derek gulped as he did as his mom asked and handed her the bottle. Monica kept one hand around his dong and opened the cap of the bottle with the other. She pointed his boner out and squirted a big gob of lube on the fat barbed tip.

"Oh wow, such a nice big dick." she thought.

Setting the bottle aside, she smiled at him reassuringly. "Now just relax...I'm gonna jack on your dick for awhile."

All Derek could do was nod as he settled in for the handjob of his dreams. Monica began to skim her fist up and down on his thick, heavily veined cock, lightly at first, merely brushing her palm and encircling fingers up the tube. "Mmm that feels good on your dick doesn't it sweetie?"

"Uh huh."

The jacking mother tightened her grip and as she pumped back toward the hilt, the flushed slab flared out huge and glowing. "Ohh honey, your dick is sooo hard."

Monica's eyes crossed as she stared inwards at the throbbing cock-knob, yearning to watch his teenaged slime come spurting from the gaping pisshole. "Does that feel good,'s hand around your hard young cock?"

"Ohh yeah," Derek sighed, his face masked with pleasure.

Monica stroked his prick expertly, twisting and squeezing her little fist in a perfect corkscrew, up and down the meaty column. "Feels so much better when a girl does it for you, doesn't it sweetheart?"

"Uh huh," he muttered watching her fist slide up and down. 

On every stroke Derek's mom slipped her thumb wetly across his frenulum sending jolts of pleasure vibrating through his boner and down into his tightening balls.

"Mmm...mommy's hand knows all your secret pleasure spots."

The teen glanced down at his mom to find her staring back up at him dreamily. His cock stuck straight up from his loins. He watched in fascination as his mother's slimy fist, with her long red nails and sparkling wedding ring, had a tight grip as it stroked fluidly up and down the meaty slab. "Mmm, my big dicked sweetheart," she said, feeding him a dreamy smile as she was watched his reaction. 

"Ohhhh man!" his young body shuttered.

"That's it sweetie, thrust your hips into mommy...fuck my hand like a pussy."

The lewd words from his mom's mouth got the teen even more excited as he rocked his hips, fucking his hard cock through his mother's greasy grip. "Ohh damn Mom I think I'm gonna cum!"

"I know you are, darling.I can feel your boner starting to throb in my hand."

"Ohhhh shit!" Derek whimpered as the first blast of hot cum erupted from his piss slit.

"There it issss." Monica sang as she watched the ropes of spunk sail high into the air.

The experienced mother never broke her pace as she jacked the teenaged dick with tight steady strokes, feeling the tube of flesh pulse and flex in her hand. "Ohh sweetie, soo many cummies."

Derek's face contorted with pleasure as his mom's expert hand milked every drop from his lance. 

Monica slid up onto her son so that both their naked bodies were pressed together. Her warm naked tits, smeared with cum, felt exquisite against his lean chest. She stroked his face with her nails as she smiled down at him. "I take it that was your fist handjob?"

Derek was still catching his breath. "Uh huh."

" was it?"


Monica gazed adoringly. "I'm not gonna lie and I'm not just saying this because I'm your mother... You have a really nice dick."

"Thanks," Derek said with a nervous smile.

The huge titted housewife stared into her son's eyes, her own big brown eyes glowing with lust. "So are you sure you like the idea of practicing sex with me this summer?"

Derek gulped. "Yeah, I mean...if dad lets us."

"Well if he does, we'll have all summer. We could take our time and I could teach you how to REALLY fuck a girl."

Derek felt light headed, as if he could pass out with excitement. "I am...I mean, yeah, I'd like to learn."

Monica smiled. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah. Are YOU sure?"

Monica smiled naughtily. "Of course, you're my son. What kind of mother would I be if I didn't teach my son how to handle the onslaught of women coming his way."

"So do you think Dad would be upset,  if he knew what we did today?" Derek asked.

Monica fed him a little smile. "What did we do today that was so bad?"

"Well, just gave me a handjob."

Monica faked a look of confusion. "Handjob? I didn't see anyone get a handjob, did you?"

"Nope," Derek said with a smile, catching on. 

Monica giggled. "Well then there you go."

"You're funny, Mom."

"Know what else I am?"


Monica gazed through hooded eyes. "I'm a really good kisser."

Monica sat up, strandling her boy. She reached back and clutched his erection, giving it a a few rejuvenating strokes. Derek gazed up at her huge mommy-tits as they bobbled heavily on her chest inches from his eyes. His tongue literally hung out the side of his mouth.

"Ready to learn?" Monica asked, peering down over her tits.

"Sure," Derek muttered.

She lowered her upper half back onto her son's chest and Derek sighed as her boobs flattened against him like big sponge melons. Monica gazed into her boy's eyes as her luscious lips slowly dropped to his and planted a series of slow wet kisses. Her full, red lips opened over his in a firey, french kiss which Derek returned with equal passion. 

"Mmmmnnn," the mother moaned. Her naked body was pressed full-length against Derek's, and he was aware of every wonderful inch of it. Her soft tits were crushed between them, the hard, pink nipples drilling into his chest. 

They broke the kiss, but only for a second. "Good, now let your tongue dance with mine," Monica said.

Derek couldn't believe how long and thick his mom's tongue was. It spun through his mouth, lashing around his own tongue aggressively, showing her experience. The teen whipped his tongue the best he knew how so that their wet pink snakes tangled wildly in his mouth.
While making out with his mom Derek could feel his rock hard boner sticking straight up between Monica's legs. The top half of his prick rested between the split of her quim, like a big Italian sausage in a bun. He could feel the heat of her cunt-slot radiating against his slab.

Monica's lips slid against her boys as she spoke. "Make sure even after the tongues have seperated a moment, that you're still sharing wet this," Monica said, then let her full lips smack wetly over her son's again and again.

"And sometimes our tongues can play outside our mouths," she said, then their lickers flailed around together outside their mouths.

The middle-aged mother feasted hungrily on her son's face, bathing him in wet lip smacking kisses before darting her tongue back into his mouth for more deep french kissing. Fully aware of the position of their genitals, Monica closed her thighs around her boy's dong, enclosing it in a sheath of feminine curves.

"Thrust your hips, honey. Fuck it like a pussy," Monica said between kisses.

Derek gently rocked his hips on the air mattress, his cock gliding through the hot pocket of flesh his mother had created for him. The feeling was out of this world.

A short distance away, two college aged boys stopped and peaked out of the brush. "Oh dude, there's another couple."

The second kid fished out his phone and began taking video. "Damn dude, look at the body on that broad. She built like a brick shit house," he whispered. 

"She not young either. She's a fuckin MILF!" 

The cameraman shook his head. "And that kid's gotta be younger than us. Lucky fuck."

"Oh my God, man look at the way her tits are squashed out against him. They must be huge," the other whispered.

 "That kid's gotta a dick on him. Look at how it's rising up from between her legs."

"We gotta send this one to Randy, show that sorry ass what he's missing," the cameraman said. 

Randy worked at an office building in the center of town. His mouth hung open as he and a co-worker watched the video that was just sent to him. "Ohh man, that's hot."

A third guy stepped into the office. It was Ken, Monica's husband. "More of those pervy videos huh?"

Ken's coworker smiled. "These guys got a good one today. Man, you gotta see this."

Ken stepped up to the group and watched on Randy's phone. The camera kid had zoomed in on the globes of Monica's tan buttocks, which was jiggling up and down, aiding the thrust of Derek's big dick as it disappeared and reappeared at the base of her ass. Engorged with blood, the barbed head of the teen's dick stretched way out, glowing with secretions.

"Damn, imagine how good that must feel to that guy," Randy said.

Suddenly, Monica's persperation-sheened ass flexed, then quivered...her meaty buns shaking like jello.. The men gasped. "Holy shit, man that bitch just came hard! Did you see that?"

One of the coworker jaw had dropped. "Yeah she did, did you see the way she was shaking. Oh my God that was the coolest thing I've ever seen."

The camera zoomed back out to a wide shot. "Wait a that a wheelchair?" Ken asked. 

"Yeah, the kid must be crippled or something."

"No way, how does a crippled kid get a gorgeous cougar like that?" Randy said.

Ken watched with growing interest as Monica and Derek continued making out like horny newlyweds. "I know that spot," he said.

"Yeah, my friend said they're out at Thompson Pond. They always get the best fuck videos out there," Randy said.

Ken's stomach sunk as he watched the curvy tan beauty, her lush body layed out on top of the thrusting teen. "No, no,no, that can't be..." he muttered.

"Can't be what?" Randy asked.

Ken looked truely stupified. "Nothing uhh...could you send me a copy of that?"

The other guys laughed. "Ken wants to add it to his stroke collection."

"Sure, no problem buddy," Randy said.

Ken retreated to his office where moments later he continued watching on his phone in sick fascination. 

His naked wife shamlessly swung her meaty tan ass up and down  again and again, slamming against her teen's loins. Derek's erection looked strong and sturdy, thundering through Monica's twat crease like a midevil battering ram. 

The camera kid moved over so he could capture the couple from the side. Ken could hear them whispering. "Holy shit, they're really going at it."

"I wanna get a shot of them kissing. Fuck that's hot," the camera kid said as he zoomed in for a close-up.

Any doubt in Ken's mind had now been all but disolved as he watched Monica and their son make out hungrily. His wife's hair was still half-wet and stringy. Her eyes were closed as she made out and she looked like she was in absolute uphoria as she lashed her tongue through Derek's mouth. This certainly wasn't the sweet innocent wife he left are home that day. 

"What the fuck! Unbelievable," Doug muttered, his mouth hanging open in absolute shock. 

The camera panned down her lush body showing the sides of her tits, which were flattened against Derek's chest. "Ohh man, that kid must be loving that," one of the pervs said. 

They heard Derek let out a quivering moan and panned back up to his face as their kiss had broke. His head was cranned back in pleasure, the tendon's in his neck straining. Monica's face was buried in the other side of his neck, licking and sucking on his flesh. "Uuughhh!!" the teen's body quivered.

"The kid's gonna cum. Pan back down dude, get his dick spurtin off!"

Ken couldn't believe what he was watching as the shot moved back down to a semi-close-up of Derek's cock rising and falling at the base of Monica's wildly gyrating buttocks. 

"Holy fuck, she milking the shit out of that kid's dick. Look at her go!"

Suddenly Derek whimpered and a long thick rope of jism rocketed from his piss-slit. A second one followed, sailing four feet into the air before splashing down onto Monica's back. The teen's young body shuddered beneath his mother's nudity as more jets of cum spouted from his dick in big gooey guysers.

"That was fuckin hot. Let's get the fuck out of here before they see us," Ken heard one of the pervs whisper.

The video ended leaving Ken dumbfounded. He could hardly believe what he had just seen, that his wife of twenty years would do such a thing.

Monica squeeled with pleasure as she threw her big titted body back down against her boy. She quickly coiled her arms around his neck then, clutching tightly, rolled them over so that Derek was now on top. 

"Holy shit!" Derek sighed with suprise as he felt her strong silken tan legs bow open and his body settle between them. It was like his wet dream, only better.

Monica threw her legs around her son's lean body, gripping him in a velvet vice and interlocking her ankles. "Do you feel that, darling? I just fastened my love harness around you."

"So you...are we???"

"FUCK YES WE ARE!" Monica thought.

Monica clawed his ass with her long nails, setting them back in motion. "Use your hips, honey...I need it inside me!!"

"Inside? Are you sure. We..."

"Yess I'm taking your cherry. Fuck me!" Monica whimpered.

Slowly Derek lifted his hips and felt his rod line up with her socket. The teen peered down to see the crack of her womanhood. The spongy pink inner folds distended and jutting in a wet pout from the center of the outer folds. Her big clit stuck out from its hood like a stump in a swamp, wet and throbbing. "Ohh my hell," he thought, heart racing.

He thrust foward slowly, watching the barbed head of his dick split her quim and sink into the juicy slot. "Ohhh damn!" the boy muttered as it felt like his dick was being dipped in warm honey.

Animal instict took over and the teen started to fuck.

Monica heaved her ass frantically off the air mattress, rhythmically pumping her tight pussy onto his cock. "Ohh yess! Sooo good!! Fuck me!!"

Her tender, clasping cunt had begun to suck and contract around his cock as if it had a will of its own, wetly nursing the thrusting shaft of his hard-on. Her soft squishy mommy-tits quivered and sloshed beneath his chest. With her curvy sweat soaked limbs clutched around him the teen felt as though he were melting into the soft flesh of his mother's curvy body. "Ohh my God!" he whimpered.

Monica moved her luscious naked body in rhythm with her son’s hot fucking. She arched her back and ground her curvy hips against him making his dick grind hard against her sensitive inner flesh.
"Yess darling, just like that!!"

The hot mother gritted her teeth and clenched her eyes shut, feeling her son’s boner penetrating the deepest depths of her pussy. She wrapped her silken legs tighter around his back, getting every square inch of cock that she could.  "Yes! YEEESSS!"

"Oooh shit, Mom!" the teen whimpered as he bucked up and down on her upraised assflesh, burrowing his fuck meat deep into her pussy. They bucked intensely.  Both shrieked with the thrill of a good fucking.

Suddenly Monica's cunt tightened. Her body spasmed. "Ohhh, Derek, you're making me cum!" she cried. She rammed her crotch upward hard, and the gripping lips of her shaved cunt closed around the base of her son’s cock, sucking with rippling greed. The muscles of her flat stomach rippled as she came, her beautiful face contorted as if she were being tortured.

The teen squeeled with pleasure as he felt his mom's cunt tighten up as if it were trying to squeeze his dick off. Despite the resistance the hard slab sliced through the hot sponge grip, packing her cunt with steady thrusts. The sensations on Derek's cock was amazing!

The boy looked at his mom's face, which was red and cotorted with pleasure. As a hard cum surged through her big titted body, Monica arched her back literally lifting her son off the mattress. Derek heard her let out a primitive groan, unlike any noise he had ever heard from her before. Her body convulsed. It was the screaming demon-princess!

Just seeing her this way and the sensations of her juicy cunt as it shrunk around his pole made his balls jump in their sack. "Ohh shit, I'm cumming, Mom!"

Hot rockets of thick gooey cum paste exploded from the head of Derek's prick, igniting the walls of Monica's pulsating fuckhole. She shivered with pleasure as her son came in her, her cunt gripping his massive cock, spuming around it. Their naked sweaty flesh writhed together. "Ohh baby, we're cumming together!!" the mother cried. 

Derek's boyish behind flew up and down, his rock-hard prick plunging like a piston in the snug, juicy mommy cunt, spewing out long milky ribbons of spunk. Monica let out an orgasmic scream that echoed through the woods, her curvy body arched upward a second time and hung there briefly, her bowed torso supporting the insignificant weight of her slender son while the perspiration-sheened globes of her buttocks did a quivery dance in midair before she collapsed back to the bed with the boy on top her,

Derek's prick gave a mighty throb, its head expanding to the limit inside her sqeezing cunt tube. "Ohhh daammn, mom!"

They clung to one another like no mother and son should, their naked bodies shaking and humping together as if they were throwing the juicy orgasm back and forth between them. The pleasure went on and on for minutes before Derek callapsed against his mother in a sweaty heap.

"Ohh wow, that was....soo cool,"  Derek muttered, gasping for breath.

"I'll say. Whhhew, you had me seeing stars just now sweetie,"  Monica gasped. 

Derek smiled with pride. "That's a good thing, right?"

"Yes. Any time you can take a girl to the stars it's a good thing."

The teen lifted himself up on his elbows and gazed down at Monica's enormous sweat soaked tits as they hung off the sides of her chest. He licked his lips, marveling at the huge round circled of thick areola and the fat nubs protruding from their centers. "Maybe if I get good I can take you farther than the stars. I can take you to another universe."

Monica giggled at his eagerness. "Another universe huh? Don't think I've ever had a stud take me that far before."

"Bet I could." Derek said with a cocky smile.

Monica giggled. "But honey, you only just starting to learn how to fuck. There's other positions and techniques that I haven't even taught you yet. 

"Well if you say I'm good now, just think about how good I'll be after you teach me."

"Ohh, I know...dangerously good," she said with a look of admiration and worry. 


"Sweetie, I know we just broke the rules, but I still need to get your father's ok...if we're going to start regular sex lessons."

Derek frowned. "Can't we just do it when he's not around, like today?"

"We could, but what if he comes around unexpectedly...catches us in a wild fuck. Honey, it would break his heart. I do love your father. He's a great provider, but your sexual training is equally as important to me. Give me another day or two to convince him."

"Ok Mom."

Monica and Derek drove home and were surprised to see Ken's car in the driveway. "What's dad doing home so early?" Derek asked.

"Good question," Monica said curiously.

Ken was on the couch watching a game as his wife wheeled their son inside. He glanced at his curvy housewife, trying to shake the images of her naked body bucking hornily atop their teen.

"You're home early?" Monica said curiously.

"Yup. Where have you two been?"

"Ohhh, just out spending some time together."

"At Thompson's Pond?" Ken got up and walked towards the bedroom as Derek's mouth fell open.

"Does he know? How could he know, Mom?" Derek whispered in a panic.

Monica moved towards her bedroom. "I have no idea. Keep an eye on your brother for me."

Monica came in and sat on the bed next to her husband. Ken was watching the video on his phone.  Derek's big dick stuck straight up through the grip of her thighs, her meaty mommy-buttocks bobbing up and downn milking its shank. "I can't believe you two," Ken muttered.

"How did you get this?" Monica asked.

"That's not important. How the fuck could you Monica?"

Monica was somber. "I'm sorry you had to see this. I was just doing what was necessary."

"What was necessary? Are you crazy?! That's our son." 

"Exactly Ken, our son...who's sexual well being we should care about. You may not, but I do...and that's the whole fucking reason we did that."

"It's wrong!"

The video ended abruptly. "Wait, that's all there is?" Monica asked, a bit surprised.

"Yeah, why...was there more?"

"No, of course not, just what you saw," she lied. 

Ken shook his head. "Which was bad enough. For fucks sake, the way you two were kissing! Are you kidding me!?"

"I was teaching him to kiss!" Monica said sternly.

"And the way you were shaking on top of him. Teaching him how to make his mother cum too apparently?!"

Monica nearly cracked a grin. "That's a natural reaction to body friction. You know I had no fucking control over that."

"Ohh bullshit, Monica!"

She decided to use what he didn't see in her favor. "You said no sex and there was no penatration. We did nothing wrong."

"Damn right there was no sex...and there won't be, EVER. Our son will learn sex like every other boy his age."

Monica stood up angrily. "Every other boy his age is already fucking, Ken! The best chance Derek has at a successful relationship is by becoming a better lover than all the rest of the boys. The only place he can learn that is right here at home."

"That's not true," Ken muttered. 

Monica gave him a glare that could scare even the toughest of men. "All these years I assumed you wanted what was best for our son. Apparently I was wrong. You fucking disgust me!"

Monica marched out of the bedroom. 

"Oh and you don't think you disgusted our son...his own mother flopping around on top of him naked like that?"

Monica stopped and smiled back through the doorway. "Did you happen to notice the big hard on sticking up from between my legs? Oh trust me, he was far from disgusted." 

Things were pretty quiet the rest of the evening. Once again Monica slept on the couch, not wanting to be around her selfish husband. Try as she may she couldn't shake the naughty thoughts of her son from her mind. All she could think about was his lean youthful frame locked between her strong motherly legs. His cute teenaged ass flying up and down as he fed his impressive dong deep inside the tight juicy grip of her cunt. "Fuck!" the mother hissed, tossing and turning as the burning heat of desire wracked her mature frame. "Such a good fuck. Why did it have to be such an amazing fuck?" she thought.

Derek too couldn't sleep. His dick had been erect for hours, flexing and throbbing as visions of his mother's lush body swirled through his mind. Being wrapped in her warm silky flesh, smelling her sweet fragrance as she clung to him. Feeling her slippery cunt squeezing and rippling around the sensitive flesh of his penis, spewing its hot juices around the slab. His whole body shivered at the memory still ever so fresh in his mind.

Suddenly his door opened slightly and he saw his mom peek inside. Derek sat up slightly. "Mom?"

Monica sashayed acrossed the room to his bed wearing only a short white babydoll nightie. Her lush tan body looked as smooth as silk. She glanced down at the bulge of her son's hardon.

"You can't sleep either?" he asked.

"Shhhhh. Come with me," Monica whispered, then helped her son off the bed and into his wheelchair. 

Derek wheeled himself out of the room following his mom like a puppy dog up the hallway. Monica strode gracefully on bare feet, leading the way. She seemed nervous, but determined. The globes of her thonged buttocks undilated from side to side, crowning the naked sheen of her strong tan legs.

The gorgeous mother peeked over her shoulder, feeding her boy a mischievous smile.

They moved through the dim light of the kitchen and down a side hallway. Monica opened the pantry door. There were shelves inside and a small floor space no bigger than a closet. 
"Back in,"  she whispered.

Derek wasted no time backing his wheelchair into the space. It just barely fit inside and no sooner was he in position than the pantry was shrouded in darkness as Monica stepped inside and closed the door. The teen felt his mom forcefully yank his boxers down to his ankles and release the locks on the sides of the wheelchair, lowering them

"There'll be lots of time for learning. Right now I just really need you back inside me."

Shamelessly, the big breasted mother climbed onto him, straddling her teen. Her lips collided with his and their tongues spun together in a wild frenzy. The kid's heart about beat out of his chest with a wicked thrill as he felt huge spongy tits flatten against his lean chest through the nightie.

"Mmmmnnn." Monica hummed, her thick pink tongue twisting and flailing, showing it's experience.

She felt her boy's naked cock flex against her mons, crushing against her swollen clitoris. Monica broke the kiss quicky and slightly rose up. "Get my panties off, " she panted desperately. 

Derek helped best he could and the sweet smell of wet pussy filled his nostrils. They glided the panties off her silky legs and Monica lowered her twat back down against the hardened muscle. She whimpered as she felt the hard head of his cock battering her tender pussy, seeking entrance to her body. "Show me what you've learnt so far," she said.

As their kissing resumed it wasn't long before the fat nob of Derek's prick got lodged in the mouth of his mom's fuck-hole and slowly sunk inside. 

"Ohhhhh God!" Monica moaned in ecstasy as his thick hard cock slid to her womb, throbbing against every inch of her greedily sucking cunt. 

The horny housewife scooted her boy up a few inches in the seat, then hooked her strong legs around him, clutching him like no mother should. Her meaty buns began to clap against his loins as she fucked her cunt on the boner, screwing her cunt to the base of his cock on every downward thrust. 

"Oooh woow!" Derek groaned. His mom’s cunt was on fire, sucking and tugging at his cockmeat, soaking it with searing cunt-juices. 

Monica broke the kiss and bounced up and down as she rode his driving cock, her heavy ripe tits wobbling crazily, her face contorted with pleasure. "Such a...perfect...dick."

She threw her head back, tossing her big mane of dark hair. Her mouth fell open as the first orgasm began to rip through her body. "Ooohhnnnnggfuck I'm cumming!" she cried out. 

Derek felt her cunt steadily tightening around his pistoning cock, the shaved mons slapping against his cock-base over and over. Hot girl-cum gushed from their tightly joined genitals, pouring over his ballsAs good as his dick felt he fought off his own cum. He didn't want it to be over this quickly.

"That's it sweetheart, don't cum yet. This is when the woman needs that rock hard cock the most. Ooohhh!"

Monica squeeled in ecstasy as violent pleasure-convulsions wracked her mature body. Derek giggled with disbelief as he felt the big titted beauty cling to him, her tit-flesh quivering like two overfilled water-balloons against his chest as a wild orgasm shot straight through her naked body, right down to the tips of her cute little toes.

She threw her cunt down his pleasure-pole in grinding gyrations, stirring her insides. "Ohh God you have such a nice dick. Suck on me darling."


Monica lowered her chest. Catching on, the big dicked teen crouched a little and wrapped his arms around Monica, pulling her big bouncing tits to his face.

"Lick up into my cleavage," Monica instructed. 

He smothered his face right down inbetween the soft bobbling boobies, smelling her sweet perfume. As hard as he tried, there was no way in hell he could fight off his the sensations on his dick.

"Mmmnn latch on to my tit and suck haaard!"

The teen's face sunk down into a spongy tit and lapped at one of Monica's thick nipples. 

"Yesss baby, just like that," Monica cried softly.

Derek fucked his cock-loving mother harder than ever, moaning into her squishy boob as his milky white spunk rained up into her cunt. Eagerly, Monica flexed her fucking muscles around his cum-squirting cock, helping her boy shoot all of his goo into her cunt. "Yesss!" she hissed.

Right as she milked the last drop, they heard a voice in the kitchen. "Monica?" It was her husband. 

"Ohhh shit," Derek whispered.

He felt his mom's lips at his ear as she rested against him. "Shhhhhh."

They listened as Ken stepped into the side hallway. "Monica, you down here?"

The naughty mother flexed her cunt muscles tightly around the meaty column of her son's still-hard prick, making him gasp with pleasure. She whispered to him. "What's the matter, baby, mommy's pussy too strong for you?"

Derek smiled and flexed his dick, making the cockhead mushroom with blood. At the same time he tilted his pelvis, sinking inside the juicy cunt as far as he could go.

Monica let in a sharp in breath and bit her bottom lip as she felt the engorged nob mash against the head of her cervix, igniting places her husband could never reach. "Noo fair," she whimpered.

They heard footsteps outside the door and Derek's heart raced nervously, wondering if his dad would seriously think to check the small pantry. 

"Ohhh just go away," Monica whispered, her cunt nipping and throbbing around her son's hard slab.

Derek slowly swiped his tongue down into the valley between Monica's tits. He knew if his dad opened the door he'd get the shock of his life. He fought to contain his gasp as his beautiful mother gently glided her hips, plowing his cock-tip back and forth against the head of her cervix.

They heard Ken walk back through the hallway and across the kitchen, then he heard his mom whisper at his ear.  "Do you wanna fuck me all night?"

"Yeah," the muttered. 

"He'll be back. We need to find another spot," Monica said.

"Where though?"

"We need to get to my cellphone. It's back in the livingroom," Monica said, opening the door behind them. Derek wheeled them out. It was quite the site. Middle-aged, naked mother straddling her teen, strong sexy legs circled around his frame, his balls nestled at the base of her meaty buttocks as he wheeled them both across the kitchen. 

As they neared the hallway Monica leaned out and peeked around the corner. She noticed her bedroom light was on but no sign of her husband. "Ok," she whispered, tapping her son's shoulder.

Derek wheeled them across the hallway, mother clinging to son. Monica's lips curled into a naughty little smile as she stared at her lighted bedroom doorway, her heart racing with the thrill of her forbidden actions. At the side table she found her phone and typed out a text. "Come awake," she whispered.

"Who are you texting?"

"Shhhh," Monica answered as they heard a noise from down the hallway.

Her phone vibrated a response. "Take us out front," Monica whispered.

"Out front? Mom, are you crazy? What if..."

"Sweetie, just trust me. Out front ok...hurry."

As Derek wheeled them toward the door Monica looked back over his shoulder and saw her husband in the hallway peeking into Derek's room. She smiled wickedly and kissed her son's neck. Derek could feel the walls of her vagina fluttering around his beefy dick.

The neighborhood was dark and quiet. Just as the wheelchair reached the driveway Monica's best friend Kathy's blue Audi pulled up. She hopped out, in only a robe and high heeled slippers and quickly opened the back seat door. "Oh God, Monica," Kathy giggled, shocked that her friend would be this brazen. 

Monica's ass rose from Derek's lap, his big wet dick exiting her cunt with a juicy THHRUP!! "Help me get him inside," the mother said, climbing in first. 

The two women pulled the teen from his wheelchair. Monica backed further into the back seat, her naked legs splayed open lewdly as her boy crawl between them. Frazzled, Kathy closed the door and pushed the wheelchair to the side of the driveway. Her heels CLICKED against the cement as she giggled and scrambled back inside her vehicle. "This is fucking crazy."

The Audi raced off. Moments later Ken opened the door and gazed down the street to see it turn a corner. "What the fuck?"

Inside the car, Kathy glanced back at the backseat and saw Derek sink on top of his fuck-hungry mom, crushing her big tits under his chest. He rammed his huge prick all the way up her pussy, moaning as her tender-lipped cunt sucked in all of his prick, right down to the nutsack. Like a rutting animal his ass began to bob up and down. Monica's curvy tan legs folding around him. "Ohhh God honey, pound the fuck outta me!!"

. "Oh my God you two!" Kathy giggled.

Monica humped her ass in a frantic rhythm off the seat as Derek settled into a hard, driving fuck. He couldn't believe how incredibly erotic this was. His mother's lush body was every mans dream and here he was with it clutched around him, fucking back at him with equal passion. 

"Where are we going?" Kathy asked.

Monica's face was twisted in pleasure. "Just drive!" she panted.

Monica's cell phone rang as it lay on the floor. She knew it was her husband and completely ignored it. She clutched Derek's ass with her long red nails. "Haaarder!!" she instructed. 

Derek quickened the speed of his humping, gasping as he slammed his enormous cock deeper and harder into the gushing sheath of the mother’s cunt. He pushed up on his elbows, watching his mother’s fat tits jiggle and roll with her wild movements. "Ohhh damn!" he gasped.

Monica's face was masked with excited pleasure. "You like that, darling. You like the thrill of fucking a girl?!"

"Ohhhh yeah," he gasped. 

The boy could hardly believe the delicious tingle that was racing up and down his quivering dong as it slid back and forth against the hot sucking tissues of his mom's grasping fuck-hole. 

"Ooohh shit, honey!" Monica screamed as her fuck-hole spasmed violently, spewing juice around her teen's hammering cock as her fuck muscles contracted uncontrollably around his prick. 

Soon, Derek was ramming her hard, making her gasp and moan and whimper again as his heavy balls banged her ass. His eyes darted from his mother’s huge quivering tits to her face, watching her reactions to his every movement.  "This is so fucking cool!" he thought.

"You see how quick you're learning?! You see what you're doing to this girl?!" Monica panted, gazing in adoration.

"Ohh hell yeah!"

Derek fucked the horny, naked mother as fast as he could, guiding her through the intensity of another cum. Then he dropped on top of her soft big titted body, spearing his prick to the hilt in her cunt. His cock felt longer, harder and thicker than ever as it sliced through the tight pink birth canal.

"Mmm yeah, fight off your cum, baby. Fuck me as long as you can!" Monica directed.

On each plunge Monica felt his balls beat against the hot cheeks of her ass, the base of his cock smashing her knotted clitoris and throbbing between her stretching cunt lips. "That's it darling...don't you fucking let up."

Derek felt his glans send waves of pleasure through his body as he fucked his hard peter through the juicy tunnel of mature pussy. "Damn mom, if I don't stop...I'm gonna explode!"

The mother's excited eyes gazed up at her boy. "Slow your thrusts and tighten your ass, it'll help the cum settle back in to your balls."

The boy did as his mom directed and felt the cum subside The head of his prick still tingled with pleasure he never thought possible. He looked down at Monica's beautiful face as she scratched her long nails across his back. The loving mother smiled patiently. "That's it, let it settle, we have all night."

Derek wondered if this was all an amazing dream as he looked down at his own mom underneath him. She gave him that same warm loving look when she taught him to drive or helped him study for a test. This time though she was naked, her ernormous tits spread out across her chest like big pillowy orbs. "Better?" she asked.

"Yeah," he sighed.

She pulled him down onto her, licking and biting his ear. "Gooood, fuck me hard again."

Again Derek really started laying the dick to Monica, bouncing in the comfort of her mature saddle. He could feel those strong silky legs around his back, clutching him, locking him between her soft splayed thighs. "Ooohh yeeeahh!!" his voice quivered as he punched his erection through the sucking grip of Monica's cunt.

The mother's eyes rolled back as she felt a juicy orgasm shoot out of nowhere, making her naked frame arch and shake. "OHH FUCKINGNNSHITTT!!"

She felt her boy's body tremble and the nob of his plowing prick swell deep in the grip of her juice-spewing fuck-tube. "Mom!!" Derek groaned.

"Oh my baby!!"

Hot, frothy, white prick-juice streamed up from his balls, making his giant fuck-pole buck and pulse as it spewed its sappy contents deep into Monica’s cunt. The housewife whimpered with fuck-passion as she felt his cum rushing into her cunt, bathing the inner walls of her pussy with spurt after spurt of cream. Hornily, she flexed her cunt around his gushing cock, helping the sturdy hardon shoot out every drop of jism.

Kathy's cell phone rang and she looked at it. "Shit Monica, it's Ken. Should I answer it?"

The backseat beauty was catching her breath, her face red and flushed from a hard cum. "No...ignore him."

For minutes the mother lay there with her young cub resting between her silken limbs. She combed her nails through his hair as his head rest on her shoulder. 

"Sorry Mom, did I cum too quick again?"

Monica smiled. "Yes, but that's ok..I'm gonna teach you how to fight off your climax. By the end of summer you'll be a little fuck-monster."

Kathy smiled back at her, knowing that the youthful stud must be in absolute heaven and imagining that her friend's talented cunt must still be squeezing and sucking on his tender prick. She was right.

"You're lucky Bill's still away on business. He would have wanted to know why I rushed out of the house in such a fucking hurry," Kathy said.

Monica smiled up at her friend. "Thank you."

Back at the house Ken dialed his wife for the fifth time, but still no answer. This time he left her a voicemail. "Yeah, I wish you'd let me know what's going on. I know you're mad at me, but I would think that you'd still have the desency to let me know if you're going somewhere this late. Call me back. Bye."

He wandered over to the pantry door finding it partly open. He swung the door open and found a pair of thong panties on the floor. "What the fuck?" the annoyed husband said. He lay awake for hours wondering where they were.

Outside of town, down a long remote side-road and tucked between a cluster of tall bushes, Kathy's Audi was parked. The car rocked slightly and the beat of music escaped the back windows, which were cracked slightly. "Yes-yes-yes-yeeesss!!! Fuck meeee!" A woman cried.

That woman was Monica's friend Kathy. What was taking place in the back seat was what could best be discribed as a Derek sandwich. The teen sat reclined in the seat against his mom who sat behind him. Kathy straddled him, riding his loins, her juicy cunt sliding up and down his rigid prick.

The three of them were a glistening ball of naked flesh. Monica whispered naughtily at her boys ear, her tits pancaked agaist his back, while her best friend fucked like a porn star, her big hanging titties bouncing and bobbling against Derek's face.

"Mmmm she likes your dick baby! That big hard teenaged dick. You feel her squeezing you darling, milking your dick with her pussy?" Monica whispered in a sultry tone.

"Yeeeaah," Derek whimpered.

"Fuck us darling. Fuck our pussies hard!" Monica cried in his ear.

Ken woke up the next morning to noise in the kitchen. He walked down the hallway and found his wife in her robe making breakfast. He sat down next to their son PJ who was at the table playing.

"So were you out all night?"

Monica smirked defiantly. "Maybe." 

Ken seemed defeated. "So I'm not gonna win...on this sexual training issue, am I?

Monica shook her head as she washed a dish in the sink. "No, you're not."

Monica's husband let out a frustrated breath. "So how long is this process gonna take?"

"It'll take as long as I need it to, Ken. Until I feel he's fully trained."

"Jesus, Monica, you make it sound like he's a boxer training for a fight," Ken half-joking. 

"He's a young man, training to be the best he can be under the sheets."

"Two weeks...that's it," Ken said. 

Monica turned, drying her hands. She looked at her hubby in almost disbelief. "My rules?"

"That depends on the rules I  guess," Ken said.

"I sleep in Derek's bed with him on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays."

Ken laughed. "He'll be here during the day. Isn't that enough?"

"If I'm suppose to squeeze his sexual training into two weeks then you have to work with me here. Derek and I will need those three nights, in addition to the time he's here with me during the day AND if we need to disappear suddenly, say on the weekend or during the evening, they'll be no questions asked."

"Monica, come on...don't you think that's a little much?"

"It may seem that way, but you're the one who's only giving me two weeks to get this done," she said. 

"Fine and speaking of getting things done...he uh, will be wearing condoms right?"

Monica shook her head. "No, absolutely not."

"Well, then you should most definately be on birth control, don't you think?"

Monica reluctantly rolled her eyes. "Fine."

"You seem annoyed by that. Have you not considered the possibility of him getting you pregnant?"

"Yes, ok, I get it, alright. I'll make an appointment with my doctor today," she said. 

"And there's one last thing. I think as his father, I should get updates, maybe be able to peek in once in awhile, check on his progress."

Monica fed her husband a strange look. "Peek in...on him and I? Ken, I don't think that's such a good idea."

"Monica, I survived watching that video without completely freaking out. I think I can handle it."
His wife fed him an odd smile. "Fine, once in awhile, but no interuptions.  I want Derek to be able to concentrate on what he's doing and not feel uncomfortable."

"Ok, fine."

Monica padded over on bare feet and gave her husband a hug. "Thank you, I mean it. You made the right decision."

"It wasn't an easy one."

Monica smiled. "I know, but when this is all over we'll have a son who's proud and confident. Isn't that what we both want more than anything in the world?"

"Of course. So now that we have that settled. Where were you guys all night?"

Monica laughed. "Oh this again?"

"Well, since we're being honest and out in the open, I figured I'd ask."

Monica smiled guiltily. "Fine. We were in Kathy's car."

"So you guys drove around in Kathy's car all night?"

"Well, Kathy was doing the driving. Derek and I were...."

"Were what?" Ken said.

She seemed a bit uncomfortable making her confession. "We were in the backseat fucking"

Ken sighed and shook his head. "Monica, can you use a different word, please."

"We were having sex. He was...practicing."

"The entire night?"

She got a quirky grin, seeming almost too embarrassed to answer. "Pretty much."

Ken felt so much jealousy, he was almost sick to his stomach, but he still had unanswered questions. "And the panties I found in the pantry. What the hell were you doing in the pantry?"

"Derek and I were fu... we um, we had sex in there last night too."

"Jesus, Monica!"

"I didn't wanna wake you up," she said sweetly.

"More like you didn't wanna get caught, so the two of you decided to have your first romp in a damn closet?"

"That um, wasn't really our first romp," Monica confessed, a bit reluctantly. "I wasn't completely honest with you about what happened at Thompson Pond. Right after the video that you saw stopped, well, Derek and I had sex together. That was the first time though, I swear."

Ken's stomach sunk, but he fought threw his jealousy. "So I guess as the concerend father...I should ask how he's doing, with all  this sex training?"

"Derek is doing...really well." Monica answered, doing her best to suppress her smile.

"Well his mom must be doing 'really well' too...being on the recieving end of things?"

Ken could tell his wife was smiling inwardly. "Sweetie, this isn't about me. It's about Derek."

"Even so, I'm sure there's a great deal of pleasure being had by everyone involved." Ken said, jealousy boiling at just the thought of his wife and son going at it. 

"And I know that's hard for you to think about, but try to look at it this way. My level of pleasure is a direct result of Derek's performance sexually. My orgasms mean I'm creating a successful lover, which is what we both want Derek to be, right?" 

Ken nodded. "Yeah I suppose."

Monica stroked her husband's cheek. "I'm a screamer in bed, you know that. So whatever you hear the next two weeks, try not to think of it as your wife cumming, but your son succeeding."

"Gee thanks, I feel so much better about it now.." Ken said sarcastically. 

Derek was up late, exhausted from fucking his mom and her friend most of the night. Monica drove him to school. She wore a sexy tank top and short yellow denim shorts with matching high heeled flip flops. The boy couldn't stop staring at her silky tan legs and remember how good they felt wrapped around his body.

"Sorry we're running late, sweetie. After our late night out I wanted to give you a chance to sleep in," Monica said..

"No problem, Mom. It's the last day of school, so not much happens anyway."

Monica raised an eyebrown as she peeked over at him with a smile. "Well you'll be happy to know that we don't have to sneak around anymore."

"Dad said yes?"

Monica fed him a beaming smile."He did. So we'll OFFICIALLY be starting your sexual training when you get home."

Derek's penis twitched, starting to harden with anticipation. "Oh wow...sooo cool."

"The bad news is, we only get two weeks," she said, then went on to explain the rules she agreed to. 

Monica stopped at the school and helped her son out of her SUV and into his wheelchair. The teen couldn't help but gawk at the big busted mother. His tongue nearly hung out of his mouth as he watched her prance around him, swinging her lush hips. This was the body that every guy dreamed about and he was being given an all access pass for the next two weeks.
"Hey mom, can I kiss you real quick?"

Monica smiled. "Ok, but nothing too naughty. We don't need people talking."

Monica stepped over, leaned down and fed her son a sensual peck on the lips. They gazed into each others eyes. "I gonna give you a word that I want you to think about today," Monica whispered.

"What is it?"

Monica's lips curled into a mischievous smile. "Blowjob."

Derek's heart did somersaults in his chest. "Sounds like a good word to think about."

Monica winked. "Mmm, I know."

After dropping her boy off Monica went to Kathy's for coffee. The two friends smiled as they rehashed the events of the previous night. 

"I can't believe Ken actually gave you the ok,"  Kathy said.

"Well, I think he was starting to realize I was doing it with or without his consent."

"At least he finally got smart. He had no right to keep you from teaching Derek about the joys of sexual pleasure."

Monica sipped from her mug. She seemed heavy in though. "I can't believe how nervous I am. Two weeks just doesn't seem like enough time."

"Yeah but Monica remember, Derek has already fucked. He spent all night going at us and did amazing. The learning process has already started for him."

"I know, I just wanna teach him everything...leave no stone unturned. He may have a disability, but when I'm through with him I want him to be the best cocksman on the planet."

Kathy smiled. "Then you'll have to be thorough. Teach him every trick, every method and every position there is to pleasuring a woman."

"I wonder how he'll respond to anal. You think he'll be grossed out by it?" Monica said.

"God no, he's a teenager. He'll stick his dick anywhere you want him too. Besides, he needs to learm about the pleasures of anal sex."

"I just hope Ken doesn't peek in and see Derek's dick in my ass. That might send him into freak out mode again."

"Too fucking bad. He'll have to deal with it."

"Yup, and if he can't deal with it, he'll just have to fuck off," Monica said.

"Mmmn, you know that's gonna feel good girl, a big teenaged dick up your ass."

"I know, but I want the real focus to be on Derek's pleasure." 

Kathy laughed. "Oh shut up girl. Just think about all the orgasms you're gonna have the next two weeks."

Monica got a cute anxious smile. "Probably hundreds."

"Your son may be in a wheelchair, but after you're done with him, he'll have girls lined up down the street to fuck him."

Monica frowned, a bit sad at the thought.  "Yeah."

For young Derek the next morning seemed like it would never arrive. At first the routine was much the same, Monica moving about the kitchen getting breakfast ready and dishes done. Of course Derek's eyes followed her every move, watching her heavy breasts bobble around beneath her robe as she sashayed gracefully around the kitchen on bare feet.

Returning the juice to the fridge, Monica peeked over at her boy and fed him a mischivious smile. The look immediately formed words in Derek's mind, as if his mom was communicating telepathically..."it won't be long now, sweetie."

"You be a good boy today," Monica said, giving her four year old PJ a kiss goodbye.

"Thanks for dropping him off," The housewife said, giving her husband a quick peck.

"Well, it's along the way so it saves one of us a trip." Ken said as he was ushered to the door.

They stopped and looked at one another in an awkward silence. "So where's the first day of training take place, our bed or his?" Ken candidly asked, part of him not really wanting to know the answer. 

Monica laughed. "You're so funny."

"What? I'm just curious."

"Well, I'm sure it will be on our bed mostly, but as things progress, it's hard to say where we'll end up," Monica said a bit uncomfortably. 

"Back in the pantry?"

Monica giggled. "No, I think we'll skip the pantry today."

Derek listened from the kitchen as he heard his mom say goodbye then close and lock the front door. He heard his father's car pull away. "Sweetie?" he heard his mom call out. Curiously, he wheeled himself out of the kitchen and spotted Monica sashaying up the hallway towards her bedroom.

The mother peeked over her shoulder, gazing back at her teen. As she kept walking, Derek's mom untied her robe and let it fall to her bare feet. She wore only a pair of white panties, transparent mesh with a heart-shaped cutout on the center of the ass. 

"Ohh man," he muttered his heart pounding ferociously in his chest. 

He watched his mom comb her fingers through her long hair, thrusting her meaty buns out for his oogling eyes. His tongue lagged out of his mouth as he stared at tan ass-flesh oozing out the heart-shaped cutout and the deep dark split of her ass-crack down the middle.
Monica peeked back over her shoulder and fed Derek the naughtiest look he'd ever seen. He could see her enormous naked breast sloping down in side profile.
The lusty brunette reached down, hooked her thumbs under the elastic waistband and slowly wiggled the dainty panties down, exposing her buns. She slid them down her silky soft legs. Her little feet stepped out of them and she continurd to her bedroom now completely naked and closed the door.

As Derek started down the hallway his phone rang. He was suprised to see it was his mom. "Hello?" he answered.

Monica's soft voice spoke back. "I had a heart on for you, now you get a hardon for me. The panties are for your arousal. I want you to feel how soft they are. Smell the wonderful aroma sweetheart, taste the juice I left inside for you."

"Ok," The boy muttered, so aroused he could hardly stand it.

Monica continued. "The lessons you'll learn today will require youthful energy and the hardest erection you've ever had. Come on baby, show mommy what you can do," she said, then hung up.

Derek quickly wheeled over and picked up the panties. As he brushed the soft mesh up his face he experienced everything his mom spoke of at once. There was the silky softness, still warm from hugging his mother's flesh. The panty gusset was moist and the taste of  juicy pussy tingled across Derek's tongue. Then there was the smell, so potent that for a moment it made the boy's eyes roll back.

Blood rushed into Derek's cock so fast he felt like a monster was rising from his loins. 

After a couple minutes Derek's phone rang again. "How are you doing love? Are you ready for what's coming next?"

"Yeah." Derek muttered.

"Turn away from my door,"  Monica said, then hung up.

Derek turned so he faced the livingroom. He heard his mom's door open and the soft beat of R&B music inside, then came the clicking of heels against the wood floor.

He smelt his mom's sweet perfume, then felt her hands slide under his t-shirt, nails grazing across his chest. Her hot breath was at his ear. " is that young hunk of meat? Is is hard and throbbing yet?"


Monica smiled proudly as she peeked over his shoulder and saw the hard cylinder of flesh pointing up at her.

"Mmm yummy," Monica said. She blew her hot breath across the back of her son's neck as she moved to the other ear. This made Derek's body shiver excitedly. "Rule number one...don't ever be affraid to show a woman what you have for her. Do you know what will happen if you do?"


Monica whispered sensually in his ear. "She'll show you what she has for you."

Derek suddenly felt himself being wheeled backwards  into his parent's bedroom. As he was turned, he noticed a pillowy chair resting on the floor. "It's for you, darling. Climb down into it." Monica said.

As Derek climbed down from his wheelchair the music in the room changed and got louder. He recognized the song. It was S & M by Rihanna. When he sat back on the pillow chair his eyes about popped out of his head as he saw that Monica had closed the door and was starting to dance. The sexy mother was wearing a black crochet halter bodystocking and looked absolutely stunning.

"Ohh wow!" the teen muttered as he took in how the snug tight lace hugged every lucsious curve of Monica's big titted body. He noticed that the stocking was crotchless leaving her pussy mound exposed. He also noticed that her snatch was now completely shaved, forming a baby-smooth V down into her mons. Taking it all in, Derek's cockhead throbbed and a bead of precum leaked out.

Monica's body moved sexily to the beat, thrusting her chest making her huge boobs bounce around under the thin transparent covering. The stocking was a footless style and her little feet were arched in a pair black sandals with 4 1/2 inch stiletto heels. 

"Nanana come on!....Nanana come on!" The music sang.

The young teen watched in excited fascination as his nearly naked mother turned, swinging her meaty ass to the music. Just watching her fleshy tan buttocks rocking back and forth to the beat of the music made his hardon throb.

"Knock, knock," came a voice at the bedroom door. 

Derek was startled for a moment, but then realized it was only Kathy, his mom's friend. 

"Heyyy," Monica said with a big smile.

"What are we running a strip club in here?" Kathy joked.

"You know it girl." Monica said, still rocking her body.

"Well, I guess I better strip then," Kathy said, then looked down at the teen. "Ewww lala!!"

Kathy and Monica took a moment to look the boy up and down, their eyes widening as they traveled up the length of his enormous teenaged erection. They smiled at eachother excitedly, their cunts fluttering hornily.

As Kathy started undressing, Monica continued dancing. She moved over to her son, swiveling over him, with one foot to each side of his torso. Derek gazed up between her towering legs in awe, watching the huge rounded undersides of Monica's tits bounce around wildly beneath the fishnet. "Ohh damn...they're soo big,"  he thought.

 Derek also had a perfect view of her shaved pussy. The outer lips of her vulva were puffy and smooth, seperated only by the swollen hood of her clitoris. "Ohh wow,"  he muttered.

He took a moment to look down at Kathy's progress. The middle aged beauty reached back to unclasp her big bra, letting her tits spill out onto her chest. Her boobs wern't as big as Monica's, but still an impressive size...easily a double Dcup. She peered over at the boy and gave him a cute little wink as she hooked her thumbs around the hem of her panties.

Taking a huge gulp Derek watched Kathy slide her daity panties down her smooth naked legs and step out of them. Her pussy was trimmed into only a tiny little triangle of pubic fuz. He could see the groove between her shaved mons and the hood of her clitoris. "Ohhh man...beautiful." He marveled.

The two shameless mothers danced to the beat, towering over the boy as he watched their luscious curves swing and jiggle. It was most erotic moment of his life. Monica squatted down limberly, swaying the globes of her buttocks close to her Derek's face. Doing this made the cheeks of her buns spread slightly, exposing the crinkled pucker of her butthole.

He looked up to see her peering down over her shoulder at him, mouthing the words to the song...

"Cause I may be bad, but I'm perfectly good at it. Sex in the air, I don't care, I love the smell of it."

She pivoted her ass a few times to the beat, watching her son's reaction as her rounded ass jerked and jiggled. 

Monica stood back up and her and Kathy danced face to face. Derek let his eyes wander over their curvy bodies, his tongue hanging out. He loved the way they both still wore strapless sandals, their little feet arched on 4 inch heels. Their toes were so pretty, freshly painted in red. He scanned up their smooth legs. They had such a silky sheen and yet exibited a powerful feminine strength.

Another song with a much slower beat started and Derek noticed that both his mom and Kathy were pulling their hair back into ponytails. "That was fun," Kathy said.

"It was, but time for the first official lesson in Derek's sexual education," Monica said.

Kathy smiled at the teen. "And the best part about this lesson is YOU don't even have to do anything, handsome."

"What is it?" Derek asked anxiously.

"Do you remember the word I told you to think about all day yesterday?"


"That's right, sweatheart and one of the things you'll discover about girls is that they love to give blowjobs," Monica said.

"Mmm yes we do," Kathy added, glancing as Derek's erection.

"Oh yeah, I have heard the boys at school talk about that." Derek said.

"Well the reason they talk about it is because boys love to have their dicks sucked on. A blowjob, given the right way can bring a boy more pleasure than he ever imagined possible."

"That's what I heard too...I just never really had a girl do it to me."

"Well I want your first blowjob to be special. That's why I invited Kathy over for this first lesson. The only thing better than the blowjob skills of one the blowjob skills of two mothers, giving your dick and balls the royal treatment."

Derek's cock twitched as he squirmed in his seat. "Sounds good to me."

Both mom's giggled. "He's so adorable," Kathy said.

Derek watched as both moms took position on either side of his torso. The women each took a portion of his cock in their hand and softly stroked it up and down. "Mmm so beautiful," Kathy said, then squeezed her delicate fist around the meaty base. "Fuck, feel how hard it is."

Monica pulled the loose skin down making the tip stretch out, shiny and throbbing. "Oh trust me, I have," she said, then gave the head a sensual kiss. 

The women took turns giving the tip of Derek's dick wet kisses, their lips smacking sensually all over the bloated bell-shaped head. Kathy kissed the frenulum, letting the tip of her tongue wiggle on it's surface. She felt the boy's peter flex. "Mmm... sensitive glans," Kathy whispered.

"Mmm good, it'll make the pleasure that much better for him," Monica said, then whipped her tongue across the surface of the nob. Kathy's tongue followed suite so that now both their thick pink tongues were lashing at the boy's glans. 

"Ooohhhnnmmm!" the teen whimpered, his ass tightening as he watched the two long pink tongues flail against the tip of his peter.

Kathy's tongue wiggled across his piss-slit, swiping up a gob of precum. The semen sizzled on her taste buds. "Oh my God, it's soo sweet."

Monica squeezed her circled fist up the dong making a dollop of cum emerge. She swiped it off expertly with the tip of her tongue and brought it into her mouth. "Ohh wow, you're right."

She glanced up at her teen. "Your cum is really sweet, darling."

"Is that good?" Derek asked. 

"Mmmnn hmmnn," Kathy hummed, sliding her lips along the underside of Derek's shaft.

Monica smiled naughtily. "It'll make girls wanna suck your big dick even more."

The gorgeous mother sucked the head into her mouth, giving it a few bobbing sucks. Derek gasped as he felt her tongue circle it twice. "Ohhh man!" 

The wet tip popped from Monica's mouth and she giggled. "You like that honey?"

"Uhhh. Uhh huh."

This time as she sucked him in Monica turned her head so the she could look up at him and watch his reaction. Derek sat there dumbfounded as he saw his own mom's pouty lips stretched over his dick. They formed a perfect oval, hungrily nursing on the head of the teenager's peter. Monica's eyes sparkled as she gazed into her boys, watching his reaction as she scrubbed his glans with her tongue. 

Derek's body tensed as pleasure shot through his frame. "Sshhhllluuppp! Shhhlluuppp! Monica clamly sucked the peter-tip, winking up at her boy.

Kathy's face was buried in Derek's soft scrotum. Her long tongue hung out of her mouth, waving around wetly against his balls as she took in his scent. "Ohhh God," she mewed.

She slurped one of his testicles into her mouth sucked greedily on it's ovaled surface. 

Monica slid more of her teen's cock into her mouth. Up and down, her head bobbed on his crotch, lightly fucking her face with his prick. Her tongue swirled constantly around his rosy cock head, lapping up the fuck-juices oozing continually from his piss-slit.

"Oh wow that feels good, Mom!" Derek sighed, watching her stretched lips travel lower and lower around his prick.

Monica's right hand clutch his dick at the base and whipped up and down his hardened fuck-pole, shamelessly beating his cock into her mouth. Meanwhile, Kathy was giving the boy's nuts a tongue-bath. The beauty spun her pink snake in circles over the surface of his balls giving them a sloppy tongue-massage.

Derek watched in fascination as his mother's lips dropped lower and lower. "Oh my God I think I'm in mom's throat," he thought.

Monica's eyes were closed as she sucked the length of her son's boner, feeling the thick slab pulse between her lips. "Ohh my God, such a good dick,"  she thought.

The cocksucking mother's lips dropped even further, taking his prick to the hilt. Derek's eyes went wide as he watched his mom's lips nuzzle against his pubes at the base of his dick, her throat gurgling with cock-meat. She came up for air and Kathy joined her, taking turns sucking and slurping on the teenager's boner.

While kathy sucked dick,  Monica crawled up onto the cushion next to her boy, laying sidways with her boobs stack right up against him. . "Feels good when a girl sucks your dick, doesn't it sweetheart?"

"Oh man yeah," Derek sighed.

"I wanna teach you something. While Kathy sucks on your big boner I want you to reach down and grab hold of her ponytail."

"Ok," Derek said, then did as his mom directed.

"There you a good grip on it?"


"Good, now hold her head firm and start thrusting your hips so you can fuck her mouth like a pussy," Monica said.

Derek jerked his hips on the cushion as Kathy's head bobbed on his groin. "Good, just like that. How's he doing Kath?"

The dong tip popped from Kathy's mouth, wet and shiny. "Stronger grip on the hair, hon. You need to show a girl that you're in control of this."

Derek tightened his grip on her ponytail, jerking her head back as he pulled her hair. She giggled and Monica smiled wickedly. "There you go!!"

Derek forced her face down onto his prick and glided it through the ovaled lips of her experienced mouth. 

"Now, pull her head down, honey, make her take all of you." Monica said.

Derek felt his hardon sink into Kathy's throat as he pulled her head tight against his groin. Throaty, gurgling sounds escaped her lips as they pressed around the girthy cock-hilt

"There you go...hold it...hold it. She'll let you know when she needs to come up."

Kathy's throat gagged a little, then she tapped his thighs. His big prick slipped from her mouth all slimed up with saliva and pre-cum. After an excited gasp, she swallowed his dong in one long swoop, until her lips were again mashed against his pubic bone. "Ohh man," the teen whimpered.

"Hold her tight. You're not gonna hurt her."

"Ohhh shit that feels good," Derek sighed.

Derek fucked his cock through Kathy's tight gullet as her mouth and tongue nursed on his blue-viened shaft. When she came up for air Monica slid back down to join her. "Good boy. Try me now."

The pleasure struck teen grabbed him mom by the pony tail and slid his prick through her rounded lips. Her tongue slid ceaselessly around the shiny-skinned tip of his fuckmeat, greedily lapping up the cock sap that continued to dribble up from his balls.

It wasn't long before he sunk into the heat of his mother's throat. He pulled her head hard against his groin and felt her soft lips spread out around his cockbase. "Ohhh damn," his voice quivered as it felt like his dick expanded another inch inside the warm tunnel of Monica's throat.

He heard her gurgle and felt her gullet vibrate exquisity around his sensitive glans. He couldn't believe how long his mom was spending gorged on his big prick. He gazed down and the site almost seemed surreal as he forcefully held his own mom's pretty head between his legs. He could see her luscious lips mashed against his cock-hilt. "How the fuck do they take all that dick?" he thought to himself.

Finally Monica tapped and rose up, trapping his meat at the base between her thumb and forefinger. She rose only slightly above the nob and after a gentle gasp, her tongue spun around the tip, lashing it with a looping wet lick.

In one wet smoop, she shoved her head onto his crotch, jamming the swollen prick shaft past her tonsils, deep into her buttery, sucking throat. "Ohhh mom," Derek wailed, thrusting his pecker in as deep as it would go.

Kathy giggled, then leaned over and gave the teen a series sloppy French kisses. "Fuck her throat, Derek. She's there for your pleasure," she said between kisses. 

Holding firmily to her ponytail, the horny teen slowly thrust his cock. He didn't know how her tongue had room to move around but it was....twisting and slithering along the underside of his shaft. He could hear his cock gliding through her gullet.

Monica gasp as she finally came up for air. "Ready to see why they called your mother the gobbler?"

"Sure," Derek muttered.

The cock-hungry mom gave his boner a few long nursing sucks, looking straight up into his eyes. The bulbous tip slipped from her lips and she spoke into like a fleshy microphone. "Ok, here we go..."

Monica wrapped her pretty hand around the base of Derek's scrotum, which made his nuts bulge up alongside his shaft. She fed his prick into her mouth and Derek watched as her lips stretched obscenely over his nuts. With a mouth stuffed full of cock and balls somehow Monica was able to press her lips against the hilt. "Ohhh my Goddd!" Derek sighed, his body letting out a shiver.

Kathy giggled as she stooped down and buried her face between his buns. The teen let out an audible whimper as he felt her strong mature tongue lash against his butthole.

The bedroom was filled with lewd slurping as both moms worked the boy over, one on his cock and balls, the other on his ass.  

Monica gurgled as she allowed the throbbing erection to slip through her warm throat. Her long tongue wrestled with his nuts, slithering around and around their ovaled surface as they sat cradled in her mouth.

Kathy's tongue flailed against Derek's butthole, intensifying the plessure. She ran her tongue up onto his smooth taint, then gobbled up one of Derek's nuts that had slipped from Monica's sucking mouth. 

Monica gasped as the big dick popped from her mouth, wet and shiny. She stroked on Derek's cock with her pretty hand as she joined her friend to lick his balls. Derek watched with his mouth wide open in fascination. His mom and Kathy were doing things he'd only seen in porn movies
SLLUUUP! SLUUUUPPP!! Each of them had a nut in her mouth, nursing wetly, tugging them in opposite directions.

"Ohhnngod," Derek whimpered as they licked and sucked his nuts.

While one woman worked the balls, they took turns sucking his big dick. Monica wrapped her fist around the root of the cock and stroked it with a perfect corkscrew as her ovaled lips rose and fell on the top half. Every ten or so slurps the nob would emerge and she would swirl her thick pink tongue around it.

"Ohhh man," Derek's voice quivered, watching his mom work her magic.

Kathy scrathed at his thighs, gazing up with a naughty smile. "Do you like that, sweetie. Do you like the way your mom is sucking your big dick?"

"Uh huh."

"She's teaching you hon. Teaching you what a girl can do for a boy." Kathy said.

Kathy took over, letting the steel-hard prick glide through her mouth.

Monica crawled up next to her son, her huge ripe tits jiggling as they pushed heavily against the fabric. She fed him a dreamy-eyed gaze. "You just wait until you see what I have planned for you the next two weeks. More pleasure than you can possibly imagine."

The big busted mother dropped her lush body across her teen, mashing her soft boobies against his upper chest.  She buried her face in his neck and whimpered softly as her tongue began to whip against his sensitive flesh.

Derek's body stiffened up as it was struck with even more pleasure. "Hhuuuooohh!"

The boy was now buried in mommies. Hungrily Kathy's tongue swirled around his cock, skirting the flared tip to lap up the prick juices bubbling up from his balls. Her fist tightened around the root of his cock then jacked fast and hard, beating his meat into her mouth.

Derek grimaced as pleasure shot through his frame. He sunk his face into the side of his mom's fishnet covered breast. "I'm cumming! Ohhh God, I'm cumming!!" he announced.

Monica whimpered with delight, her tireless tongue digging against the pleasure spots on her boy's neck.

Gulping noisily, Kathy tightened her lips and fist around the gushing shaft of his prick. Then she wantonly swallowed down all of his load, working her throat muscles in a frantic effort not to miss any of his delicious milky cum.

For what seemed like minutes Derek writhed as he recieved the type of pleasure that few boys his age get to experiend. His face was plastered in spongy side-boob and he let out a muffled pleasure-groan.

As Kathy milked every drop, Monica rose up and watched her boy's pleasure-filled face. Derek's eyes peeked open, looking up through the big bulging cleavage plastered against his upper chest. His mom's eyes sparkled through fluttering lashes radiating pure love. This was teenaged boy heaven.

"There you go, sweetie. Let Kathy pull out all those cummies," Monica said.

After nursing on the boner, Kathy rose up and smiled, taking one last gulp of milky jizz. "Damn, that was a load."

"Yummy too, huh?" Monica said.

"Fuck yeah, I could drink that shit all day, milk him dry."

Monica stood up. "Sound good to me, but why don't we use something else to milk him this time. After all, I did promise to teach him how to really fuck a girl, right sweetie?" she said, peering down at him.

"Yeah," Derek muttered, still catching his breath.

Both ladies turned and reached down to unbuckle their heels. Derek stared in awe at the meaty globes of their naked buns crowning their long legs. Below their jiggling booties the boy could see the smooth folds of their shaved pussies. They were both aroused and slighted open, revealing juicy coral slits.

As she untied her heel strap, Monica peeked back at her teen. "What do you think of the view from back there?"

Derek shook his head and smiled excitedly. "Damn!"

Both moms giggled. Monica wagged her tan buttocks back and forth teasingly. "Ready to learn how to fuck like a rockstar?"

"Hell yeah."

Derek watched as Monica and Kathy stepped out of their heels and Monica began peeling off her bodystocking. His mom's heavy tits wobbled free, unrestrained as she pulled the fishnet off.  She grinned wickedly at the teen as he watched her slowly wiggle them down the cheeks of her firm, rounded ass and her long, tapering legs. Then she was completely naked.

Both mother's reached back and took off their hair ties, shaking their heads to fluff their beautiful manes of hair. Like Derek they were now naked and ready to fuck.

Monica waisted no time stepping over, kneeling down and straddling her teen. Kathy came over and knelt beside them. 

"This position is called woman on top," Monica said as she reached back to grip her son's erection. She grazed her nails across his glans, giving it an extra jolt.

Derek felt her run the flared head of his prick through the hot gooey mouth of her pussy slit. "The women does most of the work in this position, but we're gonna teach some things a man can do to make this position even more pleasurable."

"For both of you," Kathy said with a smile.

"Ready?" Monica asked, her lips curled anxiously.

"Yeah," Derek answered as he felt his prick fit securely into her opening.

Monica's ass sank. "Unnnggghhhh!" the mother shuddered as she felt the meaty inches of his cock shaft squeeze into her wet pussy tunnel.

"Ohh shit," Derek whimpered as he felt the spongy ridged lining of her cunt stretch around his brick-hard meat tube.

"Mmm, yes...feel that hot cunt around your cock, Derek," Kathy said, hovering beside them. 

The shameless mother began to pound her creamy cunt on his prick, the stretched ring of her moist pussy lips beating against his cock hilt. She sat up, her hands down on his chest and began to grind on her son's boner, pivoting her wide matronly hips. 

Derek looked down see his mom's shaved mons grinding against his pubis. Mother and son were joined at the genitals. He could feel her cunt gripping his meat, his cockhead licking wetly back and forth across the mouth of her cervix.

"Hhhuuuuggghhh!!" Monica cried, her strong wide motherly hips moving like a well-oiled machine.

Derek looked up at the busty beauty. Her boobs swung pendulously, hard nipples protruding from large crinkled areolas. Her eyes were closed, head cocked to one side and through a curtain of long hair Derek could see a look he rarely saw on his mom...pure pleasure.

Kathy leaned over him, glacing up at Monica. "Do you see what you're doing to her Derek? See the pleasure you can give a girl when you have a long hard dick like yours."

"Oh my God, yesss. It is sooo hard!" Monica shouted, stirring her hungry cunt on the stiff peter.

"You'll know you're making a girl cum when you start to feel her pussy tighten up around your cock." Kathy whispered.

And no sooner did Kathy say this than Derek felt just that. He saw his mom's eyes pop open and roll back in their sockets. "Yesss!!" she screamed.

Her hips rocked with greater intensity. Her pussy tube felt like it was shrinking around his dick. Her cervical lips flared as they squeezed tightly against his glans. "Yeeesss! Oh fuckingshityesssss!!" Monica wailed.

Derek felt her tight gripping cunt spew girl-cum around his slab, then wash over his balks. The feeling was amazing, but because he had cum not long ago, he was able to fight off his orgasm.

Monica leaned forward, clawing her boys shoulders as she began to ride the length of his dick. Her meaty buns beat against his nuts, making a wet slapping sound that filled the room.  Derek sighed excitedly. Right before his eyes swung the biggest softest tits he had ever seen. The hanging mommy-melons beat softly against his face. "This is fucking awesome!!" Derek thought.

Kathy slapped his mom's ass. "Yeaaah Monica wonderbitch, ride that cock girl!"

Monica bounced with more intensity, throwing her juicy cunt up and down the rigid peter. Now her huge tits were going wild swinging and beating together. Derek's tongue literally hung out as he watch the giant boobies dance. "It' clapping bobble-tits!!" he thought, remembering one of her nicknames that she had shared with him.  

Derek felt his mom's cunt shrink around his slab and knew she was close to another cum. "Ohhh shit," he sighed, as Monica stong cunt muscles pressed around his peter like a clutched fist.

"Ohhhnyesss!" she shouted, her pretty mouth falling open Shamelessly, the mother of two continued bouncing, showing her skill. "FUCK FUCK FUCK YESSS!!"

Derek could see and feel her rising towards her peak. He knew this was going to be a big one.

Monica felt her son's big cock trigger electric-like jolts of orgasm through her body. Her beautiful legs began to tremble and her face contorted in a look of pleasure that Derek never dreamed he'd see. "OHHHFUCKINGCUMMMINGMOTHERFUCKERSSSS!!" she screamed.

Her announcement reminded Derek of the video of Monica in her younger years. How cocky and selfish his mother was and rightly so...she had a hot teen body that could get any guy she wanted. Now in this moment, she was that same sexy self-centered little girl, using Derek's big dick to ignite the type of orgasm she rarely got with her husband.

Hot girl cum shot around Derek's prick. He could feel it trickling down his balls and across his asshole. Her pussy slot squeezed and rippled around every inch of his prick as it continued slithering through the hot sponge grip. Derek was helpless. There was no way in hell an inexperienced teen could get this type of fuck without blowing his nuts.

"Ugh! Cumming, Mom!!" He whimpered, arching his back.

A huge ribbon of hot spunk erupted from his pisshole, splashing againt the head of Monica's cervix. His organ pulsed as six more shots of cum squirted out coating Monica's cunt tube with goo. The juicy orgasm seemed to go on and on until the boy literally passed out from the pleasure.

A little while later Derek woke to a fog. Half-conscious he could see someone riding him and feel the warm snug sensations on his dick. Over the huge rounded undersides of her tits, Derek saw Kathy peer down at him, her face masked with pleasure. "Ohh God, such an amazing dick!" she sighed. 

"Ohhhh yeeeaahh." he muttered, as he felt her cunt-socket compress around his shaft.

"Uuugghhh!!!" he heard Kathy's girlish voice scream and felt her cum washing along his prick.

Again he lost consciousness. His eyes peered open somewhat later to feel Monica laying on top of him, her sweat soaked tits pancacked against his chest. He could hear the beat of music and feel her cunt squeezing slowly up and down his shaft. "Ooohhh woow!" he moaned, wrapping his arms around her soft frame.

Hearing this Monica lifted her head and peered down into his eyes. She fed him a sensual kiss, tightening her cunt on his rigid love-muscle. Gazing, she whispered softly. "Mmm, mommy's hot young fucker."

Her words made Derek shutter. His mother's lips curled. "You see see how the pleasure can just go on and on?"

 She smiled warmly and the last thing Derek remembers was her soft whisper as he felt his dick start to spurt. "That's it, sweetie, cum with mommy."

Derek woke up later on his own bed. He was suprised to find that he'd been showered and dressed. He must have really been out of it because he hardly remembered them doing that. "Fuck, how long did I sleep." he thought.

He looked at his clock and saw that it was just after two-thirty. He heard a tap on his door and was suprised to see his dad step in. "Hey sport, how you doing?"

"I'm ok, just took a little nap I guess," he muttered. 

Ken stopped at his bedside. "So did you and your mother start your sex education today?"

"Yeah, we uhmm, we started this morning."

"That's good...and uh, you sure you're ok with your mom doing this?" Ken asked awkwardly.

"Yeah dad, totally," Derek said, trying not to sound too eager. 

"Ok good, just wanted to make sure. So your fist day...I'm assuming your mom covered how to hold a girls hand, maybe how to give her nice hug."

"No, she didn't, but I already know all that stuff anyway."

"Ohh ok, so what types of things did she cover with you?" Ken asked.

Derek blushed. "I don't know, I feel kinda funny sayin."

"It's no big deal, son. I told your mom that, as your father, I'd kinda like to be a part of this too. Maybe give you some manely advice here and there....answer any questions that you may not wanna ask your mom."

"Oh, well that's cool. Actually I do have a couple questions then, dad."

Ken smiled and sat at the edge of his bed.  "Of course...shoot."

"Ok, um, all those sexy things that girls wear. Is a guy suppose to buy them for her, or does she buy them?"

"You mean like robes, nightgowns, those sorts of things?"

"Yeah kinda, well after you left and she knew I was watching, mom took off her robe in the hallway. She had on these super-cool see-through panties with a heart cut out of the butt part.

"Oh really?" Ken asked, his stomach sinking. He never knew his wife owned such panties, but imagined what her luscious ass would look like in them..

Derek looked over at his wheelchair. To his suprise the panties were still on the seat. "Wait, that's them right there."

Ken picked up the dainty panties and looked them over. He was suprised at how skimpy they were and pictured the heart cutout stretched over the globes of his wife's ass. "No, I didn't buy these. She was wearing these in front of you?"

"Well for a few minutes, then she took them off."

"In front of you?" Ken asked.

"Of course, she doing my sexual training, so of course she's gonna get naked dad."

"Yeah I umm...suppose so." Ken asked, trying to shake the jealous anger that was creeping in. 

"So there's this other thing I've noticed, .that I'm really curious about."

"What's that?"

"While mom was giving me a blowjob, I noticed she spent alot of time swirling her tongue around on the tip of my, you know, my penis. I was just wondering if all girls like to do that?"

"Wait a minute, you're mother gave you a blowjob?"

"Derek, you don't have to answer that," Came a voice from the doorway. Monica stepped inside in terrycloth robe and bare feet. "What are you doing home so early?" she asked her hubby, seeming slightly annoyed.

"Well, thought I'd come home and see how things were going. Clearly, a little different than what I thought I agreed to."

"You agreed to a sex education and that's what I'm giving him."

"Blowjobs? Really Monica?" Ken asked in a disappointed tone.

"Don't you dare question the way I choose to go about Derek's training. You agreed to whatever I needed to do for two weeks, remember? That was the deal," Monica said sternly.

"Do you even have a plan, or are you two just fooling around all day?"

Monica put her hands on her hips defensively. "Fooling around?! Really, Ken?"

"I'm just there a training plan at all?"

"Of course I have a plan, Ken. Do you really think I haven't put some thought into this?" 

"Ok, so what's the training plan for the rest of the week?"

Monica glared at him. "That's between Derek and I."

"See, just what I mean, there IS no plan."

"Ken, why are you doing this? We had a two week, no questions asked, agreement, did we not?"

"No one ever said anything about no questions asked. In fact I thought you agreed to me being a part of this to a certain extent. I was just curious about how you were going as about all this."

"Fine, you want the plan, here it is. Today and tomorrow, blowjobs and intercourse. Wednesday and Thursday, cunnlingus and intercoarse. Friday and Saturday is anal sex. We follow the same routine next week."

Ken's face sunk. "Wait just a fucking minute. Anal sex? You can't be serious Monica?!"

"I told you I was teaching him everything and that's what I intend to do."

Derek's heart raced. He tried his best to keep from getting hard. "Holy fuck, anal sex? I'm gonna fuck her ass. Mom's really gonna let me fuck her ass." he thought. 

Ken gazed at his wife furiously. "Yeah, but anal sex?! Seriously?"

"Anal is a common form of sexual pleasure and it requires a different style of penetration, you know that," Monica explained.

Ken just stood there and shook his head. Monica stepped up to him. "Now if you'll excuse us, we have some afternoon training to get to."

"I wanna watch."

Monica glared at him. "No Ken, absolutely not."

"You told me I could, that was part of the agreement, remember?"

"I said you could peek in once in awhile, not sit in and observe. Go!" Monica said. 

"I'll sit in the corner, won't bother either one of you."

Monica rolled her eyes, then looked a Derek. "Sweetheart?"

Derek swallowed the lump in his throat, amazed that his dad was even serious about watching them.. "Up to you, Mom."

"Can you pretend like he's not there?"

Derek glanced awkwardly at his father. Yes it would seem weird, but clearing it was one of the conditions to them being able to do this in the first place, so he couldn't object. "Yeah, I think so."

Monica looked back at her husband with a serious glare. "Not a peep...I mean it. We so much as hear you breath and you're out."

"Fine," Ken said, backing into the corner and sitting on Derek's desk chair.

Monica strode over and sat on her boy's bedside. "Hi," she said with a cute smile.


Monica glanced annoyingly at her husband. "Sure you're ok with that?" she whispered so only her son could hear. 

"If you are."

"Yeah...might be a little wierd, but it was one of the conditions to the agreement. If he keeps his mouth shut,  we can just zone him out. How did you like your morning?" Monica asked.

"It was awesome. I got to see the screaming demon-princess."

Monica giggled. "You did, didn't you? You'll be seeing her alot these next two weeks."

"Sounds good to me."

Monica smiled naughtily. "Me too. Wanna get naked and roll around on the bed?"

"Sure," Derek gulped, trying to ignore the fact that his dad was in the room. 

Ken could see his wife and son whispering this whole time, but couldn't hear them. He saw Monica get up and pull Derek's t-shirt off, followed by his trunks. Without looking at him, Monica walked over by her husband and turned on Derek's stereo. The soft sensual beat of R & B filled the room.

Stepping back to the bed, Monica untied the sash to the robe. It slipped off her shoulders and to her pretty bare feet, exposing her naked body. Ken watched in disbelief as his wife of twenty years shamelessly crawled into bed naked with their boy. "Holy shit," he whispered.

His head filled a mixture of emotions...anger, jealousy and suprisingly arousal. He watched his wife drop on top of their teen, her enormous tits flattening out against his lean chest. She planted a series of kisses along his neck...his chin, and finally his lips.

Ken's mouth fell open as he watched their tongues swirl together. Monica tilted her head and plastered her lips against Dereks. Ken could tell that she was giving him a deep french kiss and it just went on and on and on.  For minutes their lips were locked as the busty mother spun her tongue through Derek's mouth.

Ken gasped as he watched their bodies roll over so that Monica was now on her back. Her knees were raised, silky thighs splayed open with her son's nude frame resting between them. They kissed like newlyweds, Monica's nails combing through the back of her son's hair.

Ken saw them break the kiss, gazing at eachother like no mother and son should. Monica whispered something and Derek's ass rose up a little. He knew there was penatration when his wife gasped and arched her head back in pure pleasure. "This is fucking crazy!" Ken thought, fighting the urge to march out.

Ken watched his wife's tan legs wrap snuggly around Derek, crossing her ankles above his ass. He watched her wide motherly hips start to swivel, pushing her cunt up and down the length of Derek's big hardon. "Ohhh God!" Monica whimpered, loud enough for her husband to hear.  

Ken never dreamed he'd see his wife doing something like this with anyone but him. He marveled at how strong and soft her tan legs looked wrapped around their son. She looked every bit the mature teacher, supporting the young student's full weight as he writhed in the saddle of her soft thighs, pushing his dick deep inside her sexual core.

Ken could barely hear her speaking to Derek. "Ohh yes, you're doing good darling. I wanna teach a new position. We stay this same way, but I throw my legs up so I can wrap my feet around your neck. It's called the butterfly."

"Wow, you can do that?"

"Of course I can sweetie," Monica answered, then easily threw her curvy legs back, wrapping her little bare feet right up around Derek's neck.

"Ohh wow," Derek said excitedly.

"I'm gonna teach you all the great positions," Monica said with a giggle.

For ten minutes Ken sat and gawked at the site in front of him. Derek had propped himself up with his arms, looking down at Monica as their genitals grinded together. He marveled at the site of his mom's round pillowy boobs rolled out on her chest. The tit-flesh swayed and rippled from their rhythm. His dick swelled even more as Monica caressed his check with one of her soft bare feet.

"Ohh fucking hell, mom's sexy," he thought.

For what seemed like hours their eyes were locked. Derek loved the look on his mom's face. As she stared at him, her lips were peeked open, slightly curled into a seductive smile. She was merely showing the thrill of having her own baby boy's big dick buried to her womb.

After a while Monica's legs slid back down against Derek's midsection, her little feet pushing at his ass to get as much of his cock as she could. Ken heard his wife whimper and saw her body quiver. "Aaanngggnghhh shit, I'm cumming!" her cute voice rang out.

Derek and Monica had moved about on the bed and Ken could see his son's big dick slicing steadily through his wife's pink pussy. It was almost obscene the way her hairless labia was stretch around the girthy meat of Derek's erection. Hot girl cum was oozing out, creating a creamy froth of mother son ejaculate. "Ohh Jesus Christ." Ken muttered to himself, shaking his head.

Mother and son made out hungrily. Coiled together, their nude bodies rolled over so that Monica took the top. Ken watched her tan buns bounce atop their boy, feeding his big dick in and out of her motherly twat. They rolled again, Derek on top...Monica's luscious legs folded around him. She scratched her nails down his back, biting his shoulder. "Ohhhh fuck yeaaaaahhh!!" she cried, cumming once again. 

The perfume of hot pussy and girl cum was permeating the bedroom. Ken could tell by the grimace on her face she was creaming hard on their son's cock. 

He was jealous,  but pleased to see that Derek could ride a girl straight through her orgasm. Despite having his mom's hot cum shot around it, the long hard peter continued a steady in and out rhythm, coaxing the sensitive nerve endings along the spongy ridged lining of Monica's birth canal.

"Oooh soo good, honey!" Monica whimpered and as she recovered from one orgasm she found herself being pulled towards an even stronger one. "Oh my God, don't stop!"

Ken watched his wife grip onto their son's shoulders. Their persperation sheened bodies almost seemed fused together as they humped with desperate intensity. Derek's full-sized bed rocked back and forth, thumping against the wall as mom and son fucked harder and faster. "Ohhh Derek, just like that. Don't you dare slow down!!"

Ken swallowed the lump in his throat. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. He doubted that he'd ever fucked his wife this hard and he couldn't deny that their bodies humped together like they were made one another. His wife looked on the verge of orgasmic uphoria. "YES! YESSSS! OHH MY FUCKINGSHIT-YESSSSS!!"

It was all Ken could take. He rushed out of the bedroom and down to the livingroom. However, he couldn't escape the sounds of Monica's orgasmic scream echoing down the hallway.

Monica and her son fucked in earnest.Their bellies slapped together and his balls beat on her ass. Derek's cock hissed up her fuck hole. Her cunt sucked on his cock voraciously, clinging to the contours as he jerked up and back. "Ohhh I love it! Oh God Derek, I fucking love it!" Monica cried.

Derek felt a wave of cunt cum breaking around the wedge of his knob. Monica flexed her cunt muscles, testing his willpower. "Auugghh fuckin Christ, Mom!" the teen whimpered.

"Keep going darling. I'm cumming again. Don't break your rhythm!"

"I'll try...but it feels too good. I don't think I can," Derek gasped.

"Yes you can, sweetheart. Clench your ass until you feel your balls tighten up."

"Ok," Derek said, doing as instructed.


"A little bit."

He fell back into pace with her. "Good, fuck me hard for a few more minute and we'll cum together."

For five more minutes their glistening bodies moved together in the heat of a very intense missionary-style fuck. "That's the way to fuck, baby!" she screamed, clutching frantically to her handsome son's lurching body. 

 Derek's bed whined as it rocked violently. "HARDERRR!!!" Monica cried, clutching her son's ass with her nails to pull as much cock as she could get.

Their sweat soaked genitals beat together as Derek's throbbing hardon pounded through Monica's mature pussy. "YESSS, BABY, JUST LIKE THAT. FASTERRR!!" she screamed.

Derek fucked with everything he had, his ass now a blur as he punched his dick home. He lifted his head, gazing down at his mom's face. Her eyes were wide, lips open in a desperate pant as she stared back at him. "Ready?" she cried.

"Ohh Godd yeah," he whimpered.

Monica arched her head back as Derek felt her lush body strain. "Oohh fuckingshit let's cumm!!" she squeeled.

Their bodies crested at once, exploding in mutual orgasm. On and on their tangled limbs jerked and trembled as if they were throwing the juicy pleasure back and forth between eachother. When it was over Monica rolled Derek onto his side, but kept her strong legs around him and his prick tucked deep inside her swampy cunt.

For minutes they said nothing, just gazed into eachothers eyes lovingly. Derek dug seeing his mom freshly fucked, her hair tangled, her faced masked with persperation. 

"Did I do ok?" he asked.

Monica kept staring and it wasn't excactly a motherly stare. She bit her bottom lip. "Uh-huh."

It was only when Derek began slowly moving his cock back and forth in her pussy that she was suddenly aware that her son hadn't lost his erection. She couldn't believe it when his rigid boner began thrusting in and out of her pussy with the same gusto as before his ejaculation. "Hang on, Mom, here we go again!!"

Monica's eyes lit up with an excited thrill. "Ohh honey, YESSS!!"

Derek's pleasure was doubly intensified by the feel of his cock swelling thicker and harder as it pistoned in and out between the soft fleshy folds of her hotly squeezing cunt. The exquisite sensations tingling up and down the length of his throbbing boner were almost blowing the young man's mind. "Ohhh shit, Mom," he whimpered.

He rose onto his elbows so he could watch his mom's tits roll on her chest while he fucked. "Oh damn your tits are soo big, mom." 

Monica smiled proudly, her huge pillowy breasts with large thick areolas wobbling around like big fleshy waves. "You like these big ol boobs darling?"

"I'd be crazy not to."

"Why don't you lean down here and give them some attention while you fuck," Monica urged.

As he continued thrusting, Derek leaned over and buried his face in a mound of soft tit-flesh. Spongy breast meat oozed around his face as the teen lashed his tongue acrossed her thick hardened nipple. 

The shameless mother's eyes rolled back, her mouth open with a smile and her tongue hung out lustfully. "Ohhh that's it honey. Girls love to have their titties chewed and sucked on."

Derek sucked the tip of Monica's boob, stuffing as much into his mouth as he could get. His tongue fluttered back and forth on her nipple, battering it like a speed ball punching bag. He let his teeth sink into the rough texture of her areola and emmediately felt her cunt tighten up around his thrusting peter. "Oh wow, mom's liking this," he thought.

"Ohh yes baby, chew on those big titties!"

The more he chewed the tighter her pussy shrunk around his pole until it finally turned to cream. "Ohhhhh fuuuuckingshit!! Monica squeeled, arching her back off the bed.

"Mmmnnnpphh," Derek giggled into her boob pridefully as he continued laying his dick into her in a slow steady rhythm.

The teen looked up at his mom as he felt her sweaty naked body convulse. Monica's big boob hung by it's nipple from the teen's mouth as he continued to suck. 

"Ohh yeah! I'm pleasuring the shit out of her," Derek thought as he watched his mom's sweet face contort.

The boy was caught by suprise as the buxom beauty clutched onto him and rolled them over, taking the top. "Ooonngod, you amazing motherfucker!" Monica whimpered before locking lips for a deep french kiss.

Derek's heart raced excitedly as their tongues wrestled. "Holy wow! Mom's really starting to get nasty," he thought. His cock had slipped from her cunt and he could feel the girl-cum dripping off of it. 

Monica raised up and Derek could see the desperate lust on her face. This wasn't the mom he knew before. This was his mom the sexual animal. She reached down, clutched his rod and drug its barbed tip back and forth between her soaking labial folds. "Ohh honey, look how wet my pussy is. Do you see what you're doing to this girl?"

Both of them sighed as Derek's boner sank into the slippery hotness of Monica's pussy. "Ohh mom, it's so hot and juicy," the teen muttered.

Finally feeling his lusty balls against her bare ass, she looked down at him with adoration through her half-closed eyes. "And your dick is soo long, thick and hard, darling. It's every woman's dream."

Leaning forward, Monica braced her hands on his broad shoulders and began fucking her cunt up and down over his throbbing boner.

Looking at his mother's excited face with her long brown hair swirling around it, Derek couldn't get over how unbelievably sexy she was. Staring at her loveliness as she lustily fucked over him, he noted her flawless tan skin as her big luscious tits obscenely bounced to the tempo of her lurching body. "Oohh man!" he muttered.

Monica smiled down at him as she bounced on his loins. "What?" she said with a smile.

"You're just soo hot, mom."

"Am I? Is someone getting a crush on his naked mommy?" she teased.

"Well, uh..yeah."

Monica giggled, flexing her cunt around his young peter. "Well good, cuz his naked mommy's getting a naughty crush on him too. Big time."

Derek smiled. "Really?"

"Yeahh, swinging that big dick around...stuffing it inside mommy and impressing the hell out of her."

"I'm getting better, right?"

"That you are, but in case you haven't noticed, mommy's on top now and it's time for her to show you what SHE can do."

Monica lush body rode her teen like a pornstar, really showing her skill. Derek's cock thundered up and down her creamy twat, stroked and squeezed by the tight sponge-ridged lining of her cunt-tube. "Oohh hell yeah!!" the teen sighed, watching her huge tits flop up and down. 

Carried away by heavenly excitement, Derek began thrusting his hips up to meet every downward plunge of his mother's overheated cunt.

"Oohhh fucking hotshot huh?! Monica shouted, then stopped bouncing and grinded on his erection, her soft motherly hips swiveling up and back. "Well take that, hotshot.""

A jolt of pleasure shot through Derek's dong as he felt it being stirred in the hot juicy grip of Monica's cunt. He felt his nob slipping back and forth over the spongy head of her cervix, so close to the womb that once held him. "Holy shit! OOOH WOW!" he sighed, arching his head back in pleasure.

"Oooohhh is it throbbing baby-boy? Is mommy's pussy setting that big dick on fire?" Monica said, then went back to work bouncing on his dick, her meaty tan buns jiggled as they struck his balls over and over. 

Derek tongue hung from his mouth as he looked up at his mom's sweaty tits. The pendulous twin mounds swung around wildly and beat together, persperation dripping from the teets. Derek always hoped he'd get to see them, but never dreamed he'd see them this way.

He suddenly felt the sting of a sharp slap at his leg. Monica glared at him through gritted teeth. "Set those hips back in motion. Fuck it right back at this girl!" Monica commanded. 

Derek pushed his hips up to meet her thrusts and it wasn't long before they found a rhythm. "There you go, baby. That's the way we girls like to get fucked," Monica panted. 

"Well however you want it, mom."

Monica giggled. "You're so cute. Sit up here."

"What?" Derek said, raising to his elbow.

"Come on sit up here, you're like this,"  Monica said, pulling him upright into the sitting position. Still riding his prick, she wrapped her arms around him, pulling him in for a tit-squasher. Derek's face sunk down between her wet squishy breasts as she embraced him. "Now, look up here," Monica said softly.

His head now tucked in her massive cleavage, the teen looked up into his mother's hovering face. She smiled down at him lustfully, her cunt still slipping up and down his erection. "Mmm tucked between mom's tits, just where you belong," she said.

"You have the nicest tits in the world, mom."

Monica used her arms to compress her boobs around her boy's head so only Derek's face peeked out of the massive cleavage. Her big brown eyes gazed down at him, lips curling into a possessive smile. "Tomorrow, mom's gonna take these nice tits and wrap them around your big cock...teach you how to tittie-fuck a girl."

"Ohhh damn, bet I'll love that."

Ken sat in the livingroom, his hands still shaking. It had been a little while since he heard his wife's orgasm and now curiosity was once again getting the best of him. 

He crept down the hallway and took a peek inside Derek's room. He was a little suprised to find them still going at it. It had been well over two hours since he had left the bedroom and his wife and son were still fucking like bunnies.

His wife was facing the door riding Derek reverse cowgirl. He had a clear view of Monica's twat, her cunt lips splayed out against the root of Derek's prick, his balls mashed against her clit. He watched his wife's matronly hips swivel skillfully up and back, over and over, stirring her core with stiff teenaged dick. 

Monica's naked body was coated with a sheen of sweat, her hair wet and disheveled. Ken noticed that her tits were huge and engorged...even more so that usual. Her nipples were so big and swollen they looked ready to pop. 

"Ohhh yeeaaahh," he heard his son whimper. Ken knew his wife had a skillful pussy, with strong cunt muscles that must have been giving Derek's cock exquisite pleasure.

Ken's eyes traveled up to discover his wife looking back at him. Despite being observed Monica didn't miss a beat, her hips swiveling like a well oiled machine, grinding her juicy cunt on Derek's erection. 

Ken forced a smile, but Monica was all business, returning only a tiny, almost defiant little grin. She reached down and combed her long nails across Derek's hairless scrotum, stroking his nuts a few times. "That's it, you're doing good, sweetie," she said.

"It feels so good, Mom," Ken heard his son say. 

Monica peeked back at her boy. "I know it does, love. Ready for mom to go a little faster?"

Derek lifted his head and peered down at the straddling beauty. The sweaty globes of her tan buttocks rested on his loins and he could see her buns flexing as she glided on his cunt smothered peter. "Sure...if you want."

Monica peered back, feeding her boy a mischivious grin. "When I do you're probably gonna be ready to spurt off pretty quick...and what do you do if you start to feel all those cummies getting anxious?"

"Tighten my ass, until my orgasm goes away."

"That's right, love. The longer you fuck the more girl cum you'll get to feel squirting along the shaft of your hardon." Monica said as she picked up the tempo.

The buxom beauty glanced at her husband as her body grinded twice as fast as before. One thing Ken knew for sure is that his wife knew how to fuck. Monica could move her body like a pornstar and right now she was showing her skill.

"Hhhuuuuggghhh!" Derek groaned, feeling his tender cock stirring around inside the hot squeezing cunt. 

Monica peered back at him again,  hips still swiveling wildly. "Tighten!" she instructed.


"Keep tightening honey!"

"Ohhh God, feels too good," Derek whimpered.

"I know it does sweet baby. Keep tightening and let the pleasure subside."

"I'm trying. Ohhh God damn!" Derek moaned, his head twisting with pleasure.

"That's my baby, get that pussy...GET IT!!" Monica shouted encouragingly as she felt her orgasm building.

"Ohhh yeahh...shit you're tightening up again!" Derek sighed, rising onto his elbows.

Suddenly Monica grinded frantically. "Uuughgggoood!" she cried.

Ken saw his wife's beautiful body stiffen up like a board. She clinched her fists, raising them up slightly and let loose an orgasmic scream that shot through the house. 

Her knees trembled raising up so her feet were now flat on the bed and she was literally sitting on her son's dick, still fucking it frantically. Monica reached back for her boy's hand and pulled him up into the sitting position behind her. Her body shook and she thrust her tits out so far it looked like they could shoot off her chest. 

Derek's cock dislodged from her cunt and a jet of girl-cum skimmed acrossed it and onto the bed. "OHHHHFUCKINGSHIIIT!!" Monica cried as her lush hips trembled and she splayed her thighs open lewdly shooting another gush of juice towards her husband.

Ken's jaw dropped. It was the most obscene, yet amazing thing he had ever seen. He looked at his son's dripping cock as it pulsed with excitement, the shiny barbed head pointed straight at him. He saw his wife grab the dick frantically and stuff it right back in to her greedy cunt. 

Derek felt more cunt juice break along his cock-wedge as his big dick sunk into the hot grip of pulsing pussy. Monica now held his hands which were were wrapped around her tightly, squashing her big tits in a vice-grip.

Ken watched his wife crane her head back towards Derek's face. Her long pink tongue snaked out of her mouth, then wagged up and down hornily, searching for Dereks. The boy was quick to respond, providing his mother with his own tongue for her to whip hers around on. 

Ken watched their pink lickers wrestle. Monica was still shaking, still grinding her cunt on Derek's dick. Ken had never seen her act like this. It was like she couldn't get enough. 

The busty mother tightened her cunt muscles, expertly milking her son's long peter. Ken's saw his son's balls suddenly jump in their sack. "Ooohhhhhnnngggod!!" Derek groaned as huge ropes of hot spunk squirted out his piss-slit. 

"Ohhh cum my baby!" Monica squeeled, still trembling from her own juicy orgasm.

The youth grunted and growled as his orgasm tore through his tense young body. He wrapped his strong young arms around his mother's body and held her tightly to him. Her warm silky tits oozing between his arms as he filled her cunt with his cock-cream.

After watching their bodies collapse in a sweaty heap Ken retreated back to the livingroom and watched part of a game. It took his heat about ten minutes to stop racing and for his own erection to go down. 

"Are you ok?" Derek asked as his mom lay against him.

She lifted her head and fed him a little smile. "I'm not really sure."

"I didn't hurt you did I?"

Monica giggled. "Oh honey no...God no. Quite the contrary."

"What is it then?"

"I..... no, never mind. I should get a shower, get dinner started." She said, sliding off the bed. Derek still had her hand and she stopped and looked down at him. Her big tits were sweaty and heaving as she stared down with lustful eyes. As they gazed, she bit her bottom lip, then smiled naughtily. "Stop!' she said, slipping out of his grip.

"Stop what?" he asked, watching her big titties bobble around as she picked up the robe and slipped it on. 

"You know what."

"I do?"

She smiled as she looked at the cum drenched matress. "Your bedding is soaked. I'll be back in a little bit to throw it in the wash."


Derek watched her step to the door, the swell if her meaty behind swayed teasingly. Monica stopped at the door and fed him serious look. "I'm suppose to be teaching you, not falling in love with you."

Derek smiled back, his cock twitching with excitement. "Holy shit! Is mom really falling in love with me,"  he thought.

The next morning Derek's dick hardened as he heard his father's car pull out of the garage. He knew he was dropping his little brother off at preschool, leaving him and his mother home all alone.

The teen got himself out of bed, washed up and was combing his hair when Monica arrived in the bedroom doorway. "Good morning," she sang sweetly.

Derek gasped when he caught site of what she was wearing. Monica's hands were on her hips, her big tits thrust out beneath a pink wife-beater tank top. Her bottoms were a pair of Daisy Duke denims, which were so skimpy they looked like a pair of booty-shorts.

 The odd part of her attire was the his father's tool belt she had fastened around her waist, a hammer hanging heavily from it.  Derek's eyes traveled down her smooth tan legs to her cute little feet, which were adorned in pink flip flops. "Ready to help me build something?" she said, her dark hair back in a pony.

"Build something?" Derek asked.

"Yep, I wanna build something for you...well, for us. Come on."

Derek followed his mom down the hallway, his eyes glued to her undilating buttocks. The shorts were so skimpy he could see the luscious ass-cheeks spilling out the bottoms. "Damn, just when I thought she couldn't get any sexier,"  he thought.

Monica stepped down into the garage and Derek watched her work from the doorway. "So what on earth are you making us Mom?"

She flashed him a teasing smile, lifting a two-by-six board from the woodpile. "You'll see."

She plopped the board down on her husband's miter saw. "This one should do Just have to cut it into pieces."

"Don't hurt yourself, Mom."

"I know how to work these things. I'm pretty good at working your tool, aren't I?" she said with a cute wink. 

Derek giggled. "Yeah, that you are."

"Fifteen inches should do it," she said, then made her cut. "Now, seven more just like this."

"Seven more? What's this thing gonna be?"

"I'll give you a one word hint and that's all," Monica said.


She smiled slyly. "Doggy."

She sawed her boards as Derek was left wondering. "Doggy? Like...doggy-style?" he thought.

"Ok, now we just have to stack these things and nail them together," Monica said.

The busty mother fumbled with the hammer, tapping at the first nail awkwardly. "Oohh, come on!"

Derek giggled and wheeled himself over to assist. "Mom, let me help you."

Monica gave him the hammer. "Thanks, honey. Guess mom's not quite as good in the workshop as she is in bed."

Derek stacked the boards, nailing them together easily. "There, now what?"

Monica unclipped the belt and set it down. "All finished. Now we take it to the bedroom and try it out."

"Ok, but I still have no idea what this thing is."

"Well then, darling better come along and find out," Monica said, carrying her creation into the house.

Derek followed her down to her bedroom and watched her set the block of boards onto the bed. "Ok, the first thing we need is a pillow," she said, then lay her husband's pillow length-wise across the top of the boards. She turned and gazed at Derek. "Now we just need a naked teenager."

Monica helped Derek to the bed and stripped off his clothes. "Now there's just one more thing we need....a nice hard erection."

The eager mother nudged her boy so he laid back on the bed. Derek rose up on his elbows and watched her slip her bare feet from the flip-flops and crawl onto the bed with him. Kneeling beside him, Monica slipped his rising peter into her mouth, pulling at it with deep slurping sucks.

"Oh wow," he muttered, watching his mother's ovaled lips glide up and down, from root to nob.

Then she began licking the shaft of his hard prick up and down. Her tongue curled around the dripping head of his cock, tickling the supersensitive underside. "Ohhh man, mom!"

While sucking his dick, Monica clutched his nuts, squeezing them tenderly. His prick slipped wetly from her mouth, rising slowly as it swelled with blood. Her long pink tongue lashed across the tip, scubbing his glans. "Ohhh shit," Derek's body shuttered, his cock rising into a hardon.

"I'm gonna take you deep in my throat. Remember what to do?" Monica asked.

"Uh huh."

Monica sucked his dick, her pretty lips lowering until they were pressed against his cock-hilt. Derek grabbed her ponytail and held her head tight against his groin. He could feel his cock throbbing wildly in her throat. Monica let out a throaty gurgldd sound, which startled the teen, so he let go of her head.

He looked down at his mom, but she didn't come up for air. Her big brown eyes gazed up at him, lips still plastered around the root of his prick. "Huh-uhhmm!" She hummed her displeasure at him letting go.

Derek grabbed her pony again and pressed her head into his lap. He rocked his hips slightly, fucking his hard prick through the ring of her gullet. After what seemed like forever, his mom tapped and came up for air.

"Jesus, mom, .how do you do that?"

Monica giggled. "Oh honey, it's just what we moms do. Ready to try out our new creation?"


"Ok, I want you to think of it like a horse saddle. You're just gonna straddle it, like you're riding a horse."

Derek shook his head, still not understanding its purpose. "Ohhh k."

Monica helped him straddle the wood block so that the pillow rested firmly between his legs. "Now just scootch to the edge, sweetie."

Derek did as she told him, scooting to the edge of the wooden block. Monica rose to her knees, with an elated expression as she saw how his hard dick stuck straight out. "Oh my God,  that's perfect. Do you feel steady, honey?" she asked.

"Yeah, perfectly steady."

"Holy shit, it's perfect! We did it!" she cheered then fed his a few wet kisses.

Derek giggled. "Did what, mom? What now?"

Monica jumped from the bed and whipped off her Daisy Duke shorts. "Well, what was the one-word hint I gave you?"


Derek watched her slide her black thong panties down her smooth legs, stepping out of them. She quickly crawled back onto the bed, taking a position on her hands and knees in front of him. She peered back with a smile, the naked globes of her meaty behind wagging anxiously. "That's right...doggy. I told you I was going to teach you every position and I meant it."

Derek's heart about leaped out of his chest with excitement. "Holy hell...I'm gonna fuck Mom doggie-style." he thought. 

"Derek..." the mother said with a sultry smile as she slowly crawled backwards, "I'm comin' back."

The teen watched the crack of her juicy slit as it moved back towards his perfetly alligned hardon. The shaved folds stretched around the tip of his prick and Derek watched his boner slowly disappear inside her wet coral slit. "Ohhh man," he whimprred.

Finally, his prick was completly buried and Monica's soft tan buns pressed snuggly against his abdomen. "Ohh Mom," The teen muttered, encased in the hot grip of her cunt.

"Welcome back," she giggled, watching his reaction as she flexed her cunt muscles, gripping tightly around the long brick-hard cylinder of cock-meat inside her. "I missed you," she said loving.

Derek gazed down. He loved his mom's mature ass and the way her naked hips flared out sexily. Her mommy-buns felt so soft and warm squashed against him.

Monica continued to peer back over her shoulder, pleasingly watching her boy gawk. "You can squeeze my ass honey. It's not gonna bite."

Derek reached down and ran his hands all over his mom's lush behind. He dug his fingers into the soft yet firm flesh.

"Feels nice, doesn't it, sweetie?" Monica asked.

"Hell yeah it does."

"Think you can handle watching that ass beat against you all morning?"

"Ohhh yeah," he muttered, so turned on he could hardly breathe. 

"Then I guess I better set these hips in motion, teach you how to really fuck a girl doggy-style."

Monica moved first, her clinging pussy dragged halfway up his cockshaft, then slid back to the root.

Her pussy was working like a squeeze box, driving him wild. He tightened his grip on her ass and began to move with her, in counterpoint. As her loins slid down he thrust his cock up to meet her, and as he withdrew she rolled her pelvis, winding her cunt hole on his prick. "That's it, darling...goood,"  Monica sighed.

Soon mother and son were moving in perfect doggy fucking rhythm. Derek loved hearing his mom's ass slap against him and his tongue hung out as watched her buns ripple, striking his abdomine over and over. 

"Ohh God, mom...this is soo cool!"

"You like this position, honey?" Monica asked.

"Holy wow yeah!"

Monica giggled, clutching his prick with her experienced cunt as she looked back at him. "Grab my hips now baby, it'll give you more leverage so you can really start laying it into me."

Derek gripped his mom's soft hips firmly and she threw her ass back at him with greater intensity. With a nice hold, the teen thrust his hips, laying his dick in with deep powerful thrusts. "Oooh yeah," the teen sighed. 

"There you go my baby, just like that!" Monica shouted excitedly.

Derek's cock thundered up and down her cunt, his swollen cock-head pounding against her back wall. The rubbery ridged cunt walls began to shrink around the assaulting hardon, preparing to soak it with orgasmic juices.

"Ohhh my God... Oh God my yes! YESSS!!" The gorgeous mother threw her head back, letting loose a scream of pleasure that rang out through the house.

Hot girl cum broke along the wedge of Derek's nob and squirted along his thrusting slab as it fucked steadily. A pleasurable jolt shot up his cock and into his balls. "Ohhh fuck!!"

Still gasping, Monica shouted back instruction. "Tighten!"

The teen tightened his ass, making his own orgasm subside while keeping a steady cunt fucking pace. He could feel the juice dripping off his swinging balls and see his mom's body trembling. "I'm controling it, Mom...not gonna cum."

"Ooohh that's my baby," Monica sang, swinging her ass back to meet his thrusts. "Come on, let's test that willpower!"

The bed began creaking as they engaged in a heated fuck. Monica lifted her tank to her neck, letting her big naked mommy-tits swing on her chest. She glared back at her boy, pounding her ass back against him. "Come on baby, keep giving this girl a nice hard doggy fuck!"

Derek was almost hypnotized by the repetitive beat of his mom's buns against his midsection. He wanted nothing more than to impress the hell out of her, so he kept at it. Even as Monica's body was struck with one juicy orgasm after another, the hard-dicked teen kept up a steady fuck.

The proud mother looked back at her teen, watching him thrust. He looked up at her and she smiled sweetly back at him. "Do you like fucking, sweetie? Do you like the way a pussy feels around your cock?"

"Oh hell yeah!"

"You keep fucking this good babe and you'll have more pussy than you can handle."

"Huh, ok by me," Derek said confidently.

As they kept a steady pace, Monica's gave her son an impressed gaze, her eyes traveling wantonly up his lean sweaty chest. "Look at you, mister king of the universe...mounting his mom's ass and giving her a nice long doggy-fuck."

Derek suddenly slapped his mom's ass, making her scream and giggle. "Ohh yeah, slap that ass you fucking stud!"

Derek stuck her ass again. "Come on, Mom, let's go!" he said, thrusting his peter deep into her cunt with authority.

Monica fed him an evil grin, her tongue flicking between the teeth of her open mouth. "Ohhh, you are in trouble mister!"

She tighted her cunt muscles and swung her ass back with greater intensity. Derek slapped it again and she let loose an excited girl-scream.
The bed whined as it rocked beneath them. Pleasure shot through Monica's naked body as she shamelessly pounded her ass back against her thrusting teen. "Oh fuck yes! Ohh Derek! Oh Shit, grab my hips and fuck the shit out of me!!" she cried, rising towards another orgasm.

 It wasn't long before she screamed as her pussy turned to cream.

After a solid hour of hardcore doggy-fucking the proud mom peeked back at her boy. "Oh baby, let's make you cum. You earned it," Monica said.

Derek panted heavy as felt his cum building.. "Mom, can I cum on your ass?"

"Of course you can, baby."

"Sweet!" he said, grabbing her hips and really laying it to her.

It seemed almost surreal the way the perspiration-sheened globes of his own mom's luscious tan buttocks was being thrown back at him. The way the meaty ass-flesh would ripple each time it struck him was one of the most amazing things he'd ever seen. Hot cum rose quickly from his nut-sack. "Ohhh Goddamn!!"

"Come on honey, paint Mommy's ass with your cum!" Monica shouted.

At the last second Derek slipped his big wet dick from her cunt and stroked it furiously."Ohhhnnnshit!" he wailed as huge hot ribbons of spunk fired from his cannon, splashing out in slimy strands across Monica's ass.

Monica smiled naughtily, wagging her buttocks as her teen milked out every drop of cum from his lance. "There you go, sweetie...jerk out all the yummy pleasure."

After Derek squeezed out ever drop Monica guided him down on top of her, sprawling out on her stomach on the bed. "Slip it back inside my pussy and lay down on me," she said.

Derek sprawled against her sweaty backside and his still-hard prick wormed deep inside her cunt as he lay his head on her shoulder. "Damn...feels so good laying against mom's ass like this."  he thought.

She lifted her head and smiled. "Comfy?"

"Ohh yeah."

She squeezed his cock with her cunt, making him gasp.

Monica giggled. "Never knew your mom's pussy had such skill, did you?"

Derek and Monica lay there for at least an hour, her cunt squeezing and nipping at his big dick. The lucky teen finally fell asleep and when he woke he was still in his parents bed, but Monica had slipped out from under him.

He heard the shower in the master bath running. He looked through the open doorway and realized he had a perfect view of the shower from where he was laying. The glass shower door was completely clear, allowing him to watch his mom wash in full HD.

Monica used a luffa to soap up gorgeous tan body. Her huge mature breasts bobbled heavily on her chest as a river of suds ran down into the canyon between them. She tilted her lovely head back, her hair wet and slicked as she rinsed her curvy body. Her unblemished skin glistened and Derek confirmed once again that his mom was truely a Goddess of a woman.

He watched her dry off and sashay back into the bedroom completely naked. "Well hello there, sleepyhead."

"I didn't even hear you get up," the teen said. 

"Wanted to sneak away and get a shower, get my body nice and clean for your next lesson."

"Nice. Do we have to make something for this one?"

Monica laughed. "No, not this time. In fact, your already in the perfect position for this lesson. Close your eyes."

Derek did as she asked and could feel his mom slipping onto the bed. "Ok, open them up."

He opened his eyes and gasped as he lifted his head. Monica's shaved pussy was inches from his face, her labia splayed open like butterfly wings. Her legs were bowed apart, knees way back into the birthing position. Her big boobs hung off the sides of her chest and she smiled down at her boy, resting on her elbows. "It's time for you to learn how to eat pussy."

Ken had a hard time concentrating at work. It seemed all he could think about was his wife and son. He wondered what they were at home doing at that moment, knowing it must be something sexual. Part of him was angry. Part of him was jealous, but of part of him was also extremely aroused by what they were doing together. He wondered what was going on at home at that moment. Were they fucking? Was his wife of twenty years sucking their son's dick?"

Curiosity got the best of him and he decided to swing by the house during his lunch hour. Sneaking inside, he wasn't at all suprised to hear his wife moaning and panting from down the hallway. 

Ken peeked inside the bedroom to see Derek eating away at Monica's pussy. At this point, he had been going at it awhile and from the looks of things was getting pretty fucking good at it. Monica's tan legs were practically wrapped around the teen's head, her back arching from the bed as jolt of pleasure shot through her lush body. "YESSSS!" She screamed.

Young Derek was hooked. His head spun as he experienced the taste and aroma of wet pussy. His tongue plowed through her folds, lashing furiously across the fat nub of her clitoris. "Oh baby, just like that...up and down the crack of my cunt!" Ken heard his wife gasp.

Derek ate at her pussy like a starving dog, his whipping tongue laving in her dripping juices.

"Ungghh, unh, oh fuck, unh, unh, unh, cuuummmiiiinnnngggg!"" The mother's ass heaved a full half-foot off the bed as the spasm swept through her nakedness.  She clawed her son's head. Fuck juice gushed out of her cunt hole and Derek lapped it all up, alternating between flicks on her clit and slurps in her pussy.

Ken watched in aroused fascination as his skilled son brought his wife off two more times. 

"Oh, that's it sweetie. Stiffen up your tongue now and plow it across my clitoris," Monica cried.

Derek followed her instruction and once again had her shaking. "Ooonnngooddnnnfuckingshittt!!" Monica howled,  her naked body trembling as jolt after jolt of pleasure shot through her. She reached down and held the kid's head tightly against her orgasming cunt. 

Monica moved onto her knees and rolled her boy over onto his back. "Damn mom, I like that alot," he gasped, his face drench in girl-cum..

"I did too, in case you couldn't tell," she giggled, "We're gonna try it in a different position that I guarantee you'll like even more."

"Why do you think I'll like it more?"

"Well, you'll still get to eat pussy, but also have your dick sucked at the same time. It's called the sixty-nine position."

The busty mother straddled her son's head, her juicy cunt resting right on top of his waiting lips. Derek whimpered in delight, wasting no time putting his tongue back to work. Monica smiled pleasingly, wrapped her tiny fist around her boy's hard-on as she leaned down and started sucking. 

Ken was mesmerized as he watched his wife greedily suck their son's dick. Monica's eyes were closed as the ring of her stretched lips glided up and down the tender dong. Ken watched them lower to Derek's balls as she deep throated him. 

Her lips pulled at the fleshy column as they rose to the tip, then lowered once again to his nuts. Ken watched his wife's lips sink into Derek's scotum feeding on the root of his prick. He knew from experience that the real magic was taking place inside her mouth, with her skilled tongue and throat. 

Having no gag reflex allowed the mother to use her gullet to milk her son's cock like a pussy. Her long strong tongue worked tirelessly, giving long drags along the blue-viened shaft and scrubbing the head with looping wet licks. This made Derek's body shutter with pleasure and made him give her cunt whimpering licks. 

It wasn't long before Monica spotted her husband in the doorway. When their eyes met Derek's cock slid from her mouth and her tongue lashed quickly, almost defiantly on the tip.

Monica rose up slightly reaching  back and stroking the hair of Derek's head, which rested below the weight of her smothering ass. "You're doing good, sweetie...just like that."

Derek's tongue slithered and wiggled through the folds of labial meat. It sunk down into her cunt-hole as far as it would could and he felt his mother hump and buck, fucking her wet, throbbing pussy all over his face.

He latched onto her clit and Monica squeeled as a cum hit her out of nowhere.  "Hhhoooo God!!!" She shouted as the buxom beauty creamed on her boy's face.

The trembling mother eagerly beat his meat as she sucked on the head, encouraging the cock juice to come squirting out between her lips.

"Mmmmnnnffff!!" Derek let out a muffled whimper.

Monica made a lewd gurgling noise and hungrily started swallowing her boy's load.The initial blast was followed with long, syrupy ribbons of milk-white cum. Endlessly it poured out of Derek's throbbing prick, as if the naked teen had been holding back his load for months.

Ken watch his wife nurse on the spurting dong, milking out every drop. Monica unstraddled their son and crawled on her hands and knees, planting a series of wet kisses up his body. Her huge hanging tits drug across his chest as she kissed her way to his neck and attacked it with wild flailing licks. 

"Ooohhh shit, mom!" Derek muttered, as she plowed her tongue on the most sensitive spot on his neck.

She raised up and gave him a sultry gaze. "Hey big boy, wanna fuck now?"

Derek smiled, heart pounding. "Of course I do."

"Let's sit you up then. There's a really cool position I want to teach you."

Derek sat up and Monica climbed on board. "Hook your legs in sweetie and I'm gonna sit on your lap and wrap my legs around you. This is called the lotus position"

The mature beauty clutched his erection and fed it inside her creamy cunt, then wrapped her arms around his neck as their bodies came together, her big boobs mashed against his chest. 

"This is nice," the boy sighed.

"It is. It's a very intimate position. We can do lots of kissing and licking and the best part for'll get to feel these great big titties bouncing around on your chest," she said with a giggle.

"I like the sound of that."

Joined at the genitals, mother and son began to make out passionately. Gradually, Monica's curvy body set in motion and soon she was grinding rhythmically on her son's loins, stiring her cunt with his cock. "Ohh baby yes! YES! Just like that!!" she panted.

Ken was still at the doorway, watching them in sick fascination. His wife rested her forehead against her sons', gazing lustfully into his eyes. She was whispering something to him...something naughty. Suddenly her head snapped back and like a howling bitch in heat she let loose an orgasmic cry. "Unnnggghhhh!!!"

Derek felt hot girl cum squirting along his shaft. He could feel her cunt throbbing and pulsating, squeezing his prick with her strong slippery pussy muscles. "Ohh shit," he cried out. 

The pleasure-struck mother suddenly shot forward, latching on to her teen in a tight embrace. With arms tightly coiled around him, her soft tits were now flattened out against his chest. With silky legs bowed around him she dug the heels of her pretty feet into his ass, pulling even more hard dick up into her. "YES...FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUUUUCK!!" She shouted, her motherly hips swiveling like a well oiled machine, fucking the buried prick with mini-thrusts.

"Ohhh damn," Derek sighed, kissing and licking the upper slope of Monica's breast as his face sunk into it. Her cunt shrunk around his pole.

"Cuummmmiiiinnngggg!!" Monica sang and Derek felt her body tremble from it's core.

Ken shook his head as he watched his wife writhe and shake, clutching their son like no mother should. He had never seen her cum this much, already at least a half-dozen times, just since he'd been home. At that moment he knew his sex life and probably his entire marriage was doomed. 

Derek tightened his ass, making his own orgasm subside. He loved that his mom was pretty much using his body for her pleasure and had an idea of how it could be even more mindblowing for her. Because Monica was supporting them with her arms and legs, the teen reached around and sunk his fingers into the meaty globes of her pivoting ass. "Bend down here, Mom. Let me lick your neck."

"Ohhh," Monica responded, leaning over and letting Derek lap at her neck the same way she lapped at his. "Oohhh baby!" she whimpered, shivering excitedly.

While doing this, Derek pulled her ass into him cramming another inch of cock-meat deep inside her. "Ooohhh God yes!!" Monica shouted, her eyes rolling back as she felt his big dick bumping at her uterus.

"Fuck me! Oh God baby, pull me in hard!!" Monica cried.

Derek's fingers sunk in to her ass as he pulled her in so close he could feel her fleshy cunt-lips spread out around the root of his prick. His enflamed nob plowed against the soft head of her cervix and he suddenly felt it shift, tightly clamping around him. 

"Ohhhh baby, I'm cummming! I'm fucking cuuuming again!" The mother announced. 

He felt his mom's long nails dig into his back as every muscle in her body tensed. Monica saw flashes of light and knew she was the verge of strongest orgasm of her life. All at once, the pleasure shot through every part of her naked body. It was so fucking strong she couldn't even scream. Her eyes rolled back in their sockets. Her little toes clenched and her nipples swelled against Derek's chest.

The mother's cunt-tunnel shrunk around the pole, so tight that it couldn't even budge. In an instant, Derek's prick was soaked in hot cream. The feeling was so intense that the boy was helpless in stopping his own cum. Ropes of boiling spunk erupted from his piss-slit, washing Monica's cunt with cum. "Hhhhuuuooohhh!!" Derek howled.

The mutual orgasm went on and on. 

Finally, after minutes passed, their bodies relaxed and Derek heard his mother sniffling. "Mom, are you ok?"

A tear streaked down her cheek as she stared dreamy-eyed at her son. She smiled and nodded, still catching her breath.

Seeing his wife crying Ken awkwardly rushed over. "Monica, are you ok? Are you hurt?"

Monica didn't take her eyes off her son. "No, I'm fine, Ken. Please, just...go."

"Why are you crying babe?" he asked in concern. 

She glared at him. "PLEASE! Just leave us alone."

"Ok," Ken said, backing out of the room. 

Ken went down and sat in the livingroom, trying to take it all in. He knew he had to put an end to this madness. It was clear this was becoming more that just sexual training. The sex they were having was much to intense and passionate..

"Are you sure you're ok Mom?" Derek asked her as they still cuddled on her bed. 

Monica continued to gaze. "Oh sweetheart...I'm crying because that was the most intense orgasm I've ever experienced. And we women...well, we can get very emotional at times like these."

"Well, I'm glad I didn't hurt you."

"No honey, you didn't hurt me, you pleasured me. I grew up a very sexual girl. I've had alot of dick in my life.  Your father and I, we've had a pretty active sex life...and he's done his best to keep up. I've enjoyed alot of pleasure over the years, but NEVER anything like this."

"Sounds like I'm doing ok then," Derek smiled proudly.

"Oh darling, you're doing better than ok. Truth is, the longer we go on with your training, the less this has become just about you. It's become about us. I've fallen in love with you Derek."

"Really?" Derek answered, his head spinning. He knew the feelings she was having were similar to what he himself was experiencing. She was truly the woman of his dream and he doubted any woman could ever compete. 

"Yes. I'm sorry honey, I didn't mean for it to happen...I just..."

"I've fallen in love with you too, Mom." He muttered, their eyes locked.

Monica sniffled and a tear ran down her cheek. "I knew it. The past few days, I could feel your love...feel it with every thrust of that big beautiful dick. So we've come to a we go on as just mother and son, or do we let love take us further."

"What do you want, Mom?"

"I've already made up my mind...but you sweetheart, you have a whole life ahead of you. You may not really want what I want for us."

"What is it you want for us?" he asked, curious to know.

Monica gave him a sultry smile. "I want us to fuck, every day for the rest of our lives. I want us to fuck and cum and fuck like there's no tomorrow. I wanna be yours, sweetie. I wanna give you babies and make our lives together a living paradise."

Derek heart was racing. He knew that such a life would truly be like living a dream. There was only one thing that stood in their way. "What about dad?"

Monica thought for a moment. "I'll ask your father for a divorce. He'll move on with his new life just like we'll be moving on with ours, but only if that's what you want too?"

"I don't wanna hurt him, but I don't wanna be without you even more. If that makes sense?." Derek said. 

Monica smiled, a tear rolling down her cheek. "It does. Trust me, I feel exactly the same."

Monica gently nudged her new lover onto his back and crawled down on top of him. For the next two hours they engaged in passionate lovemaking. Down the hallway all Ken could do was listen to his soon to be ex wife cry in orgasm.

Later Ken heard the door open and Monica stepped from her and Derek's bedroom. He stood up and she stepped up the hallway in her flimsy silk robe. "You're still here,"  she said.

"Yeah, I um, decided to take the rest of the day off."

Ken couldn't help but marvel at how beautiful she was, just like the day they married. Even in a skimpy robe with hair dishoveled this woman was a thing of beauty. She fed him a disappointed smile. "This isn't easy for me to say, but I have to. We've had twenty great years together...but it's over Ken."

"Wait, what? You're divorcing me?" Ken asked in shock. 

Monica faked a frown. "Yeah, I am."

Ken's heart sunk. He knew the sexual stuff was getting more serious than it should, but he didn't expect this.  "Monica why, we have a great life together. I mean, we hardly ever fight."

"Honey, this isnt about that. You're a great man and I will always have a love for you, but I'm moving in to the prime of my womanhood. What I need, you couldn't give me...not even if you tried," Monica explained.

"Let me try."

Monica smiled at him pathetically. "Ken, no, I'm sorry, hon...I'm leaving you."

Ken's mouth fell open as he realized what she was getting at. "For Derek?"

Monica nodded. "Yes, for Derek."

"For our son? Have you lost your mind? he asked in disbelief.

"I've fallen in love with him. Think what you want, but I truly believe that Derek and I are the perfect couple. We're getting married as soon as the divorce is final."

Ken shook his head. "I don't believe this. Monica you can't marry your son."

Monica stood her ground. "Yes, I can...and the days of you telling me what I can and can't do are over."

"You'll be a disgrace to everyone."

Monica smirked. "Oh fucking well. Let them talk, let them fume! Meanwhile I'll be in bed with my new man, getting more pleasure than you could ever think of giving me."

"I don't believe this," Ken said lowering his head. "This isn't right."

"I've called and booked a room at a resort for Derek and I...we'll be leaving in a few hours. PJ is going to stay with my parents until we get back. That'll give you plenty of time to get your things moved out."

Ken looked completely defeated. "This is insane," he muttered.

Monica stepped over and gave him a final peck on the lips. "Goodbye Ken."
Hours later, six inch strapless heels tapped daintily on the tile floor of the resort lobby. Propped up inside them were beautiful tan bare feet with ruby red toenails. Monica was in a form fitting tube dress, as she pushed her son's wheelchair across the lobby. Her king-sized tits trembling as she sashayed to the front desk.

"Hi, we have a reservation for Monica Tracy."

The clerk typed into her computer. "Yes, here we are...the lovers suite."

"Yes, my boyfriend and I are celebrating our engagement."

The clerk smiled. "Oh, congratulations. You two must be thrilled. Here's your key. Someone will bring your luggage right up to you."

"Oh, could they leave it by the door. We'd like to not be disturbed for a few hours,"  Monica said, winking at her son. 

Huge double doors opened into the spacious lovers suite. A massive heart-shaped bed, adorned in white lace sat in the center of suite. "Wow, what a room,"  Derek said, gazing around.

The teen wheeled over to the window and parted the silk curtains looking out over the city. "Man, we must be on the very top of the building. I can see the entire city from up here."

"Derek..." his mom said softly.

Derek turned to find her out of her dress, big naked mommy-melons hanging heavily from her chest. She peeled her little panties down her silky legs and stepped out of them on bare feet. Monica got onto the bed, her meaty buttocks pointed back at her boy as she crawled towards the center. Derek gulped as he watched her tan buns sway. He could see the pucker of her butthole and the crack of her shaved snatch below. "Mmm such a soft bed for me and my man," she said. 

The shameless mother rolled onto her back and threw her luscious legs back, scissoring them wide open so that her little feet pointed in opposite directions. "So much room for me to SPREAD out."

"Oh damn Mom," he muttered, marveling at her amazing spread. 

"Mmm I need my sexy teenaged, soon to be husband up here so I wrap these strong legs around him."

"Sounds good to me," Derek said, wheeling to the edge of the bed. 

Monica crawled over to him, her huge tits wobbling as they hung from her chest. She fed him a sultry look as she started to undo his belt. "I love you, Derek."

"I love you, Monica," he muttered. 

She smiled. "I like that, but I'd rather you call me Mom," she said with a naughty grin.

"Can do."

 "There's so much more I want to teach you, but now we have all the time in the world for that now," she said, then gazed at him with a loving motherly look. "Right now I just want you to fuck your dreamgirl hard."

Derick smiled, his heart beating hard as if it were his very first time. She guided him onto the bed and in between her wide splayed thighs. 
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Mom's Bedroom
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The Nest (Revised & Expanded) by Klrxo

"Well, sweetie, welcome to our new home," Devon's mom said as she sashayed around the vehicle to his side. 

"Wow! The pictures don't do it justice. It's amazing," the 18 year old said, marveling at the property. The old Victorian house was set on a hill overlooking the pristine lake behind it. 

"Can you believe it's a hundred and fifty years old? Wait until you see the view out back. Come on," Lacey said, taking his hand.

The property was breathtaking, with a sprawling view of the lake and forested hills, yet as Devon and his mom stood near the water he found himself busy admiring a different type of view. His mother.

Lacey was a Goddess among women. She looked like a 39 year old Emily Blunt. She was built like a mother should be, with wide hips, long shapely legs and the biggest, softest-looking breasts a boy could ever imagine. Today she wore a mid-length skirt and a thin cotton top. Her dark brown mane cascaded down over her shoulders, framing her pretty face. "Just look at this view," the beauty said, gazing out at the hills.

After getting no response from her son, Lacey peered over at him and caught him staring at her titties. Devon didn't normally get hardons this quickly around her, but today was different. There was something in the air. She glanced at the protruding erection a moment. 
"Sweetie," she said, shaking him from his trance.

"Yeah? Oh, sorry, mom...did you say something?"

"Are my boobs staring at your eyes again?" she teased with a gleaming white-teethed smile. Lacey wasn't sure what possessed her to say it. She'd never teased her son in a sexual way. 

"Oh, no. Sorry," he said bashfully.

A breeze swept across the shore and seemed to mysteriously influence the mother's next move as she strolled towards her son. She had slipped out of her sandals and her cute little bare feet tapped lightly against the grass. She paused in front of him and looked up in to his big blue eyes.
"I don't know why they stare so much. They must really like you," she said teasingly. Her eyes suddenly got big. "Oh God, did I really just say that?" she thought.

Devon laughed a little, trying to show some humor. His heart was beating like a base drum and his hardon let out a mighty throb. It was weird, yet exciting to hear his mom teasing him this way. 

The buxom brunette was suddenly struck with the overwhelming, yet forbidden urge to get her big tits against him. She blurted her next words before she could stop herself. "Maybe a big hug would help. What do you think?"

"Maybe," he muttered, secretly welcoming such intimate contact. 

Stepping up to him, Lacey coiled her arms around her son's neck and pulled him in for a nice long tit-squasher. She smiled as she heard her son let out a little sigh. Strangely, the busty mother felt her areola thicken and her nipples harden up against her son's chest. "What has gotten into me?! Enough," she screamed inside her head. 

She ended the hug and fed him a peculiar look as she gazed up into his eyes for what seemed like forever. "Wanna see the inside of the house?" she asked.

"Sure," Devon answered, trying his best to conceal his tubular bulge. 

"Turn around," Lacey said playfully. 


"Just turn around, goof-ball," she said with a giggle.
Devon obliged, facing the house. Lacey immediately jumped up onto his back and threw her strong legs around him for a piggy-back ride.

"Jesus, mom," Devon said, taken off guard. He'd never seen his mom so touchy-feely. 

"Move it Boobie-boy," she shouted teasingly.

As Devon started up the hill towards the house he put his hands under his mom's curvy legs to support her. His cock twitched as he felt the  strong smooth thighs. Her  big mature breasts jiggled against his back. It made his already hard cock jump inside his shorts.  

"Giddy up, you handsome stallion you," Lacey said playfully. 

"Funny mom."

Once inside, Lacey unmounted her son and gave him a tour. The interior space was massive with lots of ornate period detail. They paused at one of the closed bedroom doors upstairs. Written across crudely, in black paint, were the words: HORNY LIVES HERE!!

"Damnit, I don't remember seeing that when we toured the house with the realtor. I wonder if some kids broke in," Lacey said.

"Looks that way."

"Shit! I hope they didn't do any damage. The place was locked up tight though. How would they have gotten in?" Lacey asked her son.

"A window maybe?"

"Let's check all the bedrooms again, make sure there are no broken windows."

After helping his mom check all the rooms of the huge home, Devon sat down on the only piece of furniture in the entire house, an old rickety wooden chair in the kitchen.

"Hey, honey, it's me...we made it," Lacey said as she walked into the kitchen with her cellphone.

"Great, how's the weather there," her husband Rob asked over speakerphone.

"The weather's perfect, although I heard we're suppose to get some rain this evening. "How are you guys coming along," she asked.

A sudden chill moved through the house. Lacey gasped a little as she felt her clitoris tingle mysteriously. Without thinking, she took a few steps forward, turned and plopped down on her son's lap as her husband answered her question.  "Well, slowly but surely honey, it's a big moving truck," Ron said.

Devon was a little surprised by his mom's behavior. She had always been a bit flirty, but never this much. Maybe it was because they were alone while his dad and sister drove the U-haul across country.One thing he did know was her soft ass felt amazing and his dick was on the rise again. 

"So what are you thinking, a couple days?" Lacey asked.

"At least, yeah. I'm hoping we pull in by Friday," Ron answered.

"Perfect! That'll give Devon and I plenty of time to get the place cleaned before you guys get here. I think there's about an inch of dust on everything."

"Not surprising. The realtor did say it's been years since someone lived in the house," Ron said. 

Lacey glanced at her son. "Oh that reminds me, I think some kids might of broken into the house somehow. We found some graffiti on one of the doors upstairs."

"Oh wonderful! Any damage at all?"

"Not that we could find. And no broken window, so I don't know how the heck they got in"

"Well, hopefully there aren't any surprises for us to discover. What does Devon think of the house?" her husband asked.

Turning slighty, grinding her ass, Lacey gently brushed her sons hair off his face, giving him a little smile as she looked into his eyes. There was a naughty little sparkle in her eye, one Devon wasn't used to seeing.
"I like it. It's bigger than I thought it was gonna be," the teen answered.

"What about that lake out back? Tell me that's not gonna be a blast with the jetskis," his dad said.

"Definately," Devon said, feeling a bit odd talking to his dad with his mom's ass pressed against his hard dick.

Lacey chimed in. "We both love it. We're just tired from the drive I think. We both need a hot shower and a little R&R tonight."

"Well, I'll let you go then. Jenna and I are gonna stop for some food,"  Ron said.

"Okay, hon, call me when you're on the road tomorrow. Tell Jenna I love her," Lacey said.

"I will. Love you and miss you."

Lacey's thumb seemed to move on its own, hanging up on the call before she could return an 'I love you.' She suddenly became aware of the large protrusion beneath her ass, digging into her buttcrack.  Her mind told her to get up, but instead she gazed back at her boy. 
"What is that I feel poking against my butt?" she asked teasingly.

They both knew exactly what it was. Devon gulped nervously. "Sorry, mom."

"I'm not one of your girlfriends that you can just go poking in the butt whenever that thing gets stiff, young man," she said. She lifted one leg over his lap while turning towards him, so that she was now facing him, in the straddling position.

The teen was a bit surprised and overwhelmed by their new position. He glanced his mom in the eyes, nervous, yet more aroused than he'd ever been. "I know," he muttered.

"Oh, sweetie, I'm sorry, I forgot. You left all your butt-poking buddies back in California,  didn't you? No wonder you're mom's big soft butt feels so good against your hard penis," she said, in a sexy little voice.

Lacey looked at her son and they both started giggling. "Oh my God, I'm sorry! I'm being bad. I think I'm just, um...overly tired," she said as she shook her head.

"That's ok, mom. It's no big deal, really."

The mother froze, oddly staring back at him. "So you um, don't mind me teasing you like that?"

"'s all in good fun."

The chill once again swept through the dowstairs, making Lacey's clit tingle as it pressed against her son's hard erection. 
"It is fun isn't it?" she smiled, bringing her bare feet off the floor and resting her heels on the back of the chair, staring into his eyes all the while, "And maybe just a little bit naughty."

The mother's legs were wrapped snuggly around Devon's waist as she straddled him. The old chair beneath them CREAKED as the mother pressed  her vagina down even harder against the swell of his erection.

"I hope this chair doesn't break on us though," Devon sighed, his heart beating hard and fast from the thrill of such a beauty on his lap.  

"That WOULD NOT be good," his mom smiled, leaning forward and mashing her tits on him.

"Nope,"  Devon smiled as his mom brushed the hair back from his eyes.

"When did you go and grow up on me?" she's said endearingly, her big sparkling brown eyes radiating pure love.

The chair CREAKED some more as Lacey tightened her strong legs around him, crushing her fat clit against the underside of the long tubular swell of his cockshaft.

Devon's heart raced with wicked excitement. He and his mom were all alone, he was sitting between her gorgeous legs and sparks were flying. He didn't know what was going on between them since they got there, but he sure liked it.

Lacy suddenly blinked twice, as if snapped from a trance. "Ugh, I need a shower. Will you be an angel and bring in our bags?"

"Sure mom, of course," he said.

Lacey put her little feet on the floor and rose from his lap. Oddly, as she stood, she felt her panties begin to slide off her hips. "He wants them," a strange voice in her head rang out.

"What?" she said out loud.

Devon fed her a confused look. "What??" 

Lacy quickly adjusted her underwear. "Nothing, um. Will you bring the bags up to the master bedroom for me, sweetie."

"No problem, Mom."

"You've been such a big help on this trip. When you get upstairs...I'll have a little reward waiting for you, ok," she said with a cute mischievous smile.

Devon watched his mom sashay away towards the stairs, her buttocks swaying seductively.
"Reward?" he muttered, wondering what she meant. 

Outside, Devon walked along the house. He couldn't believe the way his mom was acting and couldn't stop wondering what this reward was she was talking about. Suddenly, a strange voice startled him from the bushes. "Heyy!"

"What?! Who's there?" the teen asked, frozen in place. 
The sun had just gone down and he couldn't see much. It was pretty creepy.

"Come closer," the voice said, which sounded squeaky, like some weird cartoon charecter.

"Why? Who are you?"

"My name's Horny. What's yours?"

"Devon," the teen said, staring at the darkened bushes. "Wait, your name's Horny? What kinda name is that?"

"Best name ever!"

 "Why are you in the bushes?" Devon asked.

"Are you gonna fuck her?" Horny asked.

"Your mom. You should fuck her ass off!"

"Is this a joke? Come out of the bushes so I can see you... Hello?" Devon said, still frozen in place.

He took one step forward, trying to make out anyone in the brush. "Are you still there?"

"Fuck this," the teen muttered, rushing to the vehicle. After grabbing the bags from the minivan Devon raced back inside, locked the door, then rushed upstairs to the master bedroom. He could hear the shower running, but to his disappointment, the bathroom door was closed.
"I brought your bags up Mom," he said, loud enough that she could hear. He pictured her voluptuous body, wet and sudsy. 

"Thank you honey," Lacey said from the shower. After a short pause, she continued. "I left the reward I promised there on the door handle." 

Devon looked down and noticed a pair of pale-pink mesh bikini panties hanging from the door handle.  His body went numb as he stared at them hanging there by their tiny waistband. "Wow, is mom really giving me her panties," he thought with wild excitement. 

Her next words send the wow-factor to a whole other level. "Why don't you take them down to your room for a little personal time, sweetie."

Devon didn't have to be asked twice. He grabbed the panties and rushed down to his empty bedroom.
He sat down and slouched against the wall, then lifted the crotch to his nose and inhaled. The deep musky aroma of fresh pussy was absolutely intoxicating. He'd often stole panties from his mom's hamper and obviously she was aware, but the smell was never this ripe. The fact that she had given them to him willingly, as a reward, seemed unbelievable to him, yet here he was.

Devon unzipped his pants and fished his cock out. It was already brick-hard and stretched way out from his body. He licked two of his fingers, lathering them with his saliva, then began to twist his slippery fist around the top portion of his dick.

It wasn't long before he drifted into a land of euphoria, where nothing existed but the feel of mesh fabric on his face, the pungent aroma of his mother's femininity and the incredible stroking sensation around his glans.
His mom's sexy voice entered his fantasy land as he remembered her teasing from earlier. "Are my boobs staring at your eyes again?"
"Know wonder you're mom's big soft butt feels so good against your hard penis."

Through the euphoric fog Devon pictured his mom's strong, tan, naked legs tightening around his waist, making the chair beneath them creak. "I'll have a little reward waiting for you." He heard her voice whisper in his head. 

Suddenly, a voice from the shadows broke him from his fantasy. "Smells good, huh?"

It was the same squeaky voice from outside. "What the fuck," the startled teen said, hiding his cock best he could.

"You should thank me," Horny said.

"Who the hell are you?"

"Told you, my name's horny. I live in the room down the hall."

Devon suddenly remembered the writing he and his mom had found on the door. "Why can't I see you?" the teen asked.

"So are you gonna fuck her? You should fuck her! Tonight!"

"Why do you keep asking me that?" Devon said.

"You should really thank me."

"Thank you for what?

"For making her so horny."

Devon suddenly noticed a shadow in the doorway. It moved closer, sweeping over him. "Honey, who are you talking to?" Lacey asked as she stepped inside his room. She was in a short black silk robe, her hair still damp and slicked back. 

"Did you hear the voice too?" he asked. 

"Well, I heard you talking to someone. Are you on your phone?" she asked, clicking on the overhead light. 
Devon realized he was still half-exposed. He quickly tucked his dick into his pants. "Hold on a sec, mom."

Lacey turned away, slightly embarrassed. "Ohh, honey, I'm sorry."

After he was zipped the teen continued. "I heard a voice, a weird voice, first outside in the bushes, then just now. It sounded like it was in the room with me."

"Ohh my, so what did this voice say?" Lacey asked.

Devon was too embarrassed to tell her. He didn't want to alert her either, so he decided to just play it off for now. "Maybe I'm just tired and I', I'm just hearing things."

Lacey knelt down and reached for his hand. He noticed her large boobs bobbling heavily beneath the robe. "I'll be the first to admit, the house is kinda big, old and spooky. It's easy to let your imagination go wild. But I promise, once we have it cleaned up and all our things arrive, it'll seem more like home."

"Yeah, you're probably right."

"Why don't we um, get the beds pumped up and we can get some rest. It's been a long day," Lacey said.

"Sure has."

Devon used the electric pump to air up his mother's mattress, then his own. Despite being exhausted, sleep didn't come easy for the teen. The strange voice. The panties. His mother's flirtatious teasing. It was all so odd, yet in most ways wonderful.

He would hear the squeaky voice once more before he drifted off to sleep. "Pss, hey!! She's naked in there! You should fuck her! She's horny! She would fuck you!"

Devon plugged his ears, which seemed to help. Although it ruled out a voice in his head and if it wasn't his imagination, then who the hell was it, he thought. 

He woke to bright sunlight streaming through his room. It seemed a lot less ominous now that the sun was up and there were no hidden shadows in his bedroom. He wandered downstairs, searching for Lacey. "Mom," he called.

"I'm in the kitchen, sweetie," she answered.

Devon went into the kitchen and stopped dead in his tracks. Lacey was standing on the creaky chair scrubbing the cupboards out. She was wearing a snug cami top and pale pink boy shorts. Lacey turned when she saw Devon gawking from the doorway. Despite wearing a bra, her big breasts bobbled heavily. The protruding nubs of her hard nipples were clearly visible.
"Good morning! How'd you sleep?"

"Pretty good once I fell asleep," Devon said.

"Any more crazy voices?"

"No um, not really."

The rickety chair seemed completely unstable beneath her weight. Devon watched her strong sexy legs flex as she arched the heels of her bare feet, standing on her tip-toes to reach the top cupboard. 
"Would you be an angel and hold this chair for me. I'm so afraid that it's gonna break out from underneath me," she asked.

"O-ok."  Devon held the chair and gazed up at his moms body like a kid in a candy store. His eyes traveled up the backs of her smooth shapely legs and stared in awe at her big meaty buttocks. The shorts were so snug that her cheeks were literally  oozing out from underneath the hems. 
"Ohh damn," he thought, mesmerized by her charms. 

As she spread her legs slightly Devon could see the cleft of her vulva and the thick swell of her outer lips as the fabric stretched tightly around it. He simply couldn't believe his eyes.

"Ugh! I can't believe how dirty these cupboards are," Lacey said, ripping more paper towels from the roll.
The mother glanced down at her silently gawking teen. "You're awfully quiet down there," she said.

"Oh, um, yeah, sorry," Devon muttered, his face slightly blushing.

Lacey climbed down off the chair and stepped up to him. "You seem uncomfortable. I should probably put something else on," she said, as if suddenly embarrassed by her skimpy attire. 

"No, it's don't have to, mom.  I'm not uncomfortable at all," he said.

Lacey took his hand and gave it a tender squeeze. "Are you sure?"

"Of course. I like it," He bravely confessed. 

His sudden approval brought a big smile to her face.  "Yeah, well, that's kinda obvious, honey," she said, peering down at the bulge in his shorts with a naughty smile.

All Devon could do was giggle bashfully. "Sorry."

"Don't be. Your body's just um, doing what it does. There's no shame in that."

"I know, but, your my mom and I um, probably shouldn't be getting those," Devon said, feeling a bit ashamed. 

"Don't be sorry, ok. I like this," Lacey said, wrapping her arms around his neck comfortably.


"I like that we're here alone for a couple days, just me and you, in this big house, way out in the country. It's like our own little nest. I can run around half-naked and you can run around with big boners sticking out under your shorts," she said with a quick giggle, "And we're both okay with that. At least I know I am," she said with a quirky grin. 

"Well um, if you're ok with it, then I guess I am too." Devon said, still flabbergasted at his mom's candid behavior. 

"That makes me happy. In a couple days your father and sister will be here and life's gonna get busy again, but until then, I say no schedule, no rules, just me and you," she said with a smile.

"Sounds good to me," Devon said, wondering she exactly she meant by 'no rules.'

Lacy felt a tingling in her clitoris. With his hand in hers, she pulled him out of the kitchen. "Come on, I wanna show you something," she said excitedly.

"What is it?"

"You'll see. It's the one room I didn't show you," she said as she led him upstairs.

The way his mom was dressed, Devon felt like a young groom being led upstairs to deflower his bride. Lacey was a voluptuous beauty and Devon marveled at her trembling curves. He wondered again what she meant by 'no rules.'

"Let me guess, there's secret room full of old creepy dolls or something," Devon said. 

"No, but definately the coolest room in the house, you'll see."

She led him through a door and up a third floor stairway. At the top, they entered a small turret, turned on the light and swung the door closed. 

"A round room. You're right, this is definately cool," Devon said. 

"Yup! I want you to take a guess at what this room's gonna be," she asked.

"Your sewing room?"

"Nope," she said.

"I don't know, give me a hint."

Lacey stepped over to one part of the circular room and as Devon watched her he was once again struck with the fact that save for a two pieces of form-fitting fabric, his mom was pretty much naked and perfectly comfortable with that.
"Over here will be a rocker," she said, then strolled along the wall. "And over here will be a crib." 

"A crib? Mom, are you..."

"Pregnant? No, not yet," she said, letting the word "yet" linger in the air. "You're father and I decided that after we get all settled, we'd start to try to have another baby." 

"Wow," Devon said. He never thought his mom had any interest in having another kid. 

"Isn't that exciting?" she asked with a beaming smile.

"Yeah, that's uh," Devon started to answer, but then Lacey let out a high pitched SCREAM.

"SPIDER," she shrieked, then jumped up onto her son, throwing her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. Devon immediately grabbed her thighs to hold onto her as she crushed her big tits against his chest and looked down in the direction of the spider.
"Oh my God, I hate spiders," she said.

"Well I hate to say it, but there probably plenty of them in this old house Mom."

"Yes, I know. Your father's gonna get an exterminator out here, first thing."

Devon snickered. "Mom, you're so funny."

"Don't make fun of me. You're the only man in my life for two days, you're suppose to protect me from these things," she said, keeping her strong naked thighs clamped around him. 

"Fine," Devon said, then carried his mom over to the spider and quickly stomped on it.
"There, dead spider! Are you happy?" he said.

Lacey tightened her strong naked legs around her son. With her arms clutched around his neck she squashed her tits on his chest, then brought her face up cheek to cheek with his, looking towards the floor. "There's probably more," she said, in a pouty little girls voice.

"Do you want me to have a look around?" Devon asked.

Lacey buried her face in the crook of his neck, tightening her unmotherly embrace. "No, I want you to hold me," she said.

"I can do that," Devon said, his pecker now as hard as a rock. He never dreamed he'd be holding his mom this way. Essentially, they were clutched together in the standing missionary position. 

"You're father never holds me this way when I'm scared. All I get is a quick hug and off he goes," Lacey complained.

"Well, dad doesn't have the best back either Mom. You're not fat, but it does take a little strength to hold a woman up like this," Devon said.

Lacey looked him in the eyes. "I know, but at least it's nice to know that for the next couple of days, I have someone around that can hold me the way I need to be held," she said softly.

Devon heart beat hard and proud. In one way he was one-upping his father, at least in his mom's eyes.  "I could hold you like this anytime, Mom. Anytime you need me to."

"Well, I'll tell you right now, if I see any more damn spiders I'm gonna be clutching onto you until your father gets here," she said.

"So what, the spiders are suddenly gonna move out once dad arrives?" Devon teased.

Lacey giggled. "No, smart ass. I just don't think you holding me this way is something your father would be too happy about seeing, do you?"

"No, probably not," Devon said. Since he was holding her in a standing fuck position, he knew his dad wouldn't approve at all. 

"Not to mention the way your shorts keep tenting out every time we get touchy-feely like this," she teased.

"Sorry, but I um...can't really help that Mom," Devon said.

Lacey smiled. "Oh, sweetie I know. In fact the way I've been teasing you, if you weren't getting boners I'd be shocked."

"You do have a point."

She smiled mischievously. "Actually, I have two points. Two very hard fleshy ones. Can't you feel them?" she said, referring to her hard nipples.

"Yeah, I can," Devon blushed. 

"Do you know what it means when a woman's nipples get hard?" Lacey asked candidly. 

"That she's cold?" Devon said with a grin, knowing it wasn't the answer she was looking for.

Lacey giggled. "Well yes, but there is another reason." 

"When she gets excited, right?" Devon muttered. 

"Sexually excited yes. It's also called being aroused."

"Kinda like when my friends say a girl's turned on."

"Exactly. All wet n worked up!" She said with a giggle.

"Jesus, Mom, I not used to hearing you talk like that."

"Sorry honey, the truth is, since we've gotten here, I just can't stop myself from flirting with you," Lacey continued with shaky passion in her voice. "I'm really liking it alot. I'm turned on, as your friends would put it." 

Devon shared her gaze. "Me too."

The more timid one, Devon looked away first, out the big bay window, which had a large cushioned window seat. "Looks like a storm is moving in," he said.

"We can do more cleaning later. Let's turn out the lights and sit and watch the rain," Lacey said.

Devon continued to hold her as he walked over and flipped off the light switch. As she held onto him, Lacey's eyes traveled across his broad shoulders and down his lean teenaged chest. She smiled and shook her head.

"What," Devon said.

"I just can't believe how much you've grown up. I mean, look at you, letting me hold onto you while you carry me around like this," she said, with an impressed gleam in her eye.

"Does it surprise you?" Devon asked.

"No, it impresses me," Lacey said, as her bare feet slipped to the floor, "And so does that thing," she said, eyeballing the tent in his shorts.

"Sorry," Devon said, starting to put his hands over it. 

Lacey stopped him, staring at his package. "No, don't hide it. Oh my God, the way it's pushing your shorts way out like that. That's amazing," she said, her face a little flushed.

"Well, what's amazing about it, mom? Isn't that what they're suppose to do?"

"There's lots of things they're suppose to do, but I assume all those young California girls taught you all about that, right?" Lacey asked with a wink.

"Some, I guess, but I'm sure I have a lot more to learn."

"Yeah right, whatever Casanova."

"I'm serious. I mean, it's not like they teach you how to be good at it in sex ed, Mom," Devon said.

"Yeah  I suppose not. So, you um, feel like you don't know enough?" Lacey asked with concern.

"Yeah. I mean, I'm sure I'll get better as times goes on," he said. 

"Sit down here with me and let's get cozy and talk while we watch the rain," Lacey said, nudging her son down with her on the large window seat.

The door suddenly creaked open drawing their attention. "That's creepy," Devon said.

"Must be a draft in here. It's ok, it can stay open. It's just us." 

Devon stared  at the doorway a moment, knowing it wasn't just them. He was sure it was their houseguest "Horny" that was joining them. 

"Man, it's kinda warm up here," he said leaning back against the cushions.

"Yeah, this room has been closed up," Lacey said, then knelt in front of him and lifted his shirt "Take this off. It'll help cool you off. "

 She lifted his shirt up and off. Without hesitation she unbuttoned his shorts and zipped them down. "Let's get these off too."

"That's okay, Mom, we don't have to --"

"Shush, lift up. Your erection can't be too comfortable pushing up against your shorts like that. Let's give him some room to move around a little," she said.

Devon lifted his ass and she shucked his trunks. His tent pole teetered back and forth for a second under his boxers, then popped out the fly hole.
Lacey giggled, looking down at the engorged crimson knob. "Ohh, ooops, I think he wants to do more than move around a little," she teased.

The mother pulled the fly hole up, stretching the fabric and draping it over the big bell-shaped helmet of her son's cock.  "There we go, much better."

All Devon could do was watch and marvel at what was happening between them. 
Sitting at his side, Lacey threw her tan legs across her sons lap so that she faced the window and nuzzled in close to him. This put her face slightly above his, so she was able to look down into his eyes.

Devon took a second to appreciate the close proximity of her breasts and how soft they felt resting against the side of his bare chest.

"Mmm, how cozy. I like this," she said softly. 

"Me too," he muttered, peering down at the deep canyon of cleavage pushing up against his moms top.

"So how did you like your reward yesterday?" Lacey asked.

"Oh, um, the panties you mean?" 


"I liked it... a lot," Devon muttered. 

"I figured you would. I've known about your fascination with my panties for a long time," she said, staring at him sweetly. 

"You never got mad?"

"I did, yes, but it's strange... I planned on talking to you about it and telling you it was wrong, then we got here and I suddenly had a totally different perspective."

"Really? So now you don't think it's wrong?" Devon asked. 

"No. No I don't. There's nothing wrong with a boy sniffing his mother's panties. It's perfectly natural to be curious," she said, "Can I ask you something though?" 


"When I walked in on you last night, it looked like you'd been, um, masturbating. Do you pull on your penis while you sniff them? You can be honest, sweetie. I won't be mad." 

After a short awkward pause, he answered.  "Yeah, I do."

Lacey's eyes widened, glazed over with fascination."And I would imagine you like to suck on the crotch too, right, so you can taste the juices that I've left there throughout the day?"

It wasn't easy, but Devon looked up into his Mom's eyes as she stared down at him inquisitively. He simple couldn't believe that she was asking him such intimate questions. "Uh-huh. Is that bad?" 

Lacey brushed his hair back with her long nails. "Did it make you feel good?" she asked tenderly.

"Of course."

"Then how could it be bad?" she said.

"Well I don't know, because you're my mom I guess." 

"Yes that's true, I did give birth to you and I did change your diapers...but I'm still just a woman," she said. 

Devon watched her hand creep down between her legs. "And down here, between these legs is a pussy, just like all the pussies you had back in California, only with a lot more experience," she explained.

The kid was so mesmerized by her words he could hardly speak. "I um, well, sometimes I wish I had more experience," he said, still in disbelief that they were having this discussion at all. 

"Oh don't you worry sweetie, with a penis like yours, you'll soon have the girls around here clawing to get at you."

"You think so?" he muttered.

"I know so, trust me. Mom was a horny young girl once and she knows how horny young girls think," she said with a wink.

They took a moment to stare out at the rain.
"I'm still that horny young girl, you know. I'm just a little older and more mature, but always horny," she said. 

They listened as her soft voice mysteriously echoed through the house, only it sounded like Lacey and Horny's squeaky voice combined. "Hooornnyyy!...hoornyy...hoornyy...hoornyyy!"

"Oh my God, that was so weird," Lacey giggled, looking toward the doorway. 

"See if it does it again." 

"Hello," Lacey shouted, but this time it didn't echo. 

"Horny," Devon said loudly, which again caused the echo. A combination of his voice the Horny's. "Hooornnyyy!...hoornyy...hoornyy...hoornyyy!"

"How the hell?" Lacey said, clearly baffled. "Horny?! Hooornnyyy!...hoornyy...hoornyy...hoornyyy!"

Lacey glared at her son. "Ok, doors opening on their own, now this. I'm starting to get freaked out."

"It's that word. Don't think I'm crazy, but yesterday I heard a voice in the bushes outside. He told me his name was Horny...and then, then the paint we saw on the door down the hallway. 'Horny lives here,' remember?"

Lacey laughed. "So are you suggesting that the house is haunted by a ghost named Horny?"

"Yeah, maybe. I don't know, it's just all so strange, don't you think?"

A draft swept through the room, causing the window to whistle eerily. A surge of arousal shot through the big titted mother's body. She crawled back onto her knees beside her son. "I'm not sure. Honestly, there's only one thing I've been able to think about since I've been in this house."

"What's that?"

Lacey brought her lips to his ear. "My incredibly sexy son," she whispered.

She brought her head back and looked into his eyes. "So what do you think about that?"

"I like it," he smiled.

Lacey sat back on her heels. Devon could see her huge breasts bobble around, pushing the cotton fabric outward. Her nipples poked out huge and engorged through her cami top. "Slide down onto your back," she said, glancing at the erection threatening to tear through his boxers.

Devon slouched down until he rested on his back against the cushion. Lacey candidly threw a leg across him and straddled his midsection. Then she dropped her chest, laying against him. The aroused teen watched in fascination as his moms boobs rolled out like soft dough against his bare chest. 

The lovely mother placed her elbows against his shoulders and propped her face against her palms, staring down at him dreamily. "Ok, let's pretend for a moment that our house isn't haunted and have a serious discussion."

Devon laughed. "Ok."

"So what is it about girls and sex that you still feel you need to learn about?" Lacey asked.

"Well I don't know. I um, think I know what to do, but I tend to get a little too excited when I'm with them and, well," he muttered.

"You feel like you ejaculate sooner than you should?" Lacey asked, straight faced.

"Yeah, I guess that's it. I do feel bad about it," Devon blushed.

"Oh sweetie, don't feel bad. Most boys go through this, some unfortunately never learn to control it," Lacey explained.

"I wanna control it though," he answered, "I mean, I wanna be able to please the girls I'm with."

 "And you will, but first you have to understand why," she said.

"Why what?"

"Why your penis reacts the way it does," Lacey said.

"Well I know the answer to that. It's cuz it feels amazing, Mom," Devon giggled.

"Of course it does, but do you understand why it feels amazing?" 

Devon shrugged his shoulders.

"The head of your penis is what's called your glans. Thes glans contain some of the most sensitive nerve endings on your body. So once you put the glans somewhere warm, soft and wet, like the inside of a woman's pussy, they're gonna react," She explained.

"And when they react, I um..."

"Yes, you have an orgasm," she said. 

"Well how do I keep them from reacting?" Devon asked.
"Well that's the million dollar question, isn't it?" Lacey smiled naughtily, "The one every guy wants the answer to."

"I guess so. Do you know the answer?" he asked.

"I do," Lacey said confidently, gazing into his eyes. "Do you want me to help you?"

"If you want to." 

"Of course. Does a baby bird learn to spread its wings before it leaves the nest?" Lacey asked.

"Yeah, unless it want a long hard fall." 

"And who shows it how to spread its wings? How to keep it from falling?" Lacy asked.

"The mother bird."

"That's right, momma bird.  I can help you, but in order to teach you to do it right, I have to see what you're doing wrong. Does that make sense?" she asked.

"Y-yeah, but how are we gonna do that?" Devon answered, his heart racing with the possibilities.

"Well, um, there are a few different ways, but maybe we should just start with something that you're already doing to yourself." 

"You mean masturbate?"

"Well, yes, sort of. There's a bottle of baby-oil in one of my bags. I could use some to lubricate your penis and masturbate it for you, that way I can see how you react and how long it actually takes you to ejaculate," she said.

Devon felt his insides doing somersaults. "That sounds like a pretty good way I guess."

"Yes unless," Lacy said, her mind clearly racing.

"Unless what?"

"Unless you wanted to try another way?" she said, raising an eyebrow. 

"Another way?" 

"Yes, I could also, um...I could take you in my mouth, like your girlfriends do and suck on you until you orgasm," she said with a quirky little smile. 

Devon could hardly speak. He took a big excited gulp, which made Lacey giggle just watching him. 
"Maybe I shouldn't go on to the third way we could do this. Someone's looking a little pale," she said with a giggle.

"No, it's's okay. There's a third choice?" he muttered in disbelief. 

"Well, yes honey, there is. I'm mean, it's a bit unconventional, but I could let you settle down between my legs and uh, slide in. We could see exactly what it is you're doing wrong," Lacey said.

"You would do that?" Devon asked in shock. 

"I wouldn't offer it as an option if I wasn't willing to do it." 

Devon could hardly believe his ears. He felt like he'd just won the sexual megabucks. A chance to put his dick inside his hot-bodied Mom was nothing he thought he'd ever get to do. "What about dad?" He asked, feeling a little guilty.

"He's sleeping, in a hotel room, nine-hundred miles from here. That's all you and I need to know," she said in a serious tone, "besides, it wouldn't be like we were having hot sex like a couple of deprived animals. I'm helping you. It's different."

"Wow, all the choices sound great, but..." Devon said.

Lacey smiled and wrapped her arms up around his neck. "Roll me over," she said, knowing exactly which of the three choices her son wanted the most. 

Devon rolled his mom over onto her back in the window seat. She propped her knees back and splayed her tan thighs,  letting him get a good look at the saddle he was about to ride in. 

Devon couldn't believe what he was looking at. His mom's naked legs were bowed wide open, her little bare feet with pointed toes hovering in the air. The skimpy pink short were snug against her mons, clearly showing the outline of her plump snatch. "Ohh man, mom," the teen said, gawking. His excitement level was through the roof and she reach out and took his hand. 

"Honey, it's ok, don't be nervous! Here's the scenario.I'm one of your girlfriends and we've just gone down to your bedroom to have sex. I want you to show me what you do. I'm not gonna stop you at all. I'm not gonna give you any pointers. You just do your thing and I'll go along with it, like one of your girlfriends would, okay?" Lacey said.

"Alright. Do you uh, do you want me to wear a condom? I have some in my bag," he said.

"Do you normally wear a condom with the girls you have sex with?" Lacey asked.

"Sometimes, but uh, to be honest, not usually," he said.

Lacey fed him a half-serious scowl. "Not usually huh?"


"Well, we can discuss the risks of that later, but If you usually go condomless, then I want you condomless," she said.

"But what if you get, um, you know..." Devon started.

"Pregnant?" Lacey asked, smiling at his timidness. 


"Well, if you do get me pregnant, I guess we'll be filling this nursery a little sooner than I thought. " Lacey said with smile.

"I suppose so."

"You ready?" Lacey asked, gazing him.

"Uh okay, but I'm kinda nervous, Mom," Devon blushed, remaining on his knees between her legs. His heart was about pounding out of his chest. 

She gave him a puzzled look. "Mom?? Devon, my name's Lacey, I'm not your mom, and I hope she's not around anywhere. Sure would be awkward if she found you fucking me," Lacey said in a sweet innocent voice.

", no she's not here," Devon said, getting in on the role-play.

"Oh good, then would you do something for me?" she asked, biting her bottom lip. 

"What's that?" Devon asked with a nervous gulp.

"Will you take off my shorts and panties and fuck the shit out of me?" Lacey said, gazing up at him.

Devon's heart was racing. He could hardly breath. His cock was so fucking hard it felt like it was gonna blast off his balls like a rocketship. "Uh...sure," he muttered. 

Devon awkwardly grabbed the elastic waistband of his mom's boy shorts and slid them down her hips. Then he did the same with her skimpy pink panties.  Lacey had a tiny triangle of neatly trimmed pubic hair on her pubis and Devon could see and smell the deep furrow beneath it.

After pulling her panties off he clumsily shed his boxers. His long thick erection bobbed eagerly up and down as he took position between Lacey's splayed legs.

"Ohh Devon, you're so big," she sighed. The mother stared at his cock as she bowed her legs open even wider, making her pelvis rise higher for penetration. "Yess, stretch my hot little box," she said sexily. 

Devon nervously pushed his cock down into his moms cleft, dragging past her engorged clitoris until he felt the resistance give way and his bell-shaped head sink into the hot slippery orifice.

Lacey gasped, arching her back and thrusting her tit-mounds skyward. "Yesss!"

The teen whimpered as he watched half his manhood disappear into her cunt. Lacey suddenly grasped him and pulled Devon down on top of her, wrapping her strong mommy-legs up around him. "Fuck me!" she cried desperately.

Lacey thrust her pelvis and pushed his ass with her heels making Devon's cock plunge all the way to his nutsack.

"Jesusss," the teen moaned.

 "Ohh God, yesss!" the mother cried, bouncing her hips, urging him to start thrusting as she adjusted to his impressive size. 

Devon's entire body tingled, both from the hot rush and the feeling of his moms strong coital walls clamp tightly around the meat of his hard penis as he started to hump. 

"O-h-h whoaw!" his voice quivered.

Lacey clutched his ass with her long nails, pulling him deeper inside her. "Fuck yess! Soo big!" she whimpered, feeling him bottom-out against the head of her cervix.

Devon's cock slipped up and down the gripping birth canal, trying to get a rhythm going. The pink spongy ridges smothered the invading rod, coaxing the glans and clutching the strong veiny shaft. "O-h-h-h shit!" Devon said, as he felt the amazing sensations.

"Harder!" Lacey cried, her pink nails digging into his ass, aiding his thrusts. 

"I gotta slow down," Devon gasped, feeling his scrotum tighten.

"No!!" Lacey shouted, her pelvis rocking up and down. "Fuck me harder!" she cried.

Devon felt the world around him swirl in wild euphoria. The experience was a thousand times better than he ever imagined it would be. A raging unstoppable load was racing up his cock. "Ugh!! Shit, I'M GONNA CUM!" he announced, his ass bobbing with greater intensity.
Huge ropes of spunk erupted from Devon's piss-hole, splashing thick white ribbons along the head of Lacey's cervix. The spitting rod flexed and lurched through the squeezing pocket of pink, rising up and back through a gooey froth of mother/son ejaculate.

Devon bucked for almost a full minute before he finally went still and let out big satisfied sigh. "Ohh man, ohh mom, I'm sorry," He muttered breathlessly.

"Sweetie, stop," She said patiently, catching her own breath.  

"You can be honest, it was pitiful, right?" he asked in a disappointed tone.

"No, it wasn't pitifull. Pity is something you feel for someone who has no control over what they do. Being a better lover is something that's completely within your control, you just have to learn how," she said.

"Will you help me, learn how?" Devon asked, rising to his elbows and looking down at her.

"Of course, but I should probably call your father first. My guess is he's texted me a half-dozen times since we've been up here."

"Ok, I should probably get a shower." Devon said, getting up off his mom.

Lacey followed him up and slipped her panties back on. "Hmm, a shower huh? Are you trying to temp me to skip calling your father right now?" she asked with a wink. 

"Up to you." 

"Tempting offer, but I'm probably in enough trouble as it is."

Devon watched his mom strode to the nursery door, her panty-covered ass undulating sexily. She stopped in the doorway and looked back salaciously. "But um, it'll be a quick phone call.  Feel free and wait for me, if you want," she winked. 

Just after she left he heard a squeaky voice of Horny behind him. "You should thank me!"

"What?!" Devon said, spinning around but finding no one there. "Who the fuck are you!"

"I made her horny! That's why she fucked you!"

"Fuck you! You're not real." Devon said quickly leaving the room. He went down to the second floor bathroom and was greeted by the same squeaky voice. "You should fuck her harder next time! Make her scream!"

"If you're so real, why don't you show yourself."

"I can make her want you. I can make her crave your cock forever." Horny said.

 "Stop, ok. She's my Mom. She's with my dad. Her and I were just, um...fooling around and she was helping me."
After no response, Devon's eyes scanned the bathroom. "Understand?...Hello??"

Downstairs, Lacy was on the phone. "Hi honey, how's the trek coming along?" she asked as she sat in the rickety chair, naked legs crossed. 

"Good, been on the road for a few hours. Just fueling up now. How's the cleaning going?" her husband asked. 

A rush of air swept past, hardening Lacey's nipples. She stared into no where for a moment.

"Lace, you there?" hubby asked, snapping her from her trance. 

"I'm here."

"Are you getting the place in shape?" 

"No, um, not really. Not much yet I mean." she said stumbling through her words. 

"Well you two have been there a full day. Have you been resting on your laurels?" he asked with a chuckle. 

"No, um, we've been busy. Devon and I, well, we've been busy in the nursery today."

"The nursery?? Come on, honey, that's the last room we should be worried about right now. We don't even have furniture for that room yet." her hubby said.

"No, but we should start thinking about. I mean technically I could be pregnant already and we don't even know it." she said, feeling some of her son's sperm trickle out of her cunt-crack. 

"Ha, doubt that. As busy as we've been with this move, we haven't really been on our regular sex schedule here lately."

"Oh, is that what it is to you, Ron? Something scheduled, like your stupid meetings at work." Lacy said in a pissed tone.

"Lace, come on, you know what I meant. All I was trying to say was I highly doubt you'd be pregnant right now."

"But we don't know that for sure. That's my point."

"All right, focus on the rooms you feel are important then. I gotta finish fueling up and get back on the road," he said.

"Ok, travel safe and give Jenna my love."

Devon started the shower and went over to the toilet to pee. As a steady stream of piss shot from his dangling dong, Lacey walked in completely naked.

Devon about peed on the seat as he watched her prance towards him, her big naked breasts bobbling heavily as she moved. "Geez, Mom, I'm peeing," he said.

"I can see that."she said, stopping at his side.

"And you're naked," he muttered, staring at her big mommy-boobs and the way the sloped down from the side. 

"I'm sorry, was I suppose to get in the shower with you fully clothed?" she joked.

"No, I suppose not."

Lacey watched the piss flow from his penis. "Try something for me."

"What?" he asked, naturally feeling awkward. 

"See if you can clench your ass cheeks together and make yourself stop peeing." 

"Why?" Devon said with a giggled.

"Just do it. I'm trying to help you," she said, trying her best not to crack a grin. 

"Fine," Devon said, tightening his ass and making the flow stop, "Happy now?" 

 Lacey flashed him a beaming smile. "Very."

"Why?" The teen asked.

"You'll see," she said, sashaying towards the shower, making her bare buttocks sway teasingly.

"Dang," the boy muttered, marveling at how absolutely sexy she was naked. 

"Finish peeing and come get in the shower with me. I wanna try something," she said.

Devon let the rest of the piss trickle from his prick, then he joined his mom in the shower. He stood for a second and watched her rinse her body, marveling at how stunning she looked. The water cascaded down Lacey's huge dangling breasts. He knew from looking at her bras that they were a 48 triple d, but never realized just how big and heavy breasts that size really were.

"I can see someone's standing at attention again," Lacey said, checking out his hard cock. 

Devon looked down at his penis, which was rock hard and sticking straight up.  "Oh, yeah, I guess you're right," Devon blushed.

"Trade me spots so you can rinse off," Lacey said.
Devon rinsed himself and Lacey grabbed the bottle of body wash. As her son faced her she began to run her hands over his chest, lathering him up. She looked up into his eyes and gave him a reassuring smile. This was brand new territory for them.

She squirted another big gob on her hand and stepped up close to him. Devon watched as she grasped onto his boner and began to gently stroke it up and down.

"Ahh, man," he sighed, savoring the feel of his mother's grip. 

Lacey smiled up at him. "Nope no 'man'...I'm all woman honey."

"A beautiful woman," Devon added, unable to peel his eyes away from naked tits. 

"Well I would normally think you're just saying that to be nice, but based on how incredibly hard your dick is, I think you actually mean it," she said.

"Of course I do."

"Well, thank you," she said with a cute little blush. 
Lacey squeezed hard on his meat. "The thing about the glans is, you want them to feel good during sex, but not too good, at least not for awhile," The mother explained as she slipped her tight fist up and down his boner.

"Well I hate to say this, but I'm feeling too good already," Devon sighed. 

Lacey giggled. "The technique I wanna teach you is called edging. It's where you intentionally bring yourself to the brink of an orgasm, but you don't cum. Instead, you slow your thrusts slightly, tighten your ass and let the pleasurable feelings die down. During intercourse, you can repeat this process and give a woman dozens of orgasms in the process."

"So, um, you mean tighten my ass, just like I did to stop the peeing?"

"Exactly. Let's try it. I want you to tell me when you get close, okay?" she said, jacking his cock expertly. 


Lacey increased her speed and tightened her grip, twisting her soapy fist along the massive column of meat.

Devon put his hand on his moms shoulder, steadying himself as his knees went weak. "Oh wow, Mom, that feels really good," he whimpered, as he watched Lacey's shimmering breasts quiver and ripple as she stroked.

"I know it does, sweetie. Handjobs are a great way for a guy to get pleasure. Don't forget to tell me when you reach the edge," she said tenderly.

"Okay, I'm almost there," he said with a shaky voice. His eyes were zero'd on his mom's big wet tits as they trembled from her movements. 

"Are your glans starting to tingle?" Lacey asked.


"I'm gonna stroke a little slower and I want you to do what you did at the toilet. Squeeze your cheeks together to stop the flow of cum," she instructed.

"Alright I will," Devon said, rising to the edge of an intense cum, "Oohh man!" he trembled.

"Are you at the edge, sweetie?"


"Tighten! You can do it!" 

Devon tightened his ass cheeks and found that by doing this he was able to stop his load before it rose from his balls. "It's working," he sighed confidently. 

"You're doing it, sweetie. Keep tightening until you feel the tingling stop," Lacey said, as she continued pulling her slippery fist up and down his rigid pole. "Better?" she asked.

"Yeah," he sighed.

"Okay, we're gonna speed things up again sweetheart," she said, increasing her cock-milking tempo.

"Ohh damn, okay."

"Hey, look at me," his mom said softly.

Devon looked up.from her tits. Her body glistened and her hair was wet and slicked back. Her big brown eyes gazed up into his, a tiny bit of mascara running from the corners as she savored his reaction.

"You're doing really well, but there's something else I need you to do for me," she said in a sexy mommy voice.


"You need to buck your hips, sweetheart. Push your cock up through my hand and meet my strokes, she instructed. 

Devon rocked his hips, meeting Lacey's every down strokes and driving his cock through her slippery grip. 
"That's it, that's my boy. You got this," she said proudly. 

"Ohh wow, it feels soo good!"

"Keep thrusting, sweetheart. Fuck my hand like a pussy." Lacey said, beating his meat steadily. 

"Gggnuhh! I'm feeling really good again!" Devon gasped. 

"Let it get to the edge," Lacey said patiently, her jerking hand making a creamy fuck sound as his beat his cock. 

"There!" he shouted, his body stiffening. 

"Good, now slow your pace and squeeze it off," Lacey said calmly.

Devon's body jerked with pleasure. He had already passed the point of no return. Lacey held onto him, continuing a slow steady squeeze up and down his shaft. "Oh shit, too good! You gotta stop, mom!" Devon moaned.

"No sweetie, just drift along the edge. Focus on squeezing off the cum, but not the pleasure. Stopping's not an option," Lacey said.

Devon collapsed onto Lacey's shoulder, his knees buckling. "I can't hold it back!" he whimpered. 

"Yes you can. You're doing awesome!" Lacey said encouragingly.

"Ohhnnshitt!!" he cried with a buck of his hips.

Lacey felt his cock flex in her hand and a warm oozing stream of prespunk began to trickle down her fingers. Realizing the dam was about to break, she sped up her stroking.

"OH GOD, MOM, I'M CUMMING!" Devon shouted as his body quivered with overwhelming arousal.

Lacey held him against her, hot wet tits bobbling against his chest as he groaned. She felt suddenly blasting of hot teenaged spunk splash against her tummy and her tits. "It's okay, let it go sweetheart. Spurt that hot load! That's my baby." Lacey said as she squeezed her fist expertly up and down the twitching erection.

It was a full minute of moaning and groaning before Lacey had milked ever drop from her sons penis.

 Devon kept his head laying against her shoulder. "I'm sorry, it just felt too good," he gasped.

She giggled. "Oh sweetie, it's suppose to feel good, but did you notice how much longer you lasted by squeezing it off?" she asked.

"Yeah, definitely." 

"Look at me," she said and Devon complied.

"Becoming a better lover takes practice. It's not gonna happen all at once. Just remember though, girls will flock around the guys that can make them scream. You get good enough with this thing, you'll have them fighting over you, trust me," Lacey explained.

"Wow, how lucky am I to have a Mom this cool?" 

"Hey, preparing our boys for the world is what we Moms do. Momma bird, remember?" she smiled, then gave him a quick peck on the lips.

Devon stayed in a the shower awhile replaying the incredible experience of being fucked, then jacked off by his own beautiful mom. He soaked for a long time in the hot spray.

As he shut off the water and dried off. He noticed his cellphone on the vanity and it was flashing a message. He picked it up and looked. The text message read:

"You should thank me!" Came Horny's squeaky voice from somewhere in the room.  

"Yeah, you've said that already."

"You're gonna fuck! She's gonna let you fuck her again!" Horny sang. 

Devon smiled and walked out of the master bedroom. 
The upstairs hallway was quiet and dimly lit.
"Mom?" He called, but there was no answer. His voice seemed to echo through the empty house.

"She's horny! She's naked!" Horny's voice whispered. 

Suddenly a door at the end of the hall creaked closed. Devon walked over to it, but found it locked. Seconds later, he got another text on his phone. 

Devon laughed. Obviously his mom was playing a naughty little game with him and he decided to go along with it. He lay down on the floor, with his head next to the door and started to massage his rising dick. 

"She's so horny! You're gonna fuck all night!" Horny's voice said. 

The door next to his head slowly creaked open, just a tad and Devon watched as a long naked tan leg extending out from the darkness. It looked so soft and baby-smooth, yet strong and matronly. 

Lacey's sexy bare foot, with its pink painted toenails, came to rest on his abdomen, then slowly slithered around the base of his shaft and slid on to his large smooth scrotum. He felt her toes clench, massaging the meat of his nuts. "Ohhh wow," he muttered out loud.

He looked up into the crack in the doorway and could barely make out the shadow of his mom's face and wet mane of hair as she stared down at him.

He felt her toes leave his balls and trail up his belly and chest. From this vantage point he could see the strong muscles in his mom's leg flex as it retracted over him. Her toes slowly...gently grazed across his cheek, then her leg disappeared back into the room.

The door was left open and Devon heard his mom trot across the room playfully. He turned on his side and looked into the room, just in time to see Lacey stop by another door at the far side of the room.

She gazed back at him. He could tell by her silhouetted body that she was completely naked. The form of her breasts jutted out from her chest, huge and ripe. Lacey was light and gracefully on her feet, like a barefoot high school cheerleader.

Devon heard her giggle teasingly as she hurried out the door.

"Hurry! Get her! Pin her down and split her twat!" Horny's voice said. 

Devon quickly got up and followed after his mom, his now hardened cock bobbing up and down.

The light was on in the back circular stairway. Devon looked down from the top of the stairs just in time to see Lacey reach the first floor. She paused, flashed him a seductive look and rolled her tongue across her top lip. Devon's heart skipped a beat. Never in a million years did he think his own mother would give him this kind of look. If looks could speak, Lacey just screamed "COME FUCK ME!"

"I told you so, she wants to fuck hard," Horny said. 

Lacey giggled and rushed away. Devon nearly stumbled descending the stairs after her. He got to the bottom floor and saw that the back door was open in the kitchen. He looked outside and saw his mom's shadowy figure gracefully trotting down the hill towards the boathouse.

"Go get her! Go fuck her!" Horny urged. 

Lacey stopped midway and looked back at her son in the doorway. Her nude body glistened in the night rain. With a playfully little giggle she continued towards the boathouse, her big breasts bouncing wildly.

"Go! She wants to fuck you in there." The voice behind him said. 

Devon rushed down the hill after her, like a horny puppy excitedly following after the bitch in heat. He got to the boathouse and crept inside. It was dark and Devon could hear the water lapping against the docking area.
"Mom?" he called.

"Up here," he heard her softly whisper.

Devon turned to find a ladder leading up into a loft. He slowly climbed to the top and found a large bunk area and his mom's body spread out across it. Lacey was on her back, her legs bent at the knees, thighs splayed apart. Devon about lost his breath as he gazed at her wet naked curves shimmering in the moonlight.
"Hi," she said in a soft, sweet yet seductive voice.

"Hi," he muttered, his heart thumping wildly.

She reached her hand out for him. "Come here." 

Devon crawled up and rested against the soft saddle between her legs. He could feel the heat of her genitals as his rigid shaft squashed against her outer lips.
He gazed into her glowing eyes. She pulled him down to her lips and after a few sensual kisses their tongues began to dance, their mouths fused together in an open oval. 

Devon began to prod and poke, his brick-hard penis searching for her entrance. Finally he found it and his cockflesh sunk down into her hot wet love-pit. 

The warm spongy ridges along Lacey's vaginal walls squeezed around the meat of her sons dick as it sunk all the way to her hot inner core. Packed completely full, she clutched down tight on the rod, smothering it in a grip that only an experienced mom could give. "Ugh, shit," Devon moaned in ecstasy.

"Fuck meee," she whispered. 

His hips set in motion. Lacey prepared her body for the fuck, pivoting her hips so that her cunt was at a better angle for her son's assault. She slid her long shapely legs up around his back, their soft smoot-shaven skin still wet and slippery from the rain.

"Remember, tighten when it tingles. We should be able to go much longer this time," she said softly.

"Got it."

Devon's strong sturdy erection plowed steadily through the tight slippery tube of pink pussy. His large hairless scrotum made lewd slapping sounds as it struck the ring of Lacey's crinkled butthole, over and over.

As he bucked and groaned Devon lay his face against the crook of his mom's neck. He could feel her slippery tits sloshing around between them. Of course, it wasn't long before the sensations were just to much, but he tightened his ass like his mom had taught him and slowed the pace just a little.

"Ohh yess, honey, just like that," Lacy sighed.

"Ready to speed up again?" Devon asked confindetly.

"Absolutely!" she exclaimed, her eyes wide with a beaming look of excitement. 

The teen began to pound her cunt with long hard thrusts. "Yesss! Fuckmee!" she cried. 

Lacey wasn't making it easy. She slammed her cunt up against his hard-on, over and over, trying to speed things up even faster. To make it even more challenging, she tightened her cunt muscles, making them ripple up and down the tender teenaged fuckpole. 

"Ohh, Mom," Devon moaned in delight. 

He sat up on his elbows, hoping the change in positioning would take the edge off. Lacey scissored her legs open, humping her ass off the mattress. This didn't help poor Devon's excitement level, especially when he looked down and saw her tits rolling up and down her chest like two overfilled water balloons. 
"Daamnn!" he groaned, trying with all his might to pinch off the rising cum-blast.

"Come on, squeeze it off, honey," Lacy panted, "I need you to keep fucking me."

Lacey could tell her son was fighting off the orgasm. Not only by his slowing pace and obvious state of arousal, but also by the way his cock was pulsing and flexing inside her. She was proud that he was already making progress, but knew it would boost his ego even more if he could make her cum on his dick. "Yesss, make me cum! Come on!!" she cried out. 

Devon found himself being guided back down onto his mom. This time her legs were thrown way back and rested on his strong shoulders. He sped up and found a nice steady rhythm.

They kissed and fucked and kissed some more. Lacey gazed up into Devon's eyes with wild lust, as if he were really beginning to scratch the itch inside her. "That's it, right there, don't stop," she said desperately, "Oh God, Devon don't you dare fucking stop!"

At this angle Devon's erection was literally plowing against Lacey's G-spot, stimulating the sensitive rubbery ridges along the top of her birth canal.
"Oohhghhyeesss!!" the busty mother screamed, clutching and humping, her strong sleek legs fastened so tightly around Devon's back it seemed as though she was trying to pull his entire body into her hot cunt. 

Lacey humped in a frenzy of fuck-passion, pistoning her horny, throbbing pussy onto his cock. "Oh God, baby, please don't stop!" she cried out, teetering on the edge of a juicy cum.  

Devon watched his mom continue to gasp, her mouth wide open. Her eyes began to roll back in her head, her pretty face contorting. The site was enough to make his balls boil over in a split-second. "Ohh Mom, OOHH SHIT!! he groaned, his body shaking.

The walls of her cunt closed up like a clamp. Devon felt like his cock was being pushed out, but he realized she was only tightening up. His strong rigid boner pushed forward, persisting with ball-bumping thrusts. 

"Ugghhnnfuuuck!!" Lacey's scream reverberated throughout the boathouse as her body began to tremble in orgasm.

Devon groaned as the dam broke and thick ropes of spunk erupted from his pisshole, soaking the tight quivering walls of pink pussy.

Their wet sticky bodies clutched and writhed and humped together for a good five minutes, like two anacondas wrapped in throes of a mating ball.
Finally, they collapsed in a sticky heap. 

"That was...amazing," Devon sighed, his head laying against his moms soft chest.

"Very amazing," Lacey said breathlessly, running her fingers through his hair.

After finally catching his breath, Devon lifted his head and gazed down at her. "Did I make you cum?" he asked.

"Did you ever," she smiled, staring up into his eyes dreamily.

"Wow, I've never made a girl cum before," he said proudly.

"A pretty good boost of confidence huh?"

"Yeah, for sure," he said with a nod. 

"You're using your skills, which mean you're starting to last longer before you ejaculate. I'm so proud of you," she said.

"Thanks, Mom," he blushed, "thanks for helping me."

Lacey held her sons hand as they strolled naked back to the house. She locked the door behind them and turned out the lights downstairs.

As she led him up the stairs, Devon's heart was racing. He felt like the rest of the world had vanished and the only things that existed were him and his beautiful mother. There was pure magic in the air and somehow he knew he had a long night ahead of him.

"Grab your things and bring them down to our bedroom." Lacey said, as she let his hand go.

"Our bedroom?" Devon asked.

"Well, yeah. Is your dad living in this house right now?" she asked, placing her hands on her wide birthing hips.

"Well, no. He's on the road, so technically I guess not," Devon said.

"Well then 'technically' I guess that makes it our house then doesn't it. Our house...our rules and our bedroom. Now get your things," she smiled, turning and walking into the bedroom.

Devon stood there for a second like a love-struck puppy, watching his moms bare buttocks undulate as she strode towards the master bathroom. "Holy shit, look at that ass! " he thought as he felt his cock rise. 

"You should thank me," he heard Horny say. 

Devon smiled. "You again?"

"You're gonna fuck again. She plans on letting you fuck her all night long," the voice said.

Devon rushed down to his room and collected his things. When he got down to the master bedroom his mom was still in the bathroom with the door closed.  "Sweetie?" Lacey called from behind the door.

"Yeah, Mom?"

"Get into bed, I'll be right out."

Devor saw her phone on the bed flashing and picked it up. "Hey mom, it looks like dad's called like eighty times."

"Ignore it. He can call eight-hundred times if he wants. We're busy. I'll call him in the morning."

Now Devon's phone lit up. "Shit, now he's calling my phone. Should I answer?"

"And tell him what, that you're about to fuck me again?" 

Devon spun around just as Lacey emerged from the bathroom. She was wearing a crotchless nylon body stocking and her hair was back in a pony. Devon's mouth hung open. She smiled, slowly stepping towards him, her massive boobs jiggling beneath the nylon fabric. "You okay?" she asked with a knowing giggle.

"Yeah, I'm just not used to seeing you in things like that."

"Well at least I'M wearing something, Tarzan," she joked, glancing down at the huge jutting erection pointing at her.

"Sorry," he blushed.

"No you're not and that's ok, trust me, I'm not complaining," she said, smiling wantonly as she stared at his cunt-splitter.  

Lacey's phone lit up. "God, he's  so annoying! But I suppose I should answer, so he knows we're both still alive," she said, bringing her phone to her ear. "Hi honey," she said, trying to sound cheery.

"What the fuck, Lacey?! I've been trying to call you guys for the past three hours."

"I know, I know, I saw the missed calls."

"Oh and you didn't think to call me back?"

An invisible force swept through the room, hardening Lacey's nipples and making her engorged clitoris tingle with overwhelming need. 

The mother was snapped from a temporary trance. "I'm here! What did you need?"

"What did I need? I told you earlier I was calling back this evening. What's going on with you, are you okay?"

"I'm great. Devon and I are just crawling into bed," she said, putting it on speaker and creeping down onto the mattress. 

Devon gulped as he watched her crawl towards him like a prowling tiger. Even encased in nylon her big tits bulged out and wobbled heavily back and forth as she moved. She gazed at him hungrily as she closed in. 

"Did Devon get his room set up?" her husband asked. 

"No not really."

"So you guys are sharing an air mattress?"

"Yes, why? Is it such a sin for me to sleep in the same bed as my son. It's cold in this big house. We're gonna keep eachother warm," she said, winking at her teen.

Lacey sprawled out on top of their son. Devon sighed as he felt her warm nylon-encased curves smother his young body.

"Well do me a favor and dress appropriately okay. I know your choice of nighttime attire and it's hardly anything your son needs to see."

She gazed down at Devon with a wise-ass smile. "Something appropriate. Hmm, does naked count?" 

"Very funny Lacey. Wear something alright?"

Lacey snickered. "I am wearing something. Remember that black see-through body stocking I bought a few months ago."

"You ARE NOT wearing that in front of him!"

"Ooops, you're about two minutes too late. He's already seen me in it."

Devon's mouth hung open. He couldn't believe what she was telling his father. The teen felt his engorged cock brush against his moms tiny patch of pubic fuzz. It slid down across her swollen clit, then between her legs. She ground her pelvis forward and his shaft glided across the moist groove of her heated pit.

"Take it off. Have you lost your mind? Why would you wear something like that around your son?" Ron asked, his temper rising. 

"God, Ron, stop being such a fuddy-dud. He's already seen me naked. It's really not that big of a deal."

"When the hell did he see you naked?"

"Today. There were a couple different times him and I were naked together," Lacey said candidly.

"Holy shit, Mom. What are you doing?" Devon asked softly so his father couldn't hear. 

"Naked why?!" Ron shouted dumbfoundedly.

"To have sex. Why else do a guy and girl get naked together," Lacey said, matter-of-factly.

"So wait, the two of you...? I certainly hope you're fucking with me right now, Lacey?"

Lacey gazed into her son's eyes as she spoke. Her enormous nylon-encased tits mashed against his chest.  A good two to three inches of cock meat stuck out between her legs from behind, crowned by her big meaty buttocks. "We fucked in the nusery. We fucked in the boathouse. We'll probably fuck in every room in the house by the time you get here."

"Holy shit, Mom." Devon muttered in disbelief. 

His father was fuming on the other end of the line. "Bullshit! I'm hanging up, but when I get there, it's clear that the three of us need to have a long chat."

Lacey dropped her lips and planted a series of long wet smacking kisses on her son for her husband to hear. 

"Goodnight!" Ron said, then hung up.

"Jesus, Mom, Dad's gonna kill us." Devon exclaimed. 

Lacey giggled. "No he won't."

"Did you not hear yourself? You told him we were having sex. Why would you do that?"

"I know I did. Maybe it'll make him try harder knowing he has some young competition," she said, then planted a few more smooches, followed by a deep french kiss.

 "You gotta tell him you were just kidding."

"I will. Right after I tell him he's not nearly as horny and sexy as you are," she said.

"Funny, Mom. So how come guys dads age stop getting horny anyway?" he asked after a few more deep kisses. 

"It's just what men's bodies do as they get older, sweetheart. The desire becomes less. Erections aren't as strong. Their ability to really make a woman scream starts to dwindle."

"That's sad. I can't imagine being that way," he said, savoring the feel of her warm flesh.

"Well, that's because your in your prime, sweetie. Boys your age wanna get laid, it's all they think about. Their erections are strong and sturdy," she said, squeezing her legs around his brick-hard meat, "their ability to bounce back after ejaculating is incredible. I guess they have what women my age crave." 

"That explains a lot though, cuz I hear you and dad going at it sometimes and it doesn't seem to last very long," he said.

"I know, sad huh?"

"But you stay with him anyway?" Devon asked.

"Of course. I love your father. Other than his dwindling desire he's a wonderful husband. A great provided for you and your sister. He bought us this big beautiful home. didn't he?" she asked.

"Yeah, but he's likely to divorce you after what you just told him."

"Good, let him divorce me, I'll just find a nice strong cock to give me what I need."

Devon's cock flexed at her words, his pipe squeezing up between the soft slick folds of her outer labia. She smiled big, feeling it harden even more. "Ohhh, do I feel an erection down there volunteering for the job?" she giggled.

"I wouldn't mind."

"Well, you're certainly on your way to becoming quite the pussy-pleaser. Guess we'll have to see how much you can keep impressing me until your father and sister arrive," she smiled, staring intently into his eyes.

"I could impress you right now," Devon said confidently, his fingers sinking into the cheeks of her ass.

Lacey waved her finger "Uh uh uhhh! You can be a hot-shot and pound the hell out of me tomorrow. Tonight's all about learning. I'm not cutting any corners with you, sweetie. You need to know the difference between fucking and making love," she said.

"Ok, so um, what is the difference?" he asked.

"Well, fucking is like running a race, hard and intense. But the other, making love, is like a slow intricate dance. If done right, it can go on for hours and hours," she said.

"Wow," Devon muttered, his heart pounding with excitement at the way his mother had described it. 

"We ran some good races tonight, did some pretty intense fucking,  but now I wanna teach you how to dance," Lacey said, her eyes wild and dreamy.


Lacey gave a sensual peck on the lips."I'm gonna light a candle. I want you to sit on the center of the bed Indian-style," she said.

"Indian-style? Um, okay," Devon said, then changed positions on the bed as Lacey turned out the lights and lit a candle.

The room was filled with a warm romantic ambiance. Devon sat Indian-style on the center of the air mattress and watched as Lacey crawled towards him. She sat on his lap facing him and wrapped her strong nylon-encased legs around his waist.

"This is a perfect lovemaking position," she said as she lifted her ass from his lap a little, just enough to let Devon's cock line up with her hot hovering hole. Then in one slow plunge she took every inch of him."Ohhh yesss," she whimpered, "wow, you are soo hard."

Devon sighed as he felt the warm spongy pink swallow his hard cock. Lacey's fleshy labia settled snuggly against his pubis. His cock was now wrapped in a mother's embrace.

She coiled her arms around him for support, her face now slightly above his. "How does that feel?"

"Ah, Amazing," he muttered. 

"Kiss me while we grind," she said softly.

They turned their heads slightly and began to kiss soft and slow. Lacey started a gradual, fluid rocking motion with her hips, grinding their genitals together.

Easily excited, Devon tried to force his tongue into Lacey's mouth. "Easy, sweetie, let me guide you this first time," she said, "love making is less about intensity and more about long drawn-out passionate."

"Okay," he muttered, his breath heavy with arousal.

"Soft, slow kisses," she said, planting little love pecks on his face, then on his lips.

Again and again their lips made wet smacking sounds as they gently made contact. Devon could feel her tight cunt stirring his cock around. 

"Mmmmm," Lacey whined in a sexy tone, as she hungrily closed her big pouty lips around her sons over and over.

Pre-cum drooled from Devon's pisshole and mixed with Lacey's slippery vaginal secretions, creating a nice creamy lubricant for his hardon to slither and lurch. Devon felt like he was stirring his cock in warm fleshy pudding.

"That's better. Now open your mouth and lets flutter our tongues together," she said.

Devon opened his mouth and peeked his tongue out.. Lacey started by closing her lips around it and sucking it like a cock, up and down a few times. Each time he disappeared into her mouth Devin felt his moms tongue flailing wildly against his.

After she was done sucking, Lacy's long pink snake slithered from her mouth and began to lash against her sons. Devon licked back, but was amazed at the speed and strength of his mom's tongue.

Lacey had one of those long serpent-like tongues that could probably reach the tip of her nose. And although Devon was doing his best, he simply couldn't compete with the way her experienced snake was whirling and twisting around his. As the tips of their tongues played together Devon opened his eyes and watched his mom work her magic. "Damn she's beautiful! Is this really happening? Maybe I'm just dreaming all of this," he thought. 

Lacey's head was tilted, her eyes closed. Her mouth was fused to her son's in an open oval and her elongated tongue was mostly still now, except for the pointy tip, which danced against Devon's tongue with amazing speed.

For a moment their mouths parted. "Wow, your tongue's amazing mom," he muttered, gasping excitedly. 

She opened her eyes and smiled. "Oh sweetheart, you haven't even begun to see how amazing it can be."

Staring into his his eyes Lacey took a long wet lick across his cheek. She left a trail of hungry kisses across the sides of his face, then began to nibble at his ear.

"Ohh man," Devon muttered, his cock flexing inside her squeezing cunt. 

"Do you like it baby?" she whispered naughtily, "do you like the way mommy is gripping onto that thick erection?"

Her warm vaginal grip tightened around his throbbing boner as she flexed her coital walls expertly. Devon's body reacted with an excited shiver. "Uh-huh," he whimpered. 

He felt his moms tongue snake against his ear...under it, around it, inside of it, probing and wiggling. "Mmm, this is lovemaking, sweetie. Isn't it wonderful?" she asked.


He hugged her body tighter, trying to flatten her tits even more against his chest. Sensing this, Lacey separated their chests for a second. She looked down at her huge tits, heaving against the stretchy transparent covering. "Rip it!"  She said, gazing at her son.

Devon grabbed the fabric between her tits and tore it easily. Pounds of motherly breast-meat came spilling out. She threw them against him and buried her face in his neck. "Ohh God, I want you!"

"Holy shit," Devon sighed, aroused by his mom's sudden aggressiveness.

Lacey plowed her tongue against the tendons in her sons neck, her hips continued a constant fluid rocking up and back, up and back. Devon's big balls rose and fell again and again as they lay tucked between the pillowy cheeks of Lacey's buttocks."Ohh my God!" the teen whimpered, aroused beyond belief. 

Devon gazed down at his mom's wide child-bearing hips. They moved like a machine that was custom-made to glide this way while she grinded on cock. 

The mother could tell just from the throb of his cock that he was rising towards a cum. "Tighten," she said between kisses. She spoke in a cute baby voice, "tell those cummies, stay in my balls cummies. We're not ready for you yet!"

Devon whimpered as rode the edge of his orgasm. He buried his face between her enormous jiggling tits and licked her cleavage. Then he latched on to one of her engorged nipples and sucked in as much tit meat as he could get in his mouth.

 "Ohh yes, suck me," Lacey sighed. 

The rain pelted the windows in the dark emptiness outside, reminding Devon of just how isolated he and his mom were from the rest of the world right now.
Between the hot slippery cunt-grinding and the way his mom's big boob was plastered around his face while he sucked, Devon's balls continued to boil.

He tightened his ass, tried to think of something else. "Ohh shit, ok, umm... I wonder how the fishing is in the lake? I bet it's the first thing dad does when he gets here,"  he thought. 

Then he felt guilty for thinking of his dad at that moment. He knew the gorgeous woman on his lap was his dad's property and that he was trespassing. But he knew that when an owner's away and the property is willing, trespassing is inevitable.

Lacey's slobbery nipple popped from his mouth. "Maybe dad deserves this," he muttered out loud.

"What?" Lacey asked with a quirky smile.

"Maybe he deserves this, what we're doing. Any guy who has a woman like you, who can do this to them every day and does nothing about it, deserves to be cheated on."

Lacy ran her hand gently across his cheek."You are a sweetheart, you know that?" Lacey said, looking as through she could cry.

"I'm your sweetheart," Devon said, flexing his rod.

"Yes you are. My young, handsome, big-dicked sweetheart," she said, gazing at him with fluttering lashes.

Lacey lowered herself onto her back, bringing Devon with her. Her legs still had a tight grasp on him, keeping him clamped between her thighs, tucked inside her soft saddle. They kissed passionately.

Devon was overcome with desire and began to really buck his hips and sock it to her. Lacey clutched onto his ass and broke this kiss for a moment. "Slow down, sweetie. Pace yourself," she whispered. "It's not a race tonight, remember?"

Devon slowed and found a nice steady unhurried rhythm. His long teenaged love-pipe glided in and out of the warm clutching grip of his mom's hungry cunt. The gooey ridges along her inner walls smothered his meaty lance with every down stroke. "Oh Mom, this feels soooo good," he sighed, as he looked down into her gleaming eyes.

"I want you to let yourself go. Let your body do the work while you look into my eyes and our minds float away together into a cloud of pleasure," Lacey softly whispered.

"O-okay," Devon muttered.

Devon indeed felt as though he was falling into a trance as he was nose to nose with his mom, his eyes lost inside of hers. As if on auto-pilot his hips kept working, thrusting his peter up and down his mother's pleasure-pocket.

"Oh Dev...oh sweetie, this is beautiful," she sighed softly.

Thunder RUMBLED outside. Candlelight flickered. Hips rocked in unison. Huge tits sloshed as they lay plastered against the flesh of the teenager's chest. The heels of two tiny bare feet pushed against a driving ass. Eyes were fixed and glazed with lust. This was lovemaking at it's most intense.

"Ohhgghh!! Ohhhmygod, I'M GONNA CUM!" Lacey's voice quivered as she stared into her sons eyes.
Her body stiffened and Devon felt her clutching legs tremble around him. Lacey's eyes closed as her face became red and contorted.

"Holy shit, Mom," he muttered, in awe of the site beneath him. He pinched off his own orgasm and continued to sock it to her with long steady thrusts.

"Oohhgghhh!!" Lacey screamed in orgasm, her tits heaving, her naked body shaking violently, her cunt tightening like a fleshy bolt around long sturdy screw. 

Mom and son rolled onto their sides as the desperate love making went on and on into the night. They were no longer two bodies, but one ball of twisting, pounding flesh. They rolled and fucked, their pelvises grinding and at times wetly slapping together with wild abandon.
Lacey took the top and rode her son's cock like a pornstar. Devon marveled at the way her huge tits swung around, like buoys on a rough sea. 

"Ohhhshit!" he sighed, feeling the cum rising.

Lacey gazed down at him, her face marked with lust. "You wanna impress this girl?"

"Yeaah," he gasped.

"Then pinch off that fucking cum and impress this girl!"

Lacey rode him hard and her orgasm struck her out of no where. She rose her arms in air and clenched her fist. "Ughhnnggfuuuck!!" she cried. 

After nearly two hours of impressive pussy prodding Devon's body trembled as he blew his nuts for the third time deep inside the hot smothering throat of Lacey's love-canal.

Words went unspoken as they lay there in the candlelight kissing, caressing and gazing into each others eyes. 

Thunder RUMBLED outside shaking the old house. 
Devon could feel their juices running down across his balls as his half-hard cock remained tucked in his mom's warm sheath. He sighed as she gave his peter gentle squeezes with her strong coital muscles. Lacey felt her son's  twitch and slowly harden again. They both knew it would be a long sleepless night of intense pleasure. 

After showering the next morning Lacey and her son decided to go into town for breakfast. After a short silence between them, Devon heard his mother sniffle and looked over to see her teary-eyed. "What wrong, Mom?"

"What have we done?" she asked softly.

"Um, what do you mean?"

"I've destroyed our family. Your father's never gonna forgive me. This is aweful," she said, a tear running down her cheek. 

"You could tell him you were joking, like you said. Just pulling a prank. He didn't actually see us doing anything." 

"I've cheated on him. Oh my God, I'm a horrible wife. What would posses me to do those things with you?" she sobbed.

Devon wasn't sure what to say for a moment. After his mom's constant flirting and touching the past two days, he certainly wasn't prepared for this. "Yea, but you said it yourself, you were just helping me. To get better at it."

"Maybe at first, but then...then it became something else. It's like I lost complete control of myself."

Devon wasn't sure how to continue the conversation so they remained silent. Even at the cafe over breakfast things were completely uncomfortable. Lacey finally broke the silence as she picked at her food. "I'll try to patch things with your father. Hopefully he'll forgive me. We should sleep in seperate rooms tonight. No more sex, no more touching or flirting, none of that."

Devon nodded, confused by the sudden change in her. "Ok," he muttered, as he found his own feelings of guilt begin to trickle in. 

"Can I get anything else for you two?" the older gray-haired waitress asked.

"No, thank you, just the check please," Lacey said.

"Are you new in town, or just passing through?" the waitress asked as she finished writing the check out. 

"We're new here. My husband and I bought the old Victorian up by the lake."

The waitress suddenly looked at Lacey like she'd just seen a ghost. "The old Akley's Victorian?"

"Yes, I think that's what I remember the realtor calling it," Lacey said.

"So many families have come and gone from that place I can hardly keep count," the waitress said.

Lacey and her son looked at eachother, then at the waitress. "They don't stay? Why?" Lacey asked. 

The waitress forced a smile. "I heard so many stories over the years, hard to know what's fact and what's just made up."

"What types of stories?" Devon asked.

"Well, I don't wanna alarm you folks, but most people think the place is possessed by some sorta sex demon," the waitress said with a weird look. 

Lacey swallowed hard as her eyes got big. "Sex demon?"

"Sounds ridiculous, I know, but that's what they say. Of course, I'm not really the superstitious type, but one thing I do know, folks sure don't keep residence there very long."

On the ride back home Devon and his mom sat in silence for a bit, contemplating the old woman's words. Lacey's son finally broke the silence. "Do you think she's right?"

Lacey shook her head. "Honestly, I...I'm not really sure what to think."

"I told you I've been hearing a voice at the house. Sometimes it tells me that it's making you do things."

There was short pause in conversation. Then Lacey spoke up. "Oh my God. On the way into town I asked you what would posses me to do such things. Maybe there is something in the house that's possessing us to..."

Devon didn't answer. He knew for a fact that he hadn't been possessed and made to do shit. The fact was, if his mom pulled the car over right now and asked for a hard fuck in back seat, he was more than willing to oblige. However, maybe his mom wasn't as flirty and naughty as he thought she was. 

Lacey stopped in front of the house and gave her son a serious look. "We're both strong. If there is some truth to her story. If there's something in there that's trying to posses us and make us do the things we've been doing, then we just have to be strong. We have to be strong and resist it! We'll show this spirit or demon or whatever the hell it is that we're stronger and more determined than it thinks we are."

Devon gave her a resolved look, even though on the inside he was majorly bummed. The truth was, fucking his mom was the most thrilling and pleasurable thing he had ever experienced and he really wanted it to continue. "Sounds good, Mom. We can do this," he lied. 

Once inside the house, there was another short awkward silence as they stood in the foyer. "Your father and sister will be here tomorrow. We really should focus on the cleaning today."

"Gotcha! I can um, handle the upstairs if you want?"

Lacey livened up a bit, steadfast in her resolve. "Good plan. I've already got a jump on the kitchen. I'll finish that, then start on the other downstairs rooms."

Devon grabbed the cleaning supplies then headed upstairs. He glanced into his parents bedroom. The ruffled blankets on the cum soaked air mattress reminded him of the events of the previous night. He felt a bit sad that he may never feel his mom gripping onto him while she squirts her love-juice on his dick again.

A voice from nearby startled him. "She's getting horny already. You should try to fuck her again." the squeaky voice said.

Devon decided to see how far he could get by playing along this time. "How long have you lived here?"

There was a short silence. "Hello?" the teen said.

"Don't waste time. You know you wanna fuck her."

"I will, but I want you to answer my question first. How long have you lived here?"

"You should give her a nice hard anal fuck. She loves it up the ass."

Devon was getting impatient. "Look, you obviously can't control me like you can her, so I'm just gonna ignore you AND I'm gonna ignore my mom's sexual advances, unless you answer my question."

After a short pause, the squeaky voice answered. "I'm older than this fucking house. I've been around since the beginning. Thousands have reaped the pleasure I've given them. They should all thank me."

"Are you a ghost? A demon? What?" Devon asked...

"I'm horny, that's who I am. You should be horny too. Maybe she'll suck your cock and lick your balls. You know you want her to."

"Yeah, it's true, I do, but Mom's not falling for your tricks anymore. I'm pretty sure she'll never be acting the way she did yesterday."

"Ha! You'll thank me." Horny said.

"So can you only stay in and around this house, or can you go anywhere?"

After a pause, sqeaky voice answered. "Ego vado usquam."


"You should go fuck her. Her pussy is already getting wet," Horny said. 

"Whatever! I gotta get to work," Devon said, walking off. 
Devon cleaned his his room and wasn't bothered by the voice again while he worked. He was cleaning another bedroom when he sensed a presence in the doorway. Startled, he turned to see Lacey leaning in the doorframe watching him. "Jesus, Mom, you scared me."

Lacey giggled. "Sorry sweetie. Did you think it was the evil sex demon stalking you?"she said, then laughed. 

Devon did his best to stay off that subject. "I finished my room and just about have this one done, then I'll move on to your room if you want?"

Lacey slowly started towards him. "Yeah, I suppose I should strip the bedding. It looks like an orgasm bomb exploded in there," she said, making them both laugh. 

"Yeah, probably a good idea before dad gets here."

"Ugh, your dad. Don't remind me," she muttered with a down look.

"Are you nervous to see him, because of the phone conversation you guys had?"

"No, not nervous, just sad."

"Sad because he might divorce you?" Devon joked. 

"Ha no, sad because I'll have to go back to getting mediocre dick," she said, looking her son in the eyes. 

"Oh, um, sorry." 

"You know, since our outing this morning, I've been thinking. Like you said, I was helping you yesterday, so um, we really didn't do anything wrong," Lacey said, stepping up to him.

"We didn't?"

She fumbled with his collar teasingly. "No. Educational sex isn't the same as real sex. It's different. So, I thought about that, and...well, I couldn't help but think about how there were some things that I didn't get a chance to show you. Things that I think would help you, you know, when you experience them with girls your own age." 

Devon's chest began to tingle with excitement. Clearly Mr. Horny had been hard at work on his mom downstairs. "What kinds of things?"

Lacey looked him in the eyes as she slowly dropped to her knees. "The kinds of things I think you'll like a lot."

Devon watched as she undid his shorts and pulled them down, along with his briefs. Her nostrils flared excitedly from the delightful musky aroma that was rising from his loins. Gripping his cock around the root, her tongue come out and swiped wetly across his big plum colored prick-knob.

"Ohhh man," Devon whimpered, as he watched his mom's long pink tongue swirling around on the tip of his cock. 

She tilted her head and began to lick up and down his thick, iron-hard prick. She rolled her tongue on his balls, then drew it all the way up to his pulsating cock-knob, fluttering it against the underside of that flaring wedge. She ducked down again and criss-crossed her tongue as she traced up the bulging ventral vein. "Ohh my God, Mom," Devon whimpered. 

Lacey took his meat in her mouth and let it sink until it clogged her throat. 

"Ohhhgghh," the boy whimpered, feeling her hot sucking mouth around his cock. 

She retracted some, then sucked in even more meat, taking all of his prick into her mouth. Her chin jammed against his smooth nuts and her nose nestled in his wiry pubic hairs as she swallowed his prick to the hilt and held it there.

"Jeeeesus!" Devon voice quivered as his knees buckled.
"Ggnunnnffhhh," Lacey's throat gurgled, keeping him there for as long as she could. Then she drew back up, the tight ring of her lips squeezing on his cockshaft as her tongue flew wildly against the throbbing rod and crown.

Then the willing mother went to work, her head bobbing up and back in traditional blowjob fashion. 

Devon watched wide-eyed as his mom's stretched lips traveled up and down his erection. She circled her fist around the root and beat his meat into her mouth while she sucked. Every little while, his cock popped from her lips and her strong thick tongue lashed as it circled his wet nob. "Are you liking this, sweetheart?" Lick, lick. "Do you like having your cock sucked like this?" she asked between more licks. 


She sucked him deep and bobbed her head again, fucking his hard cock with her mouth and throat. She paused, but only long enough to speak. "Feed me your baby cream."

Lacey bobbed her head faster, fucking her face with her son’s hard prick. Soon the slurping, gurgling sounds of a good blow-job filled the bedroom, as big titted mother greedily sucked.

“I'm gonna cum, Mom!” Devon cried. 

Lacey sucked the big cock as hard as she could, panting through her nose. Her left hand pushed between his thighs, squeezing his smooth nut-sac.

“It’s gonna...Ohh, Mom!” Devon gasped. His face contorted as he experienced the incredible intensity of his mother’s cock-sucking. "Uuugghh!!"

The spunk shot onto the roof of Lacey's mouth, oozing down her throat. Devon whimpered as she eagerly sucked down his load. 

"Ohh my God," Devon moaned as he felt his mom suck every drop of cum from his spurting rod. 

The nob of his prick popped from Lacey's lips and she smiled up at him. "That was yummy," she said, catching her breath. 

Devon watched his mother stand back up and shed her tank top. She reached around and unclasped her big white bra. Her king-sized jugs sprung from the cups, bobbling heavily as she tossed the bra aside. 

The teen couldn't help but reach down and stroke his still-hard cock as Lacey pulled her shorts off.
The stripping mother watched her son's fist travel up and down the thick column of cockmeat. "Yes, keep it hard. I just saw a spider in here."

"You did?" Devon asked, not taking his eyes off her as she peeled her thong panties down her silky legs. 
Lacey stepped out of her panties. Now completely naked, she stepped towards her teen. "Yes, I did and you know what that means, don't you?"


Lacey placed her hands on his shoulders and gracefully sprung from the floor, wrapping her strong naked mommy-legs around his midsection. "I need you to hold me again," she said, pressing her tits on him as she tightened her embrace. "Hold me like you did before, only this time I want your cock inside me."

 She reached down and guided his throbbing rod inside her creamy groove. "Uuhhgg," the boy sighed as his boner sunk all the way inside her cunt. 

"Ohh yess, fuck meee," the hot mother whimpered, pivoting her hips so she could grind on her son's big cock. 

Devon took big handfuls of meaty buttocks as he held mom in the standing fuck position. "Pin me against the wall and fuck me hard!" she gasped, planting wet kisses. 

Devon obliged. Lacey's back smacked against the bedroom wall and Devon moaned in delight as he melted into the warm motherly curves folded around him. His cock throbbed and cut up through the tight hot pocket of pink pussy, kissing the back wall of her cunt with his cockhead on every thust.

"Yesss!" the horny mother cried, clutching her teen, squeezing his lean frame with her smooth muscular legs. Her big tits heaved and jiggled, pancaked against his bare chest.

They kissed passionately, their tongues lashing in a wild frenzy. Devon thrust his hard cock with desperate intensity, feeling her use her strong cunt muscles to provide him with maximum pleasure. 

The teen's knob tingled, sending an electric jolt to his balls. He slowed his thrusts a tad and tightened his ass, using his skills to prolong their hot sex.

"Oh my God, baby, that's it!" Lacey cried, proud of his progress. "Lift me up and down. Make me bounce and cum on your cock."

Devon stepped back from the wall with a firm grip on her ass with both hands. Lacey held tightly around his neck. Immediately she lifted her long legs high, wiggling her ass on him as she opened her cunt for more of his prick."Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!" Her cunt beat wetly on his cock as he lifted her up and down, fucking with savage thrusts. 

For a full minute they kept this fuck-pace, Devon skewering Lacey's cunt as it it beat on his loins. "Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!"

"Unnnggghhhh!" she cried out, her pussy turning to cream. Her body trembled. She tossed her legs around his back, scissoring her ankles together at his waist as she humped, pumping her pussy onto the satisfying stiffness of his prick. "Ohhh fuuck!" she moaned and shook, squirting more juice. 

The couple suddenly heard another woman's moan echo through the house, then another woman and then another, screaming out in orgasm. Boys voices began to join the chorus, moaning and whimpering.  It was as if there were a dozen mother and son couples in various areas of the house engaged in a hot fuck, just as Devon and Lacey were. 

Devon peered around as he listened, but Lacey continued kissing him, paying little attention to the ghostly cries, as if it was just background music. From what he had found out about the house, it all made sense to the teen. "It must be the voices of moms and sons who've occupied the house in the past. So many of them," he thought as he continued to dick his own mother's cunt. 

Devon returned his focus to the task at hand. The jiggling curves and hot juicy cunt on his prick felt exquisite. Hard and fast his ass moved, fucking his jutting prick into her velvety pussy. Lacey gasped as she felt the rhythimic force of his fuck thrusts.

Pleasure shot through the boy's body. "Ohhh damn, Mom, here I cum!" he cried out. 

Hot cum gushed up from his balls. Lacey sighed with pleasure as she felt the cock twitch, squirting into the tight grip of her pussy, bathing the inner walls.
Devon's whimpers joined those that were echoing through the house as big ropes of jizz shot out his pisshole and into Lacey's slick smothering cunt.  

As the last of his cum oozed from his prick, Devon continued to hold his mom as she planted soft sensual kisses. "You okay?" she asked softly. 

"More than ok," he gasped with a smile.

"You're still hard. Are you trying to tell me something?" Lacey said.

"Like what?"

She smiled naughtily. "Like you wanna carry me down to bed and fuck me all over again."

"I'm down with that," he said proudly. 

"Well then get a move on, hotshot," she said, giving his ass a little kick with her heel. 

Devon carried his clinging mother out the doorway and down to the master bedroom. For two more hours they fucked to near exhaustion, finally collapsing in a sweaty heap of naked flesh.

They kissed and stroked eachother's bodies for what seemed like an eternity. Devon was sucking his mother's tits when a text went off on her phone. She reached over to look, then sat up in a panic. "Shit!"


"It's your father, they're twenty minutes away," she said hopping up and slipping on her panties.

Devon hurried to his feet and began getting dressed. "I thought they wern't gonna be here until tomorrow."

"They must have decided not to stop for the night."

In only her panties, Lacy reached over and fondled Devon's cock through his briefs. "This is so unfair. I need you inside me again."

"Yeah, but we can't. They'll be here before you know it."

"That true, but what if we're not here," she said, clinging to him, rubbing her wobbling tits on his chest.

"Not here?"

"Yes, exactly. We didn't know they were so close. We went out for a drive. We went some distance. It might be awhile before we even get back," she said, formulating a plan.

"So we're leaving?" Devon asked, amused at his mom's attempt to get more time with him.

"Yess. I love to fuck in a car. We'll find a nice secluded spot. It'll be wild," she said with a thrill.

Devon laughed. Even in desperate times, he would never turn down a chance to fuck her. "Whatever you want, Mom."

Minutes later, they were rushing to the car. They jumped in and Lacey started the engine. "Shit, what way will they be coming? We don't wanna pass them on the road."

Devon pointed. "That way. That's the way we came when we got here."

Lacey turned the car around and tore off in the opposite direction. As she drove, she reached over and fondled her son's cock through his shorts. "Oh baby, keep it hard. I need it hard," she said in an extremely horny tone.

"You keep doing that and it will stay hard forever," he sighed, feeling his mother's hand squeeze and pull. 

Lacey suddenly froze, then put her wandering hand back on the stearing wheel. "Oh my God, what am I doing?!"

"What? Ohh..." Devon muttered, suddenly remembering how she had drastically changed the last time they left the house. "She must be outside the horny demon's influence again! Fuck, here we go with the tears," he thought. 

Lacey sniffled. "I've been absolutely awful." 

"It hasn't been just you, Mom. I'm to blame too."

She brought the car to a quick stop. "No, I'm the mother. I should never of let those things happen between us."

"It wasn't you. I mean, it was, but it was mostly the demon that lives in the house. The sex demon that the lady at the diner told us about. It's been making, us do things." Devon explained, no wanting his mom to believe that he was fooling around without supernatural influence. 

"Yes, your right. We have to do something."

"Do what?"

"If we go back to that house it'll ruin us. It'll destroy my marriage. It will break apart our family.Things will be a mess." 

"We have to go back though. Dad and Jenna are almost at the house."

Lacey took a second to regain her thoughts. "Even if I somehow convince your father to leave the house, to not live there, this demon, it'll keep trying control whoever lives there. Who knows how many families it will break apart. We can't let that cycle continue."

"So, um, what are you suggesting, Mom?"

"We have to stop it and there may be only one way to do that." Lacey said as her and her son looked at one another, both knowing what had to be done.

Back inside the house, Lacey and Devon rushed through the kitchen. The teen pulled the stove away from the wall and he and his mom looked at the gas line. "Shit, do we have any tools to disconnect it?" Lacey asked.

Devon glanced around frantically. "I could check the basement."

"No time." The mother said, then tried to pull it apart, but to no avail. "Damnit!"

"Let me try, Mom!" Devon said, grabbing the gas line. 

"Hey, what are you doing?!" Came a squeaky voice from across the kitchen. Both mother and son heard it and looked that direction. "You guys should get in bed and fuck. You could be fucking your asses off right now."

"Don't listen." Lacey muttered doing her best to focus on the task at hand. 

"You both should thank me," Horny said. 

Devon yanked on the line as Lacey continued to look in the direction of the voice. Suddenly the line popped free and gas fumes began to spew from the broken end. "Got it, Mom! Let's  get outta here!"

"You know you wanna suck his dick. His big juicy dick," Horny said, capturing the mother's attention.

"Yess," she muttered as if in a sexual trance. 

Devon choked on the gas fumes, whick quickly filling the kitchen. "No! I got the matches.We have to go, Mom. Let's go!" he shouted, physically pulling her to the door. 

"Wait, come back! Put his dick in your cunt again! Fuck! Suck!!" The demon's voice called out. 

Rushing out the back door, Devon turned and lit a match. "Suck on this!" he shouted, the threw the match inside. 

The kitchen's interior ignited in a giant ball of fire. Hand in hand, Mom and son rushed away from the house as the flames quickly spread. 

A short time later, a large moving truck came up the wooded street. As Ron and his daughter looked out the window, a brilliant orange glow came into view. "Something's on fire," Jenna said. 

"That 'something' is our house. Shit!" Ron said in panic and disbelief.

"Oh my God," his daughters muttered. 

The house was fully engulfed. Lacey and Devon stood at the side of the street just out of harms way. Ron stopped the truck, jumped out and quickly embraced his wife. "Are you guys ok?"

"We barely got out. I don't know what happened. We woke and...and there was smoke everywhere," she lied. 

"It's gonna be ok," Ron muttered in disbelief as they watch their dream home got up in flames.

Lacey squeezed her husband tight. "Thank God you're here."

Devon smiled inside seeing his mom gladly back together with his father. There was tinge of guilt knowing what they'd been up to, but also a bit of sadness and jealousy, realizing that it would never happen again. 


The family was happily settled in a new home in a different town. It was a charming Cape on a big piece of land. Even though the burned up Victorian was uninsured, Ron hoped he would still able to regain most of his investment by selling the lakefront parcel. Lacey prayed that whoever purchased it had no intention of building a home there. 

Life soon got back to normal. Ron was busy at his new job. Jenna eagerly started school and made new friends. Devon was preparing for college and had secured part-time work locally. 

Lacey returned to her life as a housewife. She had patched things up with her husband by convincing him that their phone conversation that night was just a joke pushed too far. The mother was eager to add a new addition to the family very soon. It was only a week ago that her doctor informed her that she was two months pregnant. The family was elated. Her and Devon hadn't discussed their sexual exploits, nor the fact that he was most likely the one who had gotten her pregnant. 

Devon was in his bedroom scrolling through social media when he was startled by a familiar sqeaky voice. "Did you miss me?" Horny asked.

"Oh shit," he muttered, staring across the room.

"You're alone in the house with her. Her pussy's wet. You should fuck her!" Horny said. 

"How? How did you get here?"

After a pause, sqeaky voice answered. "Ego vado usquam."


"I go anywhere."

"So how did you find us? When did you get here?" Devon asked, his heart tingling excitedly at the implications. 

His door slowly swung open and Lacey appeared in the doorway. "Sweetie? Who are you talking to?"

Devon marveled at how incredibly sexy she looked standing there in shorts and a snug cami top. Her belly was showing the beginnings of a baby-ball and her tits were already visibly bigger. "Nobody, Mom, just thinking out loud," he lied. 

Lacey smiled at him. He was lying. She knew he was. "Why don't you come down to my bedroom. I um, I need you to help me with something," she said with a wicked sparkle in her eye.

"Oh um, ok. Be right there."

After she stepped out, Devon sat there a moment, his cock hardening in his shorts. "Maybe it's nothing. I shouldn't get my hopes up. She probably just needs help moving something. I know Horny found us, but she could have more resolve this time. She would probably never let things go that far again," he thought.

He walked out of his bedroom. On the hallway floor was a trail of clothing...tank top, bra and panties that his mom was just wearing, all leading to his parents bedroom. His heart skipped a beat, cock flexing in his briefs. 

He heard Horny's voice behind him. "You should thank me."

Devon smiled. "Thank you," he said. 



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